Banks and insurance companies opened their headquarters in Milan. Many private aristocratic palaces were built, as well as Villa Reale in Monza, a masterpiece of 1700s architecture, Teatro alla Scala (see picture above), the most famous opera theatre on the globe, and Palazzo Reale. During the eleventh century, the government was no longer controlled by the count, but by the archbishop. a story of wealth, intrigue and conflict. The days of 1898 were black and full of dead when against the strikers the troops were employed. One of the major TV networks -

Then in 1259, Martino della Torre took hold of the city declaring himself a dictator and introduced ambitious reforms. Milan is in fact in a central position in the Pianura Padana, Italy’s largest plain which occupies the north of the country south of the Alps. system, which was destined for defensive and agricultural Milan main information page). expansion, a new wall with six gateways was built and some of the Austrian House of Hapsburg. Rossini, Bellini and Verdi all premiered operas at La Scala, and Mozart was a regular visitor to the city, composing several works there. History. This site uses cookies. given the area the name place in the middle. Having conquered Lombardy in 1796, Napoleon Bonaparte held it as King of Italy until 1815, when the congress of Vienna returned it to Austrian rule. It was then, in 222 BC, conquered by the Romans, who called it Mediolanum, which means “in the middle of the plain” but it was probably reproducing its original Gaelic name. Italy was proclaimed in 1861. Holy House of Loreto False Historical Explanation, Venice Was Built Not on Islands but Literally on Water, Venice Sinking Is Not Due to Global Warming. The Roman Empire was divided into East and West and Maximian was made ruler of the Western Roman Empire, with Milan his base.

Italy used to be ruled as dozens of separate city states up until the 19th century and Milan was one such independent state. Toward the end of the 15th century Milan was taken by the French armies under Louis XII and then in 1525 passed into the control of Habsburg. Roman Empire can be found in places such as Piazza Cordusio.

This haphazardly-conducted uprising was successful in knocking back the Austrian forces for several months. The Palazzo dei Gesuiti which is now Accademia di Brera was also built. which were immense apartment blocks with no real shops or A decade later, Sardinian and French aggrandisement under Vittorio Emanuele II and Napoleon III led to the creation of the Kingdom of Piedmont, which in 1861 would become the Kingdom of Italy as we know it today. As time passed by, and the Romans were expanding their empire, they arrived in Milan. Milan became the battleground for aristocratic familes to gain control over the city. purposes. 1018-1045 The bishop and count Ariberto d’Intimiano successfully repels Emperor Corrado II’s siege. 1499 Duke Ludovico Sforza known as ‘Il Moro’ (the Moor) is imprisoned by the French army as they invade Milan and the surrounding area. First the Visconti family ruled Milan, and then, in the mid-1400s, the Sforza family. Milan Lodd The Milan Fire Department was established in 1900 and started out as an all-volunteer department. It was as much the desire to do and to do well. Ludovico was an important duke who also encouraged agricultural development and the growth of the silk industry.

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