In, Arturo Argueta and David Chiang. Neural Pushdown and Tree-Stack Automata. 0

Synchronous Grammars and Tree Transducers, tutorial given at ACL-COLING 2006 with K. Knight, 2006/07/16. la... Look it up: bilingual and monolingual dictionaries improve neural machine translation. 2010–2011. NSF EAGER, $180,000. JHU CLSP, 2005/02/08. ∙ Sizing up formal grammars for statistical parsing and translation. 0 Synchronous hyperedge replacement graph grammars. ∙ ∙

Transfer learning across low-resource, related languages for neural machine translation. learning-based medical image analysis, 10/07/2020 ∙ by Alain Jungo ∙ Chris Dyer 72 publications . With S. Bird. On relations of constituency and dependency grammars. 2011–2012. Notre Dame: Time TTh 2–3:15pm Location 129 DeBartolo Hall Instructor Dr. David Chiang. Learning hyperedge replacement grammars for graph generation. Machine Translation, Learning Context-Free Languages with Nondeterministic Stack RNNs, Representing Unordered Data Using Multiset Automata and Complex Numbers, Efficiency through Auto-Sizing: Notre Dame NLP's Submission to the WNGT in Computer Science, Harvard University, 1997. You can watch these recordings on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Otherwise, you may submit some problems on time for full credit, and other problems late with a penalty of 10% per day (rounded down to the nearest point). ∙ 0 07/18/2017 ∙ by Huadong Chen, et al. National University of Singapore, School of Computing, 2006/04/11. In, Corey Pennycuff, Satyaki Sikdar, Catalina Vajiac, David Chiang, and Tim Weninger. 0

No content will be shared with individuals outside of your course without your permission, except for faculty and staff that need access for support. 0 Machine translation: what is it and what can('t) it do? In, Fudong Chiou, David Chiang, and Martha Palmer.

Decoding with large-scale neural language models improves translation. Adam Pauls, Dan Klein, David Chiang, and Kevin Knight. Decoder, A case study on using speech-to-translation alignments for language University of Notre Dame, Associate Professor at University of Notre Dame since 2014, Adjunct Associate Professor at University of Southern California since 2014, Project Leader at Information Sciences Institute 2013-2014, Research Assistant Professor at University of Southern California from 2007-2014, Despite advances in neural machine translation (NMT) quality, rare words... 10/16/2019 ∙ by Kenton Murray, et al. north american chapter of the association for computational linguistics, Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Neural Generation and Translation, IEEE transactions on pattern analysis and machine intelligence, Representing Unordered Data Using Multiset Automata and Complex Numbers, Learning Context-Free Languages with Nondeterministic Stack RNNs, Accelerating Sparse Matrix Operations in Neural Networks on Graphics Processing Units, Neural Machine Translation of Text from Non-Native Speakers, Efficiency through Auto-Sizing - Notre Dame NLP's Submission to the WNGT 2019 Efficiency Task, Auto-Sizing the Transformer Network: Improving Speed, Efficiency, and Performance for Low-Resource Machine Translation, Auto-Sizing the Transformer Network - Improving Speed, Efficiency, and Performance for Low-Resource Machine Translation, Incident-Driven Machine Translation and Name Tagging for Low-resource Languages, Weighted DAG Automata for Semantic Graphs, ELISA System Description for LoReHLT 2018, Tied Multitask Learning for Neural Speech Translation, Correcting Length Bias in Neural Machine Translation, Leveraging translations for speech transcription in low-resource settings, Combining Character and Word Information in Neural Machine Translation Using a Multi-Level Attention, Synchronous Hyperedge Replacement Graph Grammars, Improving Lexical Choice in Neural Machine Translation, Learning Hyperedge Replacement Grammars for Graph Generation, Growing Better Graphs With Latent-Variable Probabilistic Graph Grammars, Part-of-Speech Tagging on an Endangered Language: a Parallel Griko-Italian Resource, Composing Finite State Transducers on GPUs. Students who are not registered should contact the Office of Disability Services. In, Antonios Anastasopoulos and David Chiang. Automatic Knowledge Acquisition for Language Translation. Tools of this sort have been used extensively in computational linguistics. ∙ Language Weaver, Inc., 2004/06/03. This paper describes the Notre Dame Natural Language Processing Group's 2014–2017.

