Covid-19 2020: How To Survive Quarantine

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We’re living in very crazy times, but we’re doing it together. As more and more governments are declaring States of Emergency, whether you’re self quarantining or ordered to do so, we’re here to guide you through it. From the basics like cooking and shopping, to workouts, to how to prepare for children and pets in quarantine, books and keeping that brain stimulated, we’re going to cover it all. Let’s dive into how to survive quarantine.

What To Eat During Quarantine

A very good place to start: food. Struggle to make a boiled egg? Don’t worry, we’re going to strip to the basics and help you through deciding what to eat during quarantine. This is not medical or dietary advice, just a helpful step in the right, healthiest direction.

How To Shop For Quarantine

Stick to the 5 food group principles: Protein, Carbs, Fat, Dairy/Dairy alternative and Fruit and Vegetables. Try to stay clear of processed foods (anything you can eat straight from a packet) now is the time to get your immune system in tip top shape. Opt for wholefoods that will keep you full, nourished and satisfied. We’ve put together some quarantine-friendly foods to stop your pantry with:

Protein: If you can’t get your hands on animal protein (frozen is also an option), check out your dry goods / canned food section for great protein-packed legumes like black beans, chickpeas, lentils and kidney beans. Not only do legumes keep you fuller for longer, they also are easy on the budget.

Carbs: Look for rice, quinoa, pasta, polenta and even oats. Make a big batch and incorporate into your next few meals. These are easy to make, and all have simple instructions on the packaging – try something new!

Fats: Try to incorporate oils into your cooking and dressings, like olive oil instead of sunflower oil for frying, or flaxseed oil on your roast veg salads. Also look out for eggs, cheese, nuts and dark chocolate.

Dairy/Dairy Alternatives: Opt for milks that come in a box and can last for a few months (unopened). From cows milk to oat to soy milk, these can all be kept for a while. 

Fruit and Vegetables: for times where you can’t get your hands on fresh veggies, fill your freezer with a few frozen veg options. Go for green! Green vegetables are loaded with vitamins A, C, and K and folate as well as essential minerals, like calcium and iron. Any fruits are great, try getting your hands on oranges, kiwis, strawberries and papaya as these are all vitamin C packed (great for the immune system).

Other: Try to keep a nice amount of garlic on hand, as well as staples like tinned tomatoes and olive oil. Chicken stocks are great for adding flavour to meals.

What To Cook During Quarantine

Right, so your pantry is stocked up with quarantine-friendly foods. Now what? If you don’t know your way around the kitchen, don’t panic. Try incorporating each food group into your meals. Get creative and mix and match cooking styles. Remember vegetables can be steamed, stir fried, and roasted. Then add to grains with some legumes, spices, and a healthy dressing. Play around and be creative. Here is some more inspiration:

What Vitamins To Take During Quarantine

If you’re looking to boost your immunity with supplements, opt for these immune boosting options: zinc, vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin D3, quercetin, melatonin and echinacea. If you have the resources and budget to do so, get your hands on chaga mushroom – the nutrient dense superfood.

How To Gym During Quarantine

So we’ve covered your diet, next step is how the hell are you going to keep up with your fitness regime? For starters, if possible, try getting outside for a walk in fresh air far from crowds and busy roads. A little sunshine can go a long way, and (not too intense) movement can do a world of wonder for your brain as well as your body. Let’s look at your other options.

Workouts For Home

You don’t need a sprawling mansion to do workouts from home when in quarantine. You might need a few tools to help you, but all can be substituted for things you might have lying around the house if budgets are tight. Here are three free options (+ a kid friendly option) to get your sweat on at home:

What Do I Need

In case you don’t fancy working out to an app, we’ve also put together a basic list of home workout equipment for you to use during quarantine. 


how to survive quarantine

Resistance bands

how to survive quarantine

Skipping rope

how to survive quarantine
how to survive quarantine

How To Look After Your Children During Quarantine

how to survive quarantine

Rule one: don’t kill each other. Jokes aside, we’ve put together some entertaining and educational ways to keep the kids busy, stimulated and in top spirits.

