Maximize your critical strikes and, if possible, take down their carries. A power spike is when a time champion reaches a level or builds an item that makes them a lot stronger than other champions in the game. The main goal for Yasuo was to create a melee carry who felt skillful to play (he is a talented samurai) and who builds damage (samurai kill people). It all started with a desire to play: the drive to test out new games. Instead, when Yone learns of Yasuo’s innocence, he chooses to end his life by his own blade rather than fight his falsely accused brother. Here are some of the biggest counters and how you can try to overcome the challenges they bring. The champion is also much easier to pick up and learn. You still need to play cautiously, you can still get blown up, but they need quite a bit more to knock you down as you're dashing through everyone and cutting them down. © 2019 Riot Games, Inc. All rights reserved. Here are some of the best synergies and how you can abuse them. His peers accuse him of the crime, so Yasuo fights his way out of Ionia, set on bringing the true murderer to justice. Riot Games, League of Legends and are trademarks, services marks, or registered trademarks of Riot Games, Inc. Bananaband1t is a writer and editor on Nexus. If you want to get a ton of valuable insight and get a winning edge against your opponents, then you should check out the totally free Porofessor app. Ekko is a good champion similar to Yasuo. He’s gone from, “Let’s build a knock-up team for Yasuo!” to, “Oh great, Yasuo’s just gonna 1v5 split push all game.”. We will be updating this infographic as changes happen so check back often! 1 offensive item, into a defensive item, into the rest of a build based around the enemy team comp. Rek’Sai is considered a counter because the champion can tunnel in from multiple walls to mid lane, and Yasuo often has to use Flash or die, as she will catch up with blue Smite. Do not waste your W (Wind Wall) before a fight, since it is very important for fighting with Yasuo. He is the opposite damage type (magical), with burst, waveclear, survivability, and mobility. The same cannot be said for Lament however, as Yasuo can build .

We've got a guide to the best runes, builds, tips and tricks you'll need to master Yone. It is good consistent damage that makes or breaks Yasuo’s fighting mechanics. While Master Yi had been around for a while, his curious goggles and run-at-you playstyle didn’t really fulfill the fantasy of playing a blade-dancing warrior. Knowing the only way the killer will be found is if he lives, Bonus: Yasuo’s name almost wasn’t Yasuo. Some matchups/duels are reliant on Windwall/passive, such as against a Zed. Take Exhaust into matchups that can burst Yasuo early game. Having an ultimate with a lot of CC usually means you can initiate fights well, and the ability to initiate fights well usually means you build bruiser-y—so bye bye, IE. Even if it only gives 30 AD, the 700 health and the slow on each auto-attack still make it useful in teamfights. Triumph helps Yasuo consistently fight during team fights because of the healing. Overall these three items boost his strengths and will give him the necessary tools to face the enemy team. The only piece of advice for the other part of his passive is to continuously move as Yasuo to have the shield up as much as possible. The whole recording session was redone (more than once) to make the lines feel less grim and the character more approachable. As the first student in a generation to master the legendary wind technique, Yasuo is tasked with guarding his master during the Noxian invasion. You can also combine E and R (Explosive Cast) with Yasuo’s ultimate (Last Breath) and push enemies towards your allies on teamfights.

Brad says, “I thought there might be richer gameplay with spatial invulnerability—where anybody beyond this line can’t hurt you.” This also gave Yasuo a way to deal with marksman damage in a fight, which is one of the biggest threats to melee carries because it’s usually reliable and unavoidable. “Master Yi was more of an off-to-the-side take on a samurai,” says game designer Brad “CertainlyT” Wenban. Essentially, he doesn't have an ability that lets him move around fast enough, have very much cc, nor the base health/mr/armor to survive a sustained fight.

He has an average KDA ratio of 3.40:1 with a 63% win rate. But back in 2012, there were still a few character archetypes left to explore, one of which was the samurai. We are sorry that this post was not useful for you! This combo is useful because it is almost unexpected by the enemy.

The main goal for Yasuo was to create a melee carry who felt skillful to play (he is a talented samurai) and who builds damage (samurai kill people). This helps Yasuo deal more damage in the early game phase. The movement speed helps Yasuo because his E (Sweeping Blade) dash speed is based on movement speed. Irelia is less team composition-reliant, but is still around the same area of Yasuo’s play style and impact. Yasuo’s Q was always designed to rev up with each cast. The critical chance is doubled and can be applied through Q.

Irelia is stronger in a minion wave, just like Yasuo, and has better items for survivability than Yasuo does. Objective control – Try not to get poked when taking objectives with your team. When you E + Q on an airborne target. It is an overall boost to his offensive build that favors you early in the game. Also, use it if only the enemy ADC is hit by a knockup. Before we start on the Ultimate Guide to Yasuo we first want to tell you why you should play her. Essentially, he doesn't have an ability that lets him move around fast enough, have very much cc, nor the base health/mr/armor to survive a sustained fight.

Its a very good guide, would be good to add more laning phase details, like when to trade againts melee, range, etc, In the items part, i would add more item details, like the new blade of the ruined king against tanks and bruisers who build hp, I really liked that you put similar champs to play, because yasuo holds the highest ban rate of any champion in the game, I picked Irelia and ekko for example before even reading this guide, they are really fun too, In general a very good guide to start this champ. Lots of League’s champions have their roots in common archetypes, from the fallen angel tropes behind Morgana, Barbarian characters behind Tryndamere, and the super popular armor-dillos behind Rammus. You can also hit your Q (Steel Tempest) when Rakan knocks them up to add a little more CC before slashing them in the air.

Remember to rate it and share it if you found it useful. Having an ultimate with a lot of CC usually means you can initiate fights well, and the ability to initiate fights well usually means you build bruiser … – Ulting on any knockup. If a mistake is made on the champion, he can be punished and more damage items will not help him survive. An example is ulting the enemy ADC, but the enemy top/jungle/mid burn all spells on you. Phantom Dancer is core on Yasuo because he makes use of all of the stats it provides, and it gives him a shield that can make or break fights. Irealia is essentially a good version of yasuo as a bruiser. “One of the reasons I went for Yasuo was because Yasuo was given his name at sword school, in the hopes of calming his wild spirit,” Joe says, “It roughly translates to ‘peaceful one’ in Japanese.” Other names considered include: Porah, Sho, Tachikaze, Hayate, Fuujin, Ken, Doc, Fen, and Seb.

The 80 AD is added to all of his abilities, the critical chance raises the total to 100% if you have PD, and the critical damage is amplified.

This samurai’s ult was a linear dash where everyone in the path would be stunned, then when he sheathed his sword at the end, all of the damage would come through. “A lot of what devs do is try to bring these details to the surface,” Brad says, “Or we pivot our direction if it’s not worth it, such as with Yasuo’s appearance.”. , each of League’s 136 champions started somewhere. The name “. But if that isn’t possible, a 3-man or 4-man knock up is already great. But Yasuo has something a little different: a wind wall.

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