• Patsy the wonderdog single handedly managed to save 900 of her owner’s sheep during the Australian bush fires in early January. 
  • According to owners Stephen and Cath Hill, Patsy was instrumental in ensuring that the sheep survived. 
  • The family would like to use this opportunity to raise awareness about the ongoing wildfires and relief efforts.       

Since they began in September 2019, the wildfires in Australia have killed more than 1 billion animals, many of them already endangered. Firefighters have worked tirelessly to combat the flames and save the nation’s wildlife. Among them is Patsy – a 6 year old kelpie-border collie. So, here’s how one dog saved 900 animals during the Australian bush fires.

How did Patsy do it? 

According to reports from CNET, Patsy from Corryong, Victoria, helped save her owner’s flock of sheep from burning to death in the encroaching inferno in early January 2020. She herded all 900 of them to the safest paddock located on the farm, as Stephen Hill, her owner, fought the fires moving onto his land. 

I’d have been stuffed without Patsy,” Hill said. “She’s earned front-seat privileges for the rest of her life.”

Patsy worked tirelessly to save nearly every single animal. By the end of the saga, only a few sheds and animals were lost to the flames. 

Patsy’s new found fame 

Patsy now has fans all around the world, and her very own Instagram account (you can find her at @patsythecorryongwonderdog). 

Cool as a cucumber, Patsy waited with [Stephen] until the fire got close enough to fight with a tractor and water pump,” Cathy Hill, Stephen’s older sister, said of the dog’s heroic efforts.  

Collie’s are known for their work ethic, but Patsy really stood out. “For Patsy, funnily enough the fires don’t really make much of a difference!!!” Hill wrote in an Instagram post. “These dogs have been bred for generations to develop their ability to work with sheep and cattle on farms, and they are very intelligent and resilient animals.”

They love to work, it’s just what they are bred to do, and they can be very focused and single minded on the job! So when my brother needed Patsy to help bring the sheep into safety, that’s exactly what she did,” Hill added. “She just got on with her job and did it, regardless of the conditions.”

How you can help 

While the family are proud of Patsy’s heroism, they’d like to use her story to spread awareness about how to help the ongoing fire relief efforts. “These fires are the worst in living memory here, and our fire season is not even half over,” Cath Hill said. “Along the East coast of Australia, other fires have been burning for literally months. Many areas have been in severe drought, and 2019 has now been identified as the hottest year on record in Australia.”

A caption of one of Patsy’s Instagram posts said, “Patsy and her human really appreciate all the support coming from all over the world, but unfortunately these fires aren’t over and won’t be for weeks, and the recovery from the fire damage will take months, years even.

While it’s incredible that we can talk about how one dog saved 900 animals during the Australian bush fires, there are many relief efforts ongoing. Check out how the crypto community is doing their bit, here

Patsy’s hard-earned rest

Cath Hill explained that Patsy “loves a good belly rub” and we’re certain she’s getting loads of them following her heroic work. In the end though, we can discuss how one dog saved 900 animals during the Australian bush fires, and still acknowledge the 1 billion animals who didn’t make it. The Hills believe the focus should be on raising awareness about fighting the fires, while using Patsy’s story as an example of how severe they really are. 

Consider donating to BlazeAid, Crypto Fire Alliance and the Australian Red Cross in support of fire-fighting efforts all over the country. 

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