Babies should not sleep in a DockATot as they could suffocate in the side. For those who are not familiar, a DockATot is a product that resembles an inflatable pool bed. So, is the DockATot really safe? When DockATot was introduced in Canada, we consulted with Health Canada and agreed to align with Health Canada’s position. The main reason is money. The pack n play with a bassinet level is great because you can use it long term, so versatile! With all these posts and articles out there promoting use of the DockATot I felt compelled to write a counter piece explaining why I think you should NOT use a dock a tot for your child due to safety concerns. What many parents may not know, is that a baby’s face doesn’t have to be pressed into something to be a risk. Before you start listing all the reasons why it works so well for your little one, let’s be clear – we understand why you love it if it seems like your baby is getting the rest they need. Placing the DockATot in a crib, bassinet, or other sleep surface is against the manufacturer’s warning and is not safe. What we have used it for is for playtime. I don’t want to see someone suffer a tragedy or near-tragedy and not even know that they were taking a risk. This is why we warn against using a DockATot in a contained area like a crib, bassinet or play yard, and we also warn that blankets and pillows should not be placed in the DockATot. 7. I nursed my oldest daughter for 18 months and we never co-slept and I’m 9 months in with my second. 2. 5. 2. It has a flat but soft center with large rounded sides. Toggle Navigation. However, to reduce the risk of SIDS, you should only place the baby on his/her back in the dock for every sleep until your baby reaches 1 year of age. Many either took a calculated risk or more likely, have no idea there was a danger to using this product. The warning continues on to say that putting a baby nest product on soft surfaces like mattresses or couches increases the risk of suffocation. The website has its own safety statement listed on the website for Canadian consumers that reads: “Health Canada wants to ensure that parents do not use products such as ours for sleeping accommodations. A bassinet can fit very close to the bed allowing you to easily pick baby up to nurse and then return them to their sleep space. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has cautioned that babies should be placed in a bare crib without any additional bedding, blankets or pillows. Yes, plenty of babies have slept in DockATots and are just fine, however, don’t you want your little one to be in the SAFEST sleep environment? Do not purchase DIY or imitator products as none have been safety tested and could be dangerous for your baby. REACG certified manufacturer and assures that materials and processes are free from SVHC . I know a lot of moms would be tempted to use it for sleep if they had one. Completely agree with this post…. DockATot Deluxe+ . Do not purchase DIY or imitator products as none have been safety tested and could be dangerous for your baby. I’m not a fan as well, but just to clear up the confusion. I could definitely see it being useful for while they’re awake, especially if you have hard floors. This means that DockATot paid that person to write an article about their product. We provide information, tips and product reviews frequently and we use a number of ways to keep you up-to-date and informed. You can most definitely buy this In canada. DockATot Safety Assessment.

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