Games are important to an individual’s social health. Apart from professional gamers that play games for money, the recreational benefits that games offer is something that every individual should make efforts to achieve. Casual games help us in areas of both psychological and emotional balance. However, if not managed carefully, what is meant to benefit us could become counterproductive. Therefore, this post provides important information about how to live your best gamer life.

Here are some basic rules for you to follow in order to make the most of your gaming exercise. These rules may be a bit difficult to follow from the beginning, however, with time they could become a habit and a way of life. Keeping to these rules will ensure that you live your best gamer life.

1. Play for a Maximum of 3 hours A Day

Having all the fun and overdoing it are separated by a very thin line. While we use casual games for recreational purposes and to refresh, if we are not careful they can become a source of stress and possible addiction. Based on research, 3 hours daily is gauged to be ideal for regular gamers. However, under extreme circumstances, 4 hours a day can be recommended.

Investing more than the above recommended time duration has been seen to have negative effects on gamers. The consequences spread across physical, psychological, emotional and social well-being. Even your relationships with those who are close to you may suffer, especially when it is single-player games that you play.

2. Play With Real-life Friends, As Much As Possible

Casual games are often designed to help you relax and socialize, especially when they are multiplayer games. As much as you can, play with people that you are already familiar with in real-life. By doing this, you will be achieving multiple goals at the same time. You will find the in-built gaming relaxation, and at the same time build or strengthen your relationships with friends.

Therefore, the rule here is that you should try as much as possible to make a huge part of your gaming exercise social. Make a conscious effort and see how it improves your mental and emotional well-being.

3. Play Face-to-face With Friends And Family

This is an important rule on how to live your best gamer life. This is similar to what’s mentioned above, but the difference here lies in physical presence. Physical presence aids bonding much more than when interaction is virtual. This is the difference between playing with people face-to-face and playing with them online.

Even for single player games, you can alternate and take turns while cheering one another. It helps to strengthen social ties and makes bonding even stronger. The ideal system for this kind of exercise is multiplayer games.

4. Balance Your Games With Cooperative Gameplays

Social games can be either competitive or cooperative. You can play against one another or play together to fulfill a task. Even though the games are most often seen as instruments of relaxation, too much competition could end up creating animosity. Therefore, balancing the games you play with family and friends is advised.

Often we see gaming habits being exported into real life unconsciously. Cooperative games will be very beneficial in this case. When colleagues are involved, it could help strengthen the philosophy of teamwork among them.

As much as possible, do well to play cooperative games. They could go a long way in influencing how to live your best gamer life.

5. Play creative games to help develop your mind

As already mentioned above, the games that we play do have impacts on our real life activities. This is why it is advised to play games that encourage creativity. Such games will stretch your mind and make you more intuitive.

Games that put demand on your mentality can influence your approach to tasks at work, and in other circumstances.


Both online games and physical games do play significant roles in our lives. Research reveals that people who make time to play games everyday usually have fewer issues with stress and are easier to relate to. They seem to more easily find balance in life.

Gaming has become very popular, with online games like Fortnite making careers out of its players on a global level. Career gaming is totally different, and even that must be properly managed in order to make the most out of it. 

For casual gamers who play for recreation and relaxation, finding the right balance by following the rules listed above is a great way to discover how to live your best gamer life.