Blockchain Time Capsules: Why Family Chains Should Replace Family Trees

Written by 4King Writer

Jun 24, 2019

Through the ages, family traditions and memories are lost and fade away. This does not need to be the case if blockchain protocols can be translated into personal journals. Future generations will be able to look back at family memories, as well as have access to important documents and information.

The information would be 100% secure and safe for only those on the chain to have access too, which is different from the traditional ‘paper-work’ trail that has been used historically.

Certainly, with the advent of self-testing DNA kits, there are many ways to learn about your past. But why would random companies need access to personal records of your family histories? Most family tree websites rely on information given by users which often is then used for their own use and profit.

Blockchain, on the other hand, promises unique possibilities for securely preserving and passing important personal information to future generations. This information could be trivial like first steps and class photos to as pertinent as health data and marriage certificates. Transitioning our record keeping to blockchain is a big step toward taking ownership of your own data as well as immortalizing it.

The information would be 100% secure and safe for only those on the chain to have access too, which is different from the traditional ‘paper-work’ trail that has been used historically.

Lost in Translation

The current paper-trail method of documenting things can easily be lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed. Bad management, fires, floods etc can all play havoc on the maintenance of these documents. Even if the information is stored on current technology it can be difficult to access. Often the data cannot be accessed due to technology advancing and devices becoming defunct. Online information can also be compromised if a service ends or fades away, or in the case of a hack.

Blockchain is a real solution to the nefarious paper trail. It is completely future-proof, immutable and incorruptible. It cannot be shut down or confiscated. Blockchain merely requires a dapp browser to access, and it’s not dependent on any hardware that might go out of style like a laserdisc player.

More Than a Time Capsule

While there are fun aspects to the capabilities of blockchain stored family data such as being able to access family photos, records, journals, or testimonials forever, with no risk of loss. But the advantages of blockchain, as opposed to traditional family data keeping, are far bigger than that. Blockchain could be a solution to record keeping and hereditary diseases and genetic traits.

The results of DNA tests, adoption records, immigration records, and other items could also be important when considering future health or legal concerns, including custody issues or genetic counseling decisions. It could have a huge effect on people looking for sperm donors in tracing genetic patterns.

Even more advanced users would be to determine DNA records regarding members of specific groups, like Native Americans, who are frequently denied recognition and rights due to a lack of paperwork proving their “blood quantum.” Blockchain is an ideal secure, incorruptible method of tracking this data and ensuring its preservation for future generations.

Security Can Not Be Compromised.

Other data preservation options, such as a shared drive or cloud, pose serious security risks due to phishing or hacking schemes. Usually, accounts are only as secure as the password. Blockchain records, on the other hand, can be set to only be visible to holders of certain personal keys and require multi-factor authentication. In the future when blockchain is widely accepted, services can even adopt trust-less ID checks, so that documents can be verified without third-parties actually viewing or taking possession of the original documents.

Blockchain smart contracts can confirm information about a person without revealing that information to the requester. Blockchain is a perfect solution to all record keeping of all historical information.

A further extension would be pet record keeping that could include animal breeding and pedigree records. Or species information and DNA analysis records. Keeping track of nearly extinct animals is another solution.

By embracing blockchain and all its possibilities, we can keep a clearer record of our past and present to tell future generations, while keeping them as private as we wish.

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