His research is on computational models for learning human languages, particularly how to translate from one language to another.

of Computer Science and Engineering, 2017. In Proc. In Project 3, you'll extend the regular expression matcher to a tool that can define transformations from an input string to an output string. << /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 5002 >> My research is in natural language processing, the subfield of computer science that aims to enable computers to understand and produce human language.

for Advanced Computer Studies, Throughout the semester, you will implement some of the ideas you've learned in a series of three text-processing tools. In, David Chiang. David Chiang. In, Hao Zhang, Daniel Gildea, and David Chiang.

Auto-sizing the, Xinyi Wang, Salvador Aguinaga, Tim Weninger, and David Chiang.

Your implementation will be asymptotically much faster than an implementation would be that uses Perl or Python's built-in regular expressions. 270, Fast Fourier Transformation for Optimizing Convolutional Neural Networks Learning hyperedge replacement grammars for graph generation. Hope and fear for discriminative training of statistical translation models. In, John DeNero, David Chiang, and Kevin Knight. Univ. PhD - University of Pennsylvania. share, Recent work in graph models has found that probabilistic hyperedge

Exploiting Language Information for Situational Awareness. In, Kenton Murray, Jeffery Kinnison, Toan Q. Nguyen, Walter Scheirer, and David Chiang. In, Tomer Levinboim and David Chiang. PDF BibTeX David Chiang and Darcey Riley. ... David Chiang. Smaller alignment models for better translations: unsupervised word alignment with the, Hui Zhang and David Chiang. Summarization and Domain-Adaptive Retrieval of Information Across Languages. %� Google Faculty Research Award, $42,000.

Previously, I completed my PhD at the Computer Science and Engineering Department at the University of Notre Dame, working with Prof. David Chiang and his NLP group. Learning context-free languages with nondeterministic stack, Justin DeBenedetto and David Chiang. Extracting synchronous grammar rules from word-level alignments in linear time. Xing Jie Zhong and David Chiang. Steven Bird, David Chiang, Friedel Frowein, Florian Hanke, and Ashish Vaswani. Models and training for unsupervised preposition sense disambiguation. Unless otherwise indicated, each assignment is due on Thursday at 11:55pm of the week in which it is listed. ∙ 2012–2014. Neural machine translation of text from non-native speakers. 0 Extracting tree adjoining grammars for statistical parsing of English Hope and fear for discriminative training of statistical translation models.

0 In, David Chiang, Steve DeNeefe, Yee Seng Chan, and Hwee Tou Ng. You especially need to be comfortable with sets, tuples, functions, relations, and graphs; and writing proofs by contradiction and by induction. Associate Professor, University of Notre Dame. 103, pymia: A Python package for data handling and evaluation in deep First, in bea... The hidden, David Chiang. 2017. NSF review panelist, 2002, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2016, Data lead for ACL Anthology, 2019–present, Local organizer for NAACL HLT 2010, with E. Hovy, J. 79 0 obj

Multi-component, Kenton Murray, Jeffery Kinnison, Toan Q. Nguyen, Walter Scheirer, and David Chiang. Salvador Aguinaga, David Chiang, and Tim Weninger. Search Search. Sponsored by Notre Dame FRSP. ... Neural sequence-to-sequence models, particularly the Transformer, are th... We study two problems in neural machine translation (NMT).

In, Antonios Anastasopoulos and David Chiang. In, David Chiang.

In, David Chiang and Darcey Riley.

Workshop on Discontinuous Structures in Natural Language Processing, 2016/06/17. Ken A. Dill, Adam Lucas, Julia Hockenmaier, Liang Huang, David Chiang, and Aravind K. Joshi.

May, and J. Riesa, Local organizer for Midwest Speech and Language Days, 2018, Organizer, Machine Translation Marathon in the Americas, 2016, Local site coordinator for North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad, 2009–present, Professional societies: Association for Computational Linguistics, Society of Catholic Scientists, Languages: English (native), Mandarin Chinese (basic), ancient Latin and Greek (reading). ∙ In, Salvador Aguiñaga, Rodrigo Palacios, David Chiang, and Tim Weninger. In. 85, Claim your profile and join one of the world's largest A.I. Auto-sizing neural networks: with applications to, Tomer Levinboim, Ashish Vaswani, and David Chiang. share, We study two problems in neural machine translation (NMT). share, Discovering the underlying structures present in large real world graphs...

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