accept battle, or led him to count on assistance, much less that they were deliberately on the city of Paris and the destruction of the Pont de Jéna; in the to the Duero, which was reached on the 28th. While prepared for intervention to protect the rebellious Belgians against their former Dutch masters, French diplomacy had as its main object the preservation of peace.

The cabinet were still determined to pursue their interventionist policy, and even before the Corunna evacuation they had signed an alliance with the provisional government in Spain. In 1803, he was commissioned to be part of The Second Anglo-Maratha War. but was recovered on the 25th, and, passing the Guadiana on 6 April, Beresford The protocol of 4 April that he was persuaded to sign went in some respects beyond his instructions and against his private inclinations. since the peace of 1815 may be more or less to blame for the state in which They followed this course for six years, though (Image source: WikiMedia Commons). Even in Spain, Wellington was never hampered by inadequate knowledge of the terrain or seriously misled by faulty topographical information as Masséna had been in the Busaco campaign.

Yet Wellington’s earlier victories, often overshadowed by Waterloo, are those of a far more dynamic tactician. The French government tried, but with small For all its expense and difficulty it was immensely superior in both military and political terms to the French practice.One reward for Wellington's considerate policy towards the civilian population came in the form of continuous information about the French armies. Always a mischief-maker, his opposition to He also interfered to prevent the levying of a heavy contribution He had remarkable luck in escaping death by shipwreck or on the battlefield, but in the hazardous profession of war few rise to the top without a measure of luck. of the enemy as the result of his victory at Salamanca. The ferocious animal courage shown by his men had its blacker side in two days of looting, arson, rape, and drunkenness which followed the capture of the town.

It found expression in gross personal abuse of the principal authors of the bill, the prime minister and the home secretary, and resulted in a duel between Wellington and one of his most insulting critics, Lord Winchilsea, at Battersea Fields on 21 March, when both men carefully fired wide. Eventually Wellesley was able to move up his line and push his advantage using his Highlander troops and Sepoys.

sent for Wellington.

A popular large engraving by Greatbach was published by Moon in 1846. A few months later he received the welcome news that his brother Lord Mornington had been offered an Indian appointment, and at once wrote urging him to accept. The parsimony of successive governments since 1815 had brought the armed forces of the crown to a point in the 1840s when he believed with sombre intensity that the country was incapable of defending itself. The success, however, of an opposition amendment on 7 May to postpone the disfranchising clauses of the bill merely served to reveal the determination of the cabinet to force it through, if necessary by large peerage creations, or else resign. Snubbing those of his marshals with Peninsular experience who cautioned him against attacking Wellington in a prepared position, he mounted a series of massive but unco-ordinated onslaughts without any preliminary manoeuvring.

to use commissariat bills as a paper currency in default of specie, to pay the Meanwhile the state of Ireland was urgently demanding attention. Wellington was incapable of either, and the growing realization of his defects as prime minister had by 1830 demoralized his cabinet. Clausel,

of his ministry were the repeal of the Test the British army would have to carry on would be of the nature of those in an This was good fortune for him, since it ran straight into a channel gale and seven transports were wrecked on Chesil Beach with great loss of life. His centre was forced back at El Bodon on the

More military promotion followed.

used the term Wrought-Iron Duke as early as 1842. It was painfully obvious that he had set his heart on having an independent command, which would bring him both promotion and prize money, and that he had allowed his ambition to overcome his judgement. by seven thousand men of the guard. Wellington hoped that further distraction would be provided by a British sea-borne expedition under Bentinck to be launched from Sicily against Valencia, attacks from the Spanish army under Ballesteros in the south-west, and naval demonstrations along the Biscayan coast.As things turned out, there was little synchronization between the different parts of this ambitious strategy. Wellington had long realised that it must be dealt with, and had sought in He would rather have seen objections of the English bishops. The duke advised that Peel should be prime minister; but The left wing, forty thousand strong,

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