Your Pets’ Needs During Quarantine

how to survive quarantine

For those of us with pets, we need to take our furry loved ones into consideration too. Firstly the basics: food. Make sure you have enough food to keep them going during your time of quarantine. Also, consider taking in a foster pet during your time indoors, couldn’t be a better time to lift your spirits, and theirs.

  • Cats: you’ll need food, litter for the litter box
  • Dogs: you’ll also need to stock up on food, some treats and maybe a stimulating toy to help with those restless times. When and where possible, try to take your dog out for some fresh air.
  • Remember to stock up on any medication your pet might need (i.e. chronic medication) 

What To Do During Quarantine

how to survive quarantine

Let’s tackle how you’re going to keep that mind sharp. Sure, quarantine is a great excuse to drink 8 bottles of wine, but let’s be honest, those solo dance parties are only going to entertain you for so long… We’re covering how to keep your mind stimulated, books to entertain you, games to engage you, casinos to distract you, and trading tips to enthrall you. Other things to do than just Netflix and Chill

How To Keep Your Mind Stimulated

how to survive quarantine
  • Now’s a great time to read that book you’ve had on your bedside table for months, write that poem you’ve been wanting to, or finally sit down and hash out that business plan you’ve been dreaming about. Don’t think of quarantine as a prison sentence – embrace the time to do something productive that you’ve been putting off in your 9-5 grind. 
  • Let Marie Kondo inspire you to declutter your house and wardrobe! 
  • Use the time to connect with loved ones, friends in foreign countries, and that old college roommate you never have time to reach out to. 

Books To Entertain You

how to survive quarantine
  • Let’s start with the basics like how to buy books online. If you prefer hard copies head for delivery services like Amazon and Waterstones. Some great reads.
  • For those not bothered about feeling the pages, stock up on eBooks or get yourself a Kindle. All you need to do is sign up and download what takes your fancy. 
  • And for those completely disinterested in reading: welcome in audio books. Audible UK offers you your first book on the house. More free options here.

Games To Engage You

how to survive quarantine

Casinos To Distract You

how to survive quarantine
  • Online casinos have been a booming business for well over a decade now. Many online casinos accept GBP as well as cryptocurrencies. From slots to live poker to crash games, you can enjoy all the gambling fun right from the comfort of your quarantine.
  • We’ve done our homework and have found some of the most trustworthy online casinos in the UK. Check this out: 
  1. Casiplay.  
  • Generally opening an account on an online casino is relatively care-free. Simply follow the prompts, sign in and get playing

Trading Tips To Enthrall You

how to survive quarantine
  • So you’re sitting at home wondering how you can make some quid. Trading is a great way to pass the time and make some money. Whether you’re starting from scratch or picking up an old hobby, trading is a great option. 
  • Wondering how exactly people make money from trading? Well, essentially you are betting that one currency (or any financial instrument) will make more money than another. By buying and selling you work the markets and (hopefully) make returns based on accurate movements. 
  • Keen to give trading a try? Check out these great resources that will help you in your new journey:
    • The Trading Channel on Youtube. You can learn all about trading from professional Forex trader and trading coach, Steven Hart. 
    • Some people say that the best way to learn is by doing. If you’re onboard with this mentality, check out eToro’s CopyTrader feature, where you can learn from top investors by literally copying their every move. 
    • Here are a great range of books on trading – both eBooks and hardcopy options. Who said your quarantine couldn’t be productive?

We’re not here to add to the panic, but we are going to say that this is serious, and needs to be treated accordingly. Don’t take chances, listen to the government and follow their advice. There are trained professionals advising them, be a part of flattening the curve.

We have literally covered everything to keep you sorted during quarantine. From what to eat during quarantine, to how to gym during quarantine, to how to look after your children during quarantine, to your pets’ needs during quarantine, to what to do during quarantine – you will be a for away. And if that wasn’t enough, why not devour our awesome content on, from tech to finance to esports – we’ll have you entertained for hours. You’re also invited to join our Telegram group to discuss any topics we’ve written about, or just have some friendly banter to see you through the day. So remember folks, keep those spirits high, those hands washed, and use this time to relax and evolve.

If you are struggling with the severity of the situation, take a deep breathe and take action: reach out to a loved one, or to the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741741, or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK. Help is always available, we’re all in this together.

You can keep up to date with UK confirmed cases –

how to survive quarantine

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