Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is expanding rapidly at the moment. With so many changes happening in the space, it can feel impossible to keep up. Let’s take a look at AI trends in March 2020, so you can get a handle on everything. 

IT budgets falling 

IT budgets are falling, but large data volumes are still coming from the sector. Research from Gartner shows that the organizations funding IT are pumping less money into it. AI solutions can come in handy here, as they streamline the system events in large numbers to manageable data sets. By reducing these events by an estimated 95%, AI can help IT reach its targets while remaining in budget. 

AI and the coronavirus 

As the Covid-19 virus outbreak continues to rise, AI can help in analyzing data and giving researchers ways to address the pandemic. AI is currently being used to review medical data, that gives researchers an idea of which drugs are suitable to treat the virus. As the death toll rises, AI should not be overlooked as a tool that can help to curb the outbreak. 

Various startups are even using AI to analyze the virus directly. Insilco, for example, is reviewing molecule compounds through AI which could help generate the cure for the 2019-nCoV coronavirus. 

AI governance and regulation

Governance frameworks are crucial for any functioning industry or society. AI could help develop effective policies, and benefit our society by identifying emerging risks. First though, AI needs to be regulated. This will both boost AI’s potential, and help us understand its limitations at this point in time. 

This may be true in the US, but other countries are not yet pushing for AI regulation. Chinese tech companies are focusing on beating the competition, rather than regulatory issues. 

AI in journalism 

A recent announcement from Reuters, shows that the media company uses an AI summary system for news. The automated reports system shows how prototypes are now in charge of revolutionizing news broadcasting. This system enables news anchors to report on current events, thanks to a revolutionary combination of data from different news sources. Reuters is leading the way in digital journalism. 

The good vs evil debate

Finally on the list of AI trends in March 2020, is the classic debate surrounding good vs evil AI. Let’s finally get this into our heads: there is no inherently evil AI – AI responds to the data that we give it. Ultimately, if AI did turn out evil it would be entirely our fault.  

Still, there’s a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding out there – but AI is not evil. In fact, it’s already helping us in so many ways. 

AI trends in March 2020

A changing landscape 

Looking at the AI trends in March 2020, it’s clear that AI is situated in an ever changing landscape. However, it has proven its ability to adapt to new and challenging situations time and time again. Here’s hoping that 2020 will be a good year for the tech, that people will grow to understand it – rather than fear it unnecessarily. 

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