Educate yourself on the issues, then spread the word to your family and friends. Whether in the zoo or the circus, wild animals produced in captive breeding programs are almost never released into the wild; instead, they are doomed to a life in captivity. But progress is being made thanks to our efforts along with your support.

Orcas can suffer from dorsal fin collapse, where their iconic tall fin - which can reach heights of six feet in the wild - flops over into a hump. And since captive wild animals often exhibit abnormal behaviors due to captivity-induced stress, they fail to teach audiences about the real nature of wild animals. Captive wild animals, including endangered species, also routinely suffer cruel mutilation with their teeth and claws cut back. Circuses also place unnatural demands upon animals – making them perform confusing and bizarre tricks with the aid of whips, collars, muzzles, electric prods and more. Help defend captive wild animals in Asia with a gift today. For a more in-depth look at specific facilities, and other issues affecting wild cetaceans, check out our Cetacean Project page. Animal abuse is not a thing to joke about.

Such animals that are in captivity because of this include dolphins, killer whales, chimpanzees, and many more. Animal cruelty in zoos, and safari parks in China is sadly common. What You Can Do: Support the Wildlife. Tigers and lions around the globe are being poached and farmed for their bones and body parts to support the traditional medicine industry. We also help to expose cruelty in Asia's zoos and safari parks. Just like human babies, baby monkeys and apes have an extended development period, during this time they need the companionship of older animals of the same species. The growing demand for “wildlife selfies” has dramatically increased the number of wild animals abused for photo opportunities in the tourist entertainment industry. In a vegan world, animals would interact with humans when and if they want to, not because they are chained to a stake or trapped in a cage.

Throughout history not only domestic animals as pets and livestock were kept in captivity and under human care, but also wild animals. Though some venues like to say that they showcase “natural behaviors” of cetaceans during these shows, the truth is that dolphins wouldn’t repeat these same tricks over and over, day in and day out, in the wild. Also, in past times, primarily the wealthy, aristocrats and kings collected wild animals for various reasons. Every year, captive exotic animals are involved in incidents in which humans are injured or even killed. To obtain one baby chimpanzee from the wild, for example, it is estimated that an additional ten chimpanzees are likely to be killed. Do not patronize places that keep cetaceans captive, whether it be for shows, educational displays, or swim-with-dolphin programs. The Animal Welfare Act: The Animal Welfare Act, or AWA, is the primary piece of federal legislation regulating captive wild animals.

and one more: Big Meat, BM for short.

415-448-0048. The average zoo today is a far cry from the zoos of old when cement cages and steel-bar enclosures were commonplace.

The 10 Most Prominent Animal Captivity Statistics and Facts. Each year, millions of wild animals are captured from their natural habitats or born into captivity, just to become pets.

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