Sharks have a bad reputation – they’re known as bloodthirsty killers, with little evidence that actually suggests that. The reality is that these formidable sea creatures are horribly misunderstood. We’ll be taking a look at 5 ways to celebrate shark week, because sharks really deserve a reputation rehabilitation.

5. Shark-themed Slot Games 

Who doesn’t like to get their gamble-on every once in a while? If slots are your thing, take a look at these shark-themed slot games, and celebrate shark week with a win. 

The Great White Slot Game 

This SkillOnNet slot game is named after the much feared Great White shark. It’s thrilling, super entertaining, and can score you some really nice wins. It resembles traditional slot games, and really comes through with its features and game design. 

Shaaark! Superbet from NextGen Gaming 

Shaaark! Superbet is a slot game from NextGen Gaming, one of the world’s leading game providers. This slot has two gameplay options, the first is a standard mode, and the second is the Superbet mode. Superbet is a slightly scarier option, and it also offers bigger wins. 

Wild Shark Slot 

Wild Shark is a slot game from Amatic, a premier game provider. This slot has clearly taken inspiration from Finding Nemo, and features clown fish, sea turtles, and toothy sharks. It’s colourful, offers some solid wins, and gameplay is available on 5 reels and 50 paylines. 

4. Shark Week Documentaries 

There are dozens of excellent shark week documentaries available online – some even on YouTube. Here are three of the best shark docs so you can brush up your knowledge. 

Australia. The Great White Shark

Video description: “We found the great white shark in the waters of the south coast of Australia, the crowded by-waters from the Antarctic ice continent life. With its two-ton, this great wild predator prowls the Australian beaches in search of its most coveted prey, the sea lion. We dive on the Australian continent to see the beautiful and varied creatures that hide in its waters fearful of the white shark.”

Surrounded: Island of the Sharks 

Video description: “For decades residents of Reunion, a small French Territory in the middle of the Indian Ocean, lived in relative harmony with the surrounding ocean and its inhabitants. However, since 2011, a rise in shark attacks has forced many to come to terms with the spike in fatal encounters with sharks and turn to science to address this unexplained phenomenon.”

Sharks, Jaws, Great White. The Big Five 2020

Video description: “The ocean has ‘Big Five’ of prehistoric predators. Featuring great whites, hammerheads, tiger sharks, bull sharks and the colossal whale shark.”

3. Donate to Shark Conservation Organizations 

Donating to shark conservation charities is an excellent way of celebrating shark week. All of these organizations doing great work, so let’s take a look: 

The Shark Trust 

The Shark Trust is a charitable organization that works to safeguard the future of sharks by using a solutions-based approach and effecting positive change. They work to protect various shark species, encourage sustainable fishing, and responsible trade. You can donate here

Friends for Sharks 

Friends for Sharks looks to create increased awareness of the threats to sharks, while educating individuals from all backgrounds and of all ages. They completed the World Tour for Sharks in 2015, when they took their initiative to 87 shark-conservation events in 8 different countries. Learn more and donate here

Shark Spotters

Shark Spotters is a shark safety initiative based in Cape Town, South Africa. They focus on educating the public, and finding solutions to shark-human conflicts. They’ve reduced harmful interactions between humans and sharks via a flag system, and non-lethal methods. They’re an incredible organization doing really good work in one of the shark hotspots in the world. Donate here

2. Read a Book and Learn About Sharks 

We still have so much to learn about sharks, so get ahead on your shark knowledge by reading one of these books. 

Blue Meridian: The Search for the Great White Shark 

This book, from award-winning naturalist Peter Matthiessen, describes a biographical account of an exciting 17 month quest to find a Great White. The journey takes Matthiessen and his crew across the globe, from South Africa, to the Carribean and Southern Australia. It’s a pretty harrowing journey, and an excellent read. 

The Secret Life of Sharks 

The Secret Life of Sharks, from renowned marine biologist Peter Klimley, is widely accepted as one of the best books about shark behaviour and biology. It gives a detailed account of the prominent theories about sharks, their behaviour, and their lives. It’s a gripping read, and focuses primarily on Hammerhead Sharks. 

Sharks of the World: A Fully Illustrated Field Guide

Sharks of the World: A Fully Illustrated Field Guide, is really the encyclopedia of sharks. It describes more than 500 shark species, and brings together about 100 years of research into one book. It’s stunningly illustrated, and really is the definitive guide to everything shark-related. 

1. Adopt a Shark From the WWF 

Finally on the list of the 5 ways to celebrate Shark Week, is to adopt a shark. Okay not a literal shark, because that wouldn’t work, but a shark adoption from the WWF. If you’ve got a shark-fanatic in your life, why not gift them with a donation to the WWF? It’ll get them an awesome Shark Adoption Kit, and you’ll have donated to a very worthy cause. 

There’s options to suit pretty much every budget, and you’ll get some sweet merch at the same time. Find out more here.  

Celebrate Shark Week in Style, and Contribute to a Worthy Cause 

5 ways to celebrate shark week

When we look at 5 ways to celebrate Shark Week, there are a bunch of great options. Sharks are not the terrifying sea monsters that movies like Jaws have led us to believe – they really just want to be left alone to live their lives. Unfortunately, commercial fishing has resulted in the shark population being dangerously close to collapse, which will have major consequences for the entire marine ecosystem. Save our sharks, save our seas, and celebrate Shark Week! 

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