The festive season always feels a bit chaotic. No matter how close you are with your family, tensions are high and you might be at each other’s necks. This Christmas, why not give them the gift of crypto? Even your mom can score. It’s Crypto Christmas and everyone’s getting in on the fun. 

Gifts for dad 

Dads are often a tough nut to crack over the Christmas season. After all, what can you give someone who never really seems to want anything? Socks again? Surely not. If your dad is a perpetual Bitcoin hodler, why not give him a crypto wallet? Especially when it comes in the form of this really exciting one from WalletGenerator. Best thing is, it’s free! Hey, we’re allowed to be frugal – Christmas hits the pockets hard enough. 

Gifts for mom 

I don’t know about you, but my mom loves anything vaguely artsy. Whether it be a tapestry, a crappy drawing of mine, or a piece of Crypto Art, she’s all about it. Chances are, your mom would appreciate the opportunity to get in on that “hobby of yours” that she doesn’t quite understand. Crypto Art regularly showcases their intriguing designs, all of which have a focus on our beloved digital assets. This kind of gift can be just the thing for your mom to put on her mantel piece, and maybe you’ll be able to wrangle a way for it to replace the awful school photo that she’s been hanging onto since 2001. See, it’s Crypto Christmas and everyone’s getting in on the fun – even your mom. 

Gifts for your sibling 

Anthony Pompliano, a well-known crypto personality, released a shockingly well-researched and entertaining newsletter every week. Off the Chain breaks down all of the latest news in the cryptocurrency industry. A yearly subscription, which costs $100/year is a fantastic gift idea for your crypto-loving sibling who always seems to be a little behind the curve when it comes to the latest trends in the markets (at least compared to you that is). 

Gifts for your aunt/uncle 

Have a crypto loving aunt/uncle in your life? Give them a physical Bitcoin from Denarium. These physical assets can actually be programmed to store your Bitcoin, while also providing a fun novelty item that’s able to secure your digital assets. It’s definitely more of a novelty item, but can be a great way to empower crypto noobs to buy and hodl Bitcoin without having to learn too much about the market to start off with. 

Gifts for your crypto-loving friend 

What’s better than getting actual crypto for Christmas? I can’t really think of anything. Hit up your friend’s wallet address and transfer some Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other altcoin to them. Now that’s one hell of a surprise to wake up to on Christmas morning. Forget presents under the Christmas tree, I want crypto in my wallet this year. 

Christmas cheer all around

Christmas is always a little bit of a nightmare, so why not buy your loved ones some crypto gifts to keep the tension at bay? From paper wallets to crypto art, and physical Bitcoin, there’s something for everyone. It’s crypto christmas, and everyone’s getting in on the fun. 

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