First off – no, we’re not serious. Yes, this is satirical (please relax). So, Brexit is officially here and it’s as much of a shambles as we had all imagined. Brexit has already ruined a lot for the UK, so we’re here to look at 5 reasons why Brexit is the “best” thing to happen in the UK in years (psst… it’s really not). 

5. Britain’s Reputation 

Over the last few decades, Britain lost its reputation as a mean, colonizing machine and turned into the land of tea and crumpets. Now things have changed. If you’re a Brit, you’re much more likely to hear about Boris, or Brexit, or the rising racism, facism, and anti-immigration sentiment brewing. A think piece in Germany’s Süddeutsche newspaper said, “The country is ruled by a talking robot, called the MayBot … Boris Johnson is a foreign secretary. What in the world is going on with this country.”

4. The exchange rate 

The GBP has already weakened, and Brexit’s just begun. If you’re looking to go on a holiday somewhere, things are going to get a lot more expensive, very quickly. Forget holidaying in Mallorca, or Rome, or even South Africa, everything is lot pricier nowadays, and it probably won’t slow down for a while. 

3. The NHS

We all know about Boris’ plan to essentially privatize the NHS – that’s nothing new. Funding has been cut substantially over the Tories’ (seemingly never ending) reign. The NHS is understaffed, underfunded, and things are going to get a lot worse soon. Will Britons in the EU have access to the NHS? What kind of medication will still be available? And how will foreign doctors cope? 

2. Dating life 

Dating in 2020 is nightmarish as it is, and now it’ll be even more difficult to expand beyond British horizons. What EU citizen in their right mind would want to date a Briton at this point? 

It’s gotten so bad that the dating app Hater, which matches users on shared dislikes, showed that around 88% of users matched according to their hatred of either the “leave”  or ”remain” camps. Relationship counselors have even seen a rise in couples arguing over Brexit. 

Katy Marks from London told the Guardian, 

“I am English, my husband is German. He has been living and working in Britain for 12 years and we have two kids. I voted remain (my husband wasn’t allowed to vote) but since the result we have become worried about our future here. I would like my husband to apply for permanent residency, but he feels betrayed, especially if the rights of European citizens are not protected. Out of principle he doesn’t want to be in Britain any more if he is made to feel unwelcome. He talks about leaving the country and this is difficult because I don’t want to go.” 

  1. Immigration 

Number 1 on the 5 reasons why Brexit is the “best” thing to happen in the UK in years list is immigration. Modern Britain is multicultural, and that’s part of what makes it so wonderful. However, anti-immigration sentiment has been growing in recent years and has been one of the deciding factors for the “remain” and “leave” camps. By leaving the EU, Britain is essentially closing its borders, a fact which will affect not just those seeking citizenship from afar, but those already living and thriving in the UK. Brexit is likely to tear families and friendships apart. 

Brexit is a nightmare

5 reasons why Brexit is the “best” thing to happen in the UK in years? It’s not – Brexit is essentially a nightmare in slow motion. This has been building for years, and now facism, racism, and xenophobia has won and Britain is leaving the EU. It seems that not even the Tories are sure what comes next.

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