5 Best Bitcoin Wallets for Android

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As part of our journey in educating new and familiar users on everything crypto, our next installment covers Bitcoin wallets. With an exhaustive list of Bitcoin wallets available on the market, in this article we’re going to be specifically looking at the 5 best Bitcoin wallets for Android. If you’re really new here you might want to check out this piece on the different types of wallets and how they work. Right, let’s get into it. 

5 Best Bitcoin Wallets for Android

In no particular order, find the 5 best Bitcoin wallets for Android below.

#5 Coinomi

Starting off our list is Coinomi, an easy to use Bitcoin wallet available for Android users. The crypto wallet supports not only Bitcoin, but over 1,700 other blockchain assets. This mobile wallet also functions as a desktop wallet for users interested in using both versions. 

Alongside their 1,770 digital assets, the wallet also supports 168 fiat currencies, with the option to choose from 25 languages. The platform also offers users access to SegWit transactions, and supports over 120 blockchains – the highest amount for non-custodial wallets in the industry. With a built in exchange and inter-asset exchanges available, this Bitcoin wallet offers it all. 

The wallet has been on the market since 2014 making it one of the oldest multi asset wallets available. In all their years Coinomi is proud to announce that they have never suffered from a hack or had their security compromised. Secure, trustworthy and with a wide range of supported assets, Coinomi provides an excellent Bitcoin wallet service. 

#4 Ledger Nano X

While not a mobile wallet per say, this hardware wallet works alongside an app that is available to Android devices. As a hardware wallet this Ledger Nano X is one of the most secure wallets featured in this list. Through the small device’s interface users can connect to the Leger’s Live mobile app through a Bluetooth connection. Get the best of both worlds with your Bitcoin stored in cold storage while still being able to quickly and conveniently access the assets through the mobile app. 

Through their intuitive design, the Ledger Nano X allows users to buy Bitcoin, as well as sell, store, lend and stake over 25 different cryptocurrencies and over 1,500 blockchain tokens. The tiny device weighs under 35g and can easily fit into your pocket for on the go trading. 

The set up is moderately simple and the ease of use simplistic. If you’re looking for a highly secure Bitcoin wallet for Android the Ledger Nano X is a great option.

#3 Edge

Formerly known as AirBitz, this beginner friendly Bitcoin wallet is the perfect place to start if you’re new to the industry. Edge provides a streamlined crypto service that allows users to buy store and trade a range of top cryptocurrencies. While the other Bitcoin wallets on the list support thousands of digital assets, Edge keeps it simple and to the point. With a range of 31 cryptocurrencies, the platform supports only the best digital currencies available on the market. 

Alongside their simple and easy to use functionality, the Bitcoin wallet also provides a list of businesses that support Bitcoin, often partnering with them to offer their users unique discounts. Users can also purchase cryptocurrencies through the app with credit cards and make in-app exchanges between the supported crypto coins. Edge is a simple and forward thinking Bitcoin wallet, and highly secure at that. 

#2 MyCelium

Catering to slightly more advanced users, albeit still perfectly fine for beginners, the MyCelium Bitcoin wallet is highly popular in the industry. The mobile wallet has a reputation for offering the safest and fastest crypto services on the market, and is celebrated for using open source coding, adding an extra element of transparency and trust. 

The platform encourages users to back up their wallets, which will keep your funds safe should your mobile device get lost or stolen. With a number of advanced trading tools for more experienced traders to tap into, the wallet still provides an excellent and highly efficient service.

Established in 2012 MyCelium is a firm favourite and highly secure storage solution.

#1 ZenGo

The last addition to our list of the 5 best Bitcoin wallets for Android is the ZenGo wallet. The app provides a unique crypto storage solution by incorporating innovative cryptographic technology into their design in order to offer a keyless wallet without compromising security. Great for beginners and experienced traders, the ZenGo wallet requires just 19 seconds to set up and does not ask for any documentation. 

Through this Bitcoin wallet users can buy, sell, trade, and earn a top range of cryptocurrencies. The platform supports a curated list of cryptocurrencies and blockchain tokens, 49 to be precise. This mobile app also recently introduced a bonus feature that allows users to receive $10 worth of Bitcoin when making your first purchase through the app. How’s that for a warm welcome!

ZenGo is a simple and efficient Bitcoin wallet with several innovative and unique features. 

Trade Smart, Trade Right

That concludes our round up of the 5 best Bitcoin wallets for Android. When using mobile wallets always ensure that you are using the recommended safety tips (check out our blog here on how to keep your funds secure) and exercise caution with online security. Mobile wallets are an excellent option when it comes to crypto wallets as they provide a great way to store and trade your cryptocurrencies, all from the convenience of your pocket.

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