Virtual Reality (VR) is the next big thing in tech. If you haven’t heard of it until now, you’ve probably been living under a rock. VR is generally considered as something associated only with video games, but the reality is that it’s so much more. Here are 5 reasons why VR is good for humans. 

5. Dementia

Dementia can cause severe memory loss – so bad that it actually impairs the person’s ability to perform basic daily functions. A study by the University of Kent, found that VR had a positive effect on people suffering from Dementia. The study looked at 8 people, ranging between 41 and 88 years old, and gathered feedback from the participants and their care-providers. It was found that there was a connection between the encounters they had in VR, and their ability to recall old memories. VR was stimulating enough that there was some improvement in the participants. Obviously more research is needed, but this is pretty groundbreaking stuff. 

4. Mental health 

VR might be the next big thing for mental health treatment. Today’s VR treatment is designed to aid in exposure therapy, a treatment for anxiety disorders where patients are exposed to the subject of their anxiety. If somebody suffers from a debilitating fear of heights, they might visit larger and larger buildings in VR – eventually building up a tolerance. This can also be used to treat PTSD, as a user visits traumatic memories in therapy sessions. 

3. Army training

VR has been adopted by the military (army, navy, air force) for training. The users can prepare for combat or other dangerous situations through VR, and learn to react in a level and appropriate manner. VR allows them to go through the motions, without actually putting themselves or anyone else in danger. They can even reenact a previous scenario with an enemy through VR, and learn how to respond in a more effective way. VR training has proven to be safer and less expensive than other training methods. 

2. Art

Not all of us are artists by nature, but there’s no reason why we shouldn’t all have a creative outlet. Now, you can create masterpieces in VR thanks to Google’s Tilt Brush. Google is providing an opportunity for artists of all mediums, to engage in a particularly interesting sector of technology. While it can take a while to get the hang of it, being able to create in VR will open up so many new horizons to artists around the world. The artists work in 3D, so they can actually walk around their work. VR art will change the way we think about creativity in the future. 

1. Social VR 

Number 1 on the list of the 5 reasons why VR is good for humans is Social VR. For those living in remote or war torn areas, social VR can be a lifesaver. Meeting up with people via virtual reality may not sound particularly intimate, but for those living on the borders of society, it may just be what they need to find real connections. VR allows us to connect and engage with people on a level that feels deeply personal – so far removed from the sanitized environment of social media. You can share experiences that you would never be able to do in the real world (like fighting a dragon), and form meaningful bonds with people all around the world. 

VR can be life-changing 

While we’ve only looked at 5 reasons why VR is good for humans, there are likely countless more examples. Rather than fighting it, we should embrace this technology and recognize the good that it can actually do. VR is here to stay, and it could change our lives in the most inspiring and meaningful ways.