Bitcoin crash games, which were first introduced by, are becoming more and more popular among Bitcoin users. The concept is pretty simple. In essence Bitcoin Crash is a multi-player gambling game featuring a constantly increasing curve which can crash at any point. It’s pretty exhilarating but also has the potential to be extremely profitable. Let’s take a look at the top 5 Bitcoin Crash games you need to try.

How to play Bitcoin Crash games

Firstly, you’ll need to place a bet and then watch as the curve spikes as the multiplier increases. You can cash out whenever you want and see your bet multiplied by the current multiplier. The gambling part really only comes in when you have to cash out before the curve crashes. If it crashes before you withdraw your bet, you’ll forfeit your potential winnings. 

5. CrashBTC

CrashBTC is a Bitcoin Crash game for more serious gamblers. Players will find that there is a keen house edge, as well as the opportunity to maximize on their payouts. As an added bonus all players will receive 3 Bits for free each hour. CrashBTC accepts deposits in Bitcoin only, and the funds should be available immediately. Small withdrawals should happen instantly, but large ones can take up to 24 hours to reflect in your account. 


Newer to the scene is This Bitcoin Crash site accepts a number of cryptocurrencies aside from Bitcoin. According to them, their game is based on 99% luck and 1% skill. However, all games on the site are provably fair, security is taken very seriously, and weekly bonuses are awarded to those that have won or lost the most. 


Like, is a provably fair Crash game that works with Bitcoin and a variety of altcoins. This site offers enormous multipliers of up to 10,000x, so wins have the potential to be absolutely massive. There is a 24/7 live support option, and super fast deposits and withdrawals. 


Rocketpot is a classic Bitcoin Crash game. All you need to do is place your bets, and watch as your Bitcoin multiplies. Then, you can cash out at any point. This one works with a rocket rather than a curve, with fun and interactive gameplay. There are jackpots that can be awarded throughout gameplay. 


Number one on the list of the top 5 Bitcoin Crash games that you need to try is It was the first site to introduce the Bitcoin Crash game. It provides a safe, provably fair environment for gamblers, both big and small, to bet.’s Crash game also has an active administrator and chat feature, and house edge that can be reduced all the way down to zero. 

Why you should try the top 5 Bitcoin Crash games

Bitcoin Crash games are swiftly gaining popularity in the online crypto gambling circuit, and for good reason. Out of the top 5 Bitcoin Crash games that you need to try, there is no clear winner. However, each of them is secure and offers different features. Of course, is the OG but who doesn’t like some fresh meat every now and then? 

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