My very first introduction to Hi Lo was quite recent – and by quite recent, I mean within the last six months. I’m no expert, and that’s precisely why I feel like I’m actually qualified to write this guide about the best Bitcoin (BTC) Hi Lo casino games of 2020. 

On my Hi Lo journey I’ve encountered many a shit Hi Lo games. Let me tell you, they’re not all made equal and you’re bound to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince – without my help that is. 

Hi Lo doesn’t have quite as long and illustrious a career as some of its peer card games. It’s essentially a variant of poker, which was invented by pro poker player Robert Turner in the early 1980s. Its original name was Nugget Hold’em which, for some reason or another (truly, it beats me), never stuck. 

Ridiculous name aside, Hi Lo stuck around. By the early 1990s, it hit its peak popularity (in brick and mortar casinos), and was added to the WSOP schedule. However, online casinos quickly entered the scene and the game has since become a major hit in the online realm. 

If we fast forward to 2020, we’ll see a huge variety of different Hi Lo games. Since the advent of Bitcoin in 2009, Bitcoin Hi Lo casino games have sprung up all over the show, stemming from Bitcoin (BTC) Hi Lo casinos. Hi Lo is now more accessible than ever – which is ideal for us, because we want to play the damn game. 

How to Play Bitcoin Hi Lo Casino Games 

When you first start playing Hi Lo, it’s probably a good idea to give free play a try. Like any card game, Bitcoin Hi Lo casino games require some practice before you can really shine. 

However, it’s with cash play that the true fun really starts. We’ll go more into detail about the “High” and “Low” nature of the game down the line, but it’s definitely worth exploring the fact that you can get very creative with your betting in Bitcoin Hi Lo casino games. 

You can bet on a range of different outcomes – so, whether a card is higher or lower, if it’s red or black, or what suit it belongs to. 

Table Layout 

Hi Lo is a variant of poker, so its table layout is fairly similar to a traditional poker table. In the middle of the table you’ll find community cards (turn, flop, and river), with players seated around the table, each with two cards in front of them. 

There is, of course, a dealer who works with a single 52 card deck. You’ll also find small blind and big blind buttons in effect here. 


It’s definitely worth noting that there are differences between live Hi Lo games, and online Bitcoin (BTC) Hi Lo casino games. Players have reported that games are generally much faster online, with about 60 hands being played an hour as opposed to around 30 in a live game. 

As I’ve definitely mentioned before, there are a lot of similarities between traditional poker and Hi Lo. As in a poker game, you’ll find a button in the game that shows the Dealer. Before the game starts, the player that is seated clockwise from the Dealer button must post “Small Blind” – a forced bet. The player clockwise from them then posts “Big Blind”. This will double the size of the small blind, but obviously blind values depend on the betting limits applied to that specific game. The small blind is typically half the size of the big blind. 

After the initial wagers, each player receives four cards (hole cards). This is the pre-flop part of the game. After the player has seen their hole cards, they can call or raise on the big blind – the player that posted the big blind may fold. 

Following the pre-flop (funny name, I know), the flop is dealt face-up. The flop is made up of the first 3 community cards in the game. After that, another round of betting is made, and all bet raises must be in increments of the small blind. The turn follows this round, and a face-up community card is dealt after which more betting ensues. The river is when the fifth community card is placed on the table, and the final round of betting follows. 

With all cards on the table and all bets made, the showdown starts. If there’s more than one player left, the final betting round concludes. The last person to bet must raise their fist, unless there was no bet in the final round. If this is the case, the first person clockwise from the button shows their cards. The person with the best five-card hand for high wins half of the post, and the person with the best five-card hand for low wins the other half of it. Side bets will be settled outside of the main game. 

The Best Bitcoin (BTC) Hi Lo Casino Games of 2020 

Now, here’s the part you’ve all been waiting for. Let’s take a look at the best Bitcoin (BTC) Hi Lo casino games of 2020, from the best Bitcoin Hi Lo casinos. There’s something for everyone on this list, so you’re sure to find a Bitcoin Hi Lo casino game that takes your fancy. 

best Bitcoin (BTC) Hi Lo casino games of 2020

3. Bitcoin Hi Lo Casino Game – Casino is a Bitcoin Hi Lo casino that’s sure to keep you on your toes. You can multiply your Bitcoins by playing their excellent Hi Lo game, that’s provably fair and totally secure. Players can score jackpot prizes of up to 1 BTC each time they play, as well as up to 0.00055 BTC every hour. They also have an excellent referral program, which means you’ll get 50% of whatever your friends win when they sign up using your referral code. 

best Bitcoin (BTC) Hi Lo casino games of 2020

2. Bitcoin Hi Lo Casino Game – BetChain Casino 

BetChain casino is a cryptocurrency gambling platform that has two epic Hi Lo games for you to choose from. The first is Draw Hi Lo which comes from BetSoft, one of the leading game providers in the world, and the second is Hi Lo Switch, from BGaming. Both are fun and satisfying options that are sure to satiate your Hi Lo cravings. 

Aside from the games, BetChain casino is also a formidable competitor in the Bitcoin Hi Lo casino space. Okay, they’re not a strictly Bitcoin Hi Lo casino, but they offer a massive range of epic casino games and incredibly generous bonuses. 

best Bitcoin (BTC) Hi Lo casino games of 2020

1. Bitcoin Hi Lo Casino Game – Jacks Club Casino 

Jacks Club casino is a Bitcoin Hi Lo casino that offers Hi Lo, Dice, Blaze, and Video Poker. They’re new to the scene, but have already made a mark thanks to their impressive platform design, provably fair gameplay, and commitment to bringing the very best in online casino gambling to their players. 

The Hi Lo game is simple, but a hell of a good time. You’ll be taken to a screen where you’ll be able to see your bets and your cards, and you can play from there. It’s immersive in a different kind of way. 

As far as bonuses and promos go, Jacks Club isn’t skimping. The Jacks Club Jackpot could score you 250,000% of your bet amount, making you one in ten million. 

There’s also a progressive jackpot initially funded by Jacks Club which will grow with 0,05% of every amount wagered on the site. 

Remember that everything that happens on the site is recorded on a blockchain, and is provably fair. 

Start Playing at the Best Bitcoin (BTC) Hi Lo Casinos Today

Together we’ve taken a look at the best Bitcoin (BTC) Hi Lo casino games of 2020, and it’s clear that there’s a good selection to choose from. Hi Lo is an incredibly fun casino game, that’s very similar to its parent card game, poker. Of course there are some key differences, but you should get the hang of them very quickly. This guide is here to guide you along the way, so you can beat the Hi Lo system and rise to the top. 

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