If you’re looking around to find the best desktop wallets for your favourite cryptocurrency, you need look no further! We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you and consolidated our research to bring you the 5 best Bitcoin wallets for Windows. Like you, we’re big fans of convenience and security, and desktop wallets don’t get any better than that. Let’s dive in and explore what our top recommendations are, in no particular order.

5 Best Bitcoin Wallets for Windows

#5 Wasabi

An innovative Bitcoin wallet to kick off the list, Wasabi is perfect for the privacy conscious trader looking to keep their Bitcoin transactions on the private side. Note we said Bitcoin transactions and not crypto – this is a Bitcoin only wallet. The platform makes use of a service called CoinJoin that masks transactional data by combining multiple coins from multiple people into one transaction. The platform then makes use of the Tor network to further obscure the transactions by erasing the associated IP addresses.

While the Wasabi wallet is hot on security, it is not recommended for traders just starting out as the design is slightly more complex than other beginner focused Bitcoin wallets. However if you’re willing to read through the instructions and jump through a few extra hoops (in the name of privacy and security), this is an excellent wallet option. 

#4 Exodus

This esteemed Bitcoin wallet initially started as a desktop wallet and has since branched out to iOS, Android and a hardware version. An excellent start for beginners, the team behind Exodus have put a strong focus on their design and UX, ensuring that the intuitive processes smoothly guide users through their crypto experience. The software is also updated every second week to ensure it is always running in full swing. The platform will only ask that you set up a password following the first deposit into your wallet. 

This multi currency platform provides swift and efficient trading options, as well as an in house exchange option that does not require any registration processes. A note for advanced traders is that this Bitcoin wallet only supports custom fees for Bitcoin. Quick, hassle free, well designed and efficient are some keywords associated with this Bitcoin wallet. 

#3 Ledger Nano X

Not exactly a desktop wallet, Ledger Nano X sneaks into our list due to the simple manner in which it functions. A firm favourite at 4King, the Ledger Nano X is easy to use, secure, and highly secure. So much so that this hardware wallet won the CES Innovation Award in Cyber Security and Personal Privacy for 2019. Pretty top notch. 

Being a hardware wallet, your cryptocurrencies are stored on an external device that quickly links to your Leger’s live desktop wallet through Bluetooth. When you’re done trading, the wallet goes offline again and your crypto remains secure and out of danger. The device also has a small interface screen that allows for quick and easy connection (and understanding!). Better yet, the device can support over 1,500 blockchain tokens and over 25 different cryptocurrencies. Keep your crypto with you wherever you go or store it somewhere for safe keeping with this little Bitcoin wallet. Easy to understand, quick to access and highly secure, no wonder the Ledger Nano X is one of our favourites.

#2 Electrum

In the hands of an experienced trader the Electrum wallet is one of the best – and oldest – Bitcoin wallets out there. The platform has been operating since November 2011 with various developers contributing to the source since then. As a Bitcoin only wallet, the platform is focused on safe, fast and secure trading, and executes each one perfectly. Better yet, the platform is also known to be compatible with other third party plugins such as the Ledger Nano X mentioned above as well as other hardware wallets.

Offering several advanced features, the Electrum Bitcoin wallet also allows users coin control features, the ability to set up MultiSig transactions and also supports the replace-by-fee (RBF) mechanism. When creating your wallet note that the default option is a SegWit wallet, which isn’t supported by all exchanges so best check if this is a viable option before going through the process. Once set up, depositing funds into the account is easy, and the platform also allows transactions to multiple addresses saving you money on transaction fees. While this isn’t the best option for a beginner, the Electrum wallet packs all the punch for slightly more experienced traders.

#1 MyCelium

Providing one of the safest and fastest crypto trading wallet services on the market, MyCelium is celebrated by Bitcoin users around the world. Geared slightly more toward advanced users, the wallet still provides an excellent service for beginners with their open source coding and transparent structure. There are also a number of advanced trading tools for people to tap into should they want to level up their trading game. This includes a Local Trader feature that allows you to find people in your region looking to trade Bitcoin. This desktop wallet also pairs with one of the previous entries, the Ledger Nano X.

Established in 2012, MyCelium offers users a Bitcoin only wallet that offers users 100% control over their private keys. If you’re looking for a wallet that will store your personal information like a bank account rather than an authentication Bitcoin wallet, this might not be the one for you. Still, the Bitcoin wallet is widely celebrated in the industry and has been dishing the goods for almost 10 years. It’s also worth taking into consideration the platform’s push to drive users to back up their wallets. They’ve got a point there. Here are some other options to practice when keeping your wallet secure.

Trade Safely, Trade In Style

There you have it folks, the 5 best Bitcoin wallets for Windows. Whichever Bitcoin wallet you end up choosing, make sure you are prioritizing your online safety. If you’d like more helpful guides like this one, be sure to check out our 4King blog which we’ve packed to the rafters with top 5 guides, news stories and interesting crypto information you might like to know.