Online casinos have become one of the more legitimate avenues to make quick money. It is also an industry that effectively combines work and play for productivity. In recent years, the implementation of cryptocurrencies in online casinos has further opened up the industry and made it even easier for people to participate across the globe. A common reputation of casino games is “big wins”, especially with crypto casinos. Here are some of the biggest crypto wins that you need to know about.

Before going into full detail about these wins, it should be noted that the value of most of these wins go on to appreciate with time. This is due to the general tendency of most cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, to increase in price. This is also one of the advantages – and attractions – of crypto casinos. It is an opportunity for them to accumulate investments in cryptocurrencies and build their portfolios.

Now to the biggest crypto wins that you need to know about.

The Nakawa Story

In 2013, a dice game expert who went by the name “Nakawa” registered what many still believe is the biggest crypto win so far in the online casino industry. Nakawa spent a long time playing various dice games in a ‘dice game specializing casino’. The outcome was an 11,000 BTC cashout. 

Nakawa’s win was worth $1.3 million at the time. Well, if he kept his Bitcoins until 2019, we will be talking about some $40 million in his coffers right now.

174 BTC Won On BetChain Casino

Talking about making quick money, this is a typical example. This particular win also emphasizes one of the characteristics of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, anonymity. In just two games, a player on BetChain Casino in July 2016 won 60 BTC and 114 BTC respectively. This earned him 174 BTC, which was valued at $112,496 at the time.

The Euro Jackpot Winner

Jackpots represent some of the fastest ways to make it big in the casino industry and this is a typical example. In February 2017, at a Bitcoin Video casino, a player entered a game with 0.1 BTC. It was an online slot game, and the spin off earned him 259.74 BTC, which converted to €259,399. Once again, it was an anonymous player, thanks to crypto enablement.

The Female Who Won 216 Btc On Cloudbet Casino

In just two games, a female player cashed in 216 BTC on CloudBet Casino. This happened in March 2017. The first game which earned the player 160 BTC was a 0.16 BTC bet on the Troll Hunters Slot. In the same session, she won another 56 BTC, making a total of 216 BTC in rewards. At the time of the win, the value of the Bitcoins won was $255,000.

A Jackpot On Bitstarz Casino

While playing Caishen’s Fortune Slot on BitStarz Casino, a player won 15 BTC. The value of the win was $265,000. If you know what a jackpot entails, and how crypto games have revolutionized the industry, big wins are to be expected.

The Big Winner From Venezuela

It has been a gloomy economic season for Venezuela in the past few years. But for one man, a couple of crypto casino wins in 2018 may have changed his life forever. Within the space of 5 days, a man from Venezuela won a total of $480,702. This was won on the Book of Aztec slot, where he took a couple of spins. His initial win was $206,551 worth of BTC, after which he continued playing to clean out a total of $480,702 within 5 days.

Another CloudBet Casino Cleanout

An anonymous player again won 53 Bitcoins on CloudBet Casino in September 2018. This was at a Live Roulette where the player capitalized on the platform’s high betting limits. The value of the win at the time was $340,000.

CloudBet Again

87 BTC in the space of one hour landed a player $550,000 on CloudBet Casino. The game was Lightning Roulette, and the initial win was 49 BTC. This motivated the player to continue, and within the space of an hour, he won a total of 87 BTC after getting another 38 BTC on a second spin.


The benefit of gambling on crypto casinos have put these players in what can be regarded as the wall of fame of online casinos. 

The introduction of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency to online casinos has not only created opportunities for big wins, but it has also provided a platform for people to participate without the fear of invasion of their privacy. Flexibility of play is also a motivation, while the potential growth of wins is still a big attraction, as mentioned earlier in this post.

Online gaming, especially the crypto casinos, are a revolution sweeping across the internet. No doubt spurred on by the biggest crypto wins that you need to know about.

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