Look, I’m really not one to give relationship advice, but surviving during periods of isolation is kind of my thing. Covid-19 has most of us locked down, either working from home or just loafing around. Take it from somebody who’s been working remotely with their partner for about three years, there will be days when you want to engage in a some light murder-suicide. It’s natural! Still, I’ll be taking you through how NOT to kill your partner during quarantine. If you’re looking for the opposite, might I suggest the Dark Web? 

5. Talk When Something Is Bothering You

When you’re living in such close quarters, it’s sometimes easier to just not pipe up when something is irritating the living daylights out of you (or maybe just being mildly annoying). However, eventually the truth will come out and it’ll be so much worse than if you had just said something in the first place. All of that bottled up frustration and resentment will come pouring out, and you could do some legitimate damage. 

If all else fails just invent a fake coworker, like this Twitter User, and be done with it. 

4. Work Separately 

Working together from bed may be tempting, but if you have the space consider working apart from each other. My partner and I are lucky to each have our own office – but working apart could be as simple as sitting at different tables. Try not to crowd into each other’s space too much, or tempers may flare. 

3. Make Time For Each Other 

Working remotely makes it incredibly easy for everything to just become about work. It’s important that you make time for each other, so that you don’t fall into bad habits. Quantity is not the same as quality – make sure that you actually spend meaningful time together, doing whatever makes you happy. 

2. Keep To A Schedule 

Keeping to a schedule allows you to maintain your focus throughout the day, and also plan around your new coworker. If your partner has a Zoom conference at 10am, consider clearing out and planning something so that you don’t distract them from their call. Try and wake up, eat lunch, and end work, at the same time as you normally would. This will make you less grumpy, more productive, and a better partner.

1. Get In Touch With People Outside Of Your Little Bubble

It’s easy to want to lay waste to your partner SO when they’re the only thing occupying your time, it’s important that you still maintain your other relationships, even if it’s just over text or FaceTime. Staying in touch with the outside world will put things in perspective, and ultimately aid in your pursuit of “how not to kill your partner during quarantine.” 

How To Make Quarantine Work With Your Partner

how not to kill your partner during quarantine

Tensions are seriously high at the moment, and it’s natural that there may be some friction between you and your SO as you adjust to a new way of life. Make time for your loved one, engage with them, and also try and take time out just for you – me-time is vital. When it comes to how not to kill your partner during quarantine, there’s no magic formula that works for every couple – just try not to be a dick too please. 

Nobody’s a saint, but if you’re feeling at risk there are hotlines that you can call. 

  • USA: 1-800-799-7233
  • UK: 0808 2000 047
  • South Africa: 08000 55 555
  • Australia: 1800 737 732  
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