In some places, there are hundreds and hundreds of yards on “bog bridges”, trees cut in half and laid flat face up, end to end as a foot bridge. One way or another, you’re getting wet. I’m planning on June 22, 2016. it’s not that bad at all, we did it in 5 or 6 days, the sign is a little dramatic. If you do surprise one of these poisonous snakes, … I think we went by that multiple times this winter. You Should Avoid These 7 Most Dangerous Spots In Georgia Nature. As mentioned above, trekking poles can really come in handy for keeping and regaining balance on the trail. You slip and fall and crash face first into the water and mud. The same is true for bobcats and coyotes, although beaver are also in abundance and are reported periodically by visitors. If you’ve got thunderstorms in the area, which often happens in northern Maine in the summer, be cautious about crossing open ridges because, of course, lightning could kill you. Aside from that, this is the most threatening message, and it clearly conveys that the 100 Mile Wilderness should not be trifled with. You can reduce this drowning risk by unbuckling your backpack around water so that you can more easily slip out if needed. ), and even a clothing and gear exchange. Sounds like you had some real challenges on the trail. As a youth, he moved with his With 255 different species identified, it would be difficult to list all the birds in the Appalachians. Exposure– The 100 Mile Wilderness, like the rest of Northern Maine, has basically two seasons: summer and winter. If you were off the trail and bitten by a poisonous snake, the advice would be to get to a hospital. I live in the Appalachian Mountains and I have seen mountain lions, black bear, coyotes and wolves. I suppose it could happen, but, as always, I do not encourage hikers to carry guns on the Appalachian Trail. The southern end of the mountains is more species diverse than any other forest in North America with basswood, tulip trees, ash and magnolia among the variety. I had waited out the storm in the valley. Mountain vistas and impressive coloration draw human visitors to the parkway, named for the Blue Ridge Mountains it traverses. I don’t know about the credibility of this site, but here is a saddening list of deaths in Baxter State Park. In case of contact, wash the area immediately in soap and water. 1. Thanks for sharing, Margaret. In this blog post, we share a number of helpful wildlife safety tips when it comes to preventing dangerous encounters and dealing with animals you might come across on the trail, whether it is bears, snakes, moose, or the elusive mountain lion. You’ll cross icy cold rivers of snow melt rushing from the mountains. Wild boars are also a species contained in a smaller region, populating parts of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Thanks for sharing, Andy. thru other hikers and drivers on the logging roads. Maybe it helps. Wood nettle can be found growing thick in some fields. January 6, 2018 at 7:59 pm. However, there are a few places that might be a bit hazardous to your health—we’re talking dangerous spots. Great Smoky Mountains National Park contains some of the largest tracts of wilderness in the East and is a critical sanctuary for a wide variety of animals. In the summer months, when the snow melts, water comes rushing from the mountains and turns “streams” into raging whitewater. With forty pounds strapped to your back, if you get a foot trapped in some river rocks in waste deep water and then lose your balance and fall over, the white water could pin you to the river bottom as it rushes over you. We call it the Adventure Possible … Read More. Animals … © 2013-2016 ProTrack Marketing LLC. Along with a variety of salamanders and lizards, snakes–both poisonous and non-poisonous–inhabit the woods and rocky areas of the mountains. Crossing these streams can kill you. Support Adventure Possible. There may be swelling, nausea, and shortness of breath, but the odds are in your favor that you will survive a poisonous snake bite just by toughening it out. On the other hand, the summers can be oppressively hot at one time and surprisingly cold at another. Gravity + Wet + Rocks + Fatigue + Backpack = increased risk of falling, so be careful out there. Hi Bill, are you flying into Bangor, ME? Trying to untie a stuck shoe three feet under flowing water would be precarious. Thanks for reaching out. I tell you this brief aside to show that even experienced hikers fall. Stay hydrated my friend, lest you wither in the sun. If you’re in the 100 Mile Wilderness and it is oppressively hot, sweat will pour from every pore on your skin. Scientists believe the actual number is five or six times that number. If you need a pair, check out this article from REI on choosing the right hiking poles. Eastern diamondback rattlesnakes inhabit Georgia and North Carolina. Whatever shoe you choose, make sure you can slip out of it quickly in case it gets stuck between rocks. I live in the Appalachian Mountains and I have seen mountain lions, black bear, coyotes and wolves. To keep your sleeping bag dry, consider stuffing it in a lightweight dry bag. How can we afford to quit work and to travel for a year? Don’t mess with lightning. In the 100 Mile Wilderness, you will get wet. The mountains are well known for azaleas and rhododendrons. Home to over 200 species of birds and well over 6,000 species of plant life, the Appalachian Mountains offer visitors amazing diversity.

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