How to register and complete verification on

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In order to buy and sell cryptocurrency in South Africa on Remitano you will need to have a fully verified account. This guide will briefly explain how to quickly register and complete verification on

Step 1: Sign up at

1.) Go to to register

2.) You can use an email and create a password or you can sign up with Google or Facebook

Step 2: Verify your Phone Number and Identity on Remitano

Once you have registered go to your username in the top right and click the dropdown and select “verify account”

1.) First complete Level 1 Phone number verification by entering your phone number and verifying the number that is sent to you via sms,

2.) Next complete Level 2 & 3 Document Verification by providing the required documentation. Don’t worry it’s is all completed through a trusted 3rd party and only ever has to be completed once.

You are now fully set up and ready to use

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