Start amassing a Janissary army in Castle Age, supplemented later on with Hand Cannoneers and bombard cannons in Imperial. They are relatively cheap and fast to create, can protect your town in numbers and can raid lightly defended enemy towns. If it’s a good aggressive one at least. If you want me to advertise for the site on my channel, just write me on AocZone Once they reach Imperial Age, Turks must focus on creating gunpowder units. The best strategy for using Longbowmen is in a group of at least 15.

these includes Britons, Japanese and Magyars (of course once they get to Imperial this advantage is no longer a problem for them). The 20% creation speed for gunpowder units lets the Spanish player make Conquistadors, Hand Cannoneers, Bombard Cannons and their deadly Cannon Galleons faster. They can't really hurt you. After Burgundy is out of the picture, you have to decide what to do about Fastolf's army.

Note that you are restricted to the Castle Age in this scenario. It's not that expensive anyways, at a mere 300 food and 200 gold. Defensively they have an advantage against civilizations with mediocre siege workshop or proper anti-building units thanks to their better Bombard Towers and the fact that they have all defensive technologies at Blacksmith and University (without considering the Trebuchets which every civilization have access to).

They are slower to produce than elephants.

Regarding the naval Warfare they are in advantage against civilizations that rely on coastal defenses as their Cannon Galleons can fire for longer distances and have more HP, this may include, Koreans,Byzantines and Malay. They also gain the Light Cavalry and Hussar upgrades for free.

27-08-2016, 12:59 . A fast imp is usually achieved in 20-22 minutes with around 30 villagers or more. Elite Janissaries are now affected by their own team bonus so it is easier to make a large number of them in late game. Chinese have a good monkline.

Mass Jans, esp protected with Champs, are pretty difficult to take out. When you rush to the imperial, and need several hundred wood for a couple bombard cannons, it can be hard to scrape together another 175 wood. İleti Sayısı: 23,402 Üyelik Yılı: 2015 Imperium: 123 #1. RiuT now had to come up with a new plan and this plan was knights. For one thing, his heavy cavalry is better than yours. Right? The Turks are primarily an offensive civilization focusing on gunpowder units and powerful siege units on the battlefield. The maps where you could attempt a FI are indeed rather scarce. Be sure to hit Feudal by 10 minute mark or earlier. Other than that it might be viable on closed maps. They can create all cavalry units with the exception of the Paladin and can research all cavalry technologies. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. They have access to all gunpowder units and these will likely form the core of a Turkish army.

Despite the fact the Janissary having great damage output and work especially great if massed they can be countered by Siege units especially siege Onagers, Masses of Scorpions and Bombard Cannons so civilizations with overall good siege engines have an advantage over Turk Janissaries such as, Ethiopians, Celts, Mongols, Teutons and Khmer.

This page was last edited on 2 December 2014, at 17:46. This is primarily a land map, so you don't really want more than 5 War Galleys.

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