Punk filled the void.The Screamers were very dramatic. We will be presenting more details during the upcoming weeks.

The screening of Spheeris’s groundbreaking 1981 LA punk documentary The Decline of Western Civilization was one of the festival’s most anticipated events, and most controversial. When Kari introduced him to her guitarist friend Joan Jett, the wheels of rock history were set in motion. It’s kind of hard to believe that, after the shuttering of the even more infamous Rodney’s English Disco, this suburban outpost became ground zero for the fertile, decadent LA glam scene — this picturesque commercial corner was jailbait central. Their discussion was blunt and historic; “without question the best panel discussion on punk rock I’ve ever had the pleasure to see,” posted punk musician and historian David O. Jones on Facebook afterwards. Check out our picks for family friendly movies movies that transcend all ages. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE But how about this – let’s say that Kim had actually received little or no response to his own 1974 Bomp advert, and Joan Jett was in fact introduced to him by a 14 year old songwriter, who had told Fowley about HER idea to put together a young all female rock band? They had discussed how most of them are getting into producing now so that they can have more control over their projects. (Editor's note: since the time of this interview, the website and webpage referred to above has been taken down. Well, we should care about each other ’cause we’re all connected. In the 1960s, and dividing his time between London and Los Angeles he arranged “Nut Rocker” for B. Bumble and the Stingers, worked with a pre-Bread David Gates, did publicity for PJ Proby, supplied the lyrics for a Cat Stevens B-side, produced the first single for Soft Machine and renamed the Farinas, Family. Collectively, they reveal how sexual trauma affects so many people.

Jackie Fuchs deserves all the support. But for years the trauma ate away at me. She walked away from her songwriting career and work with The Runaways as a result of Fowley’s abuse. People came from all over LA – a rarity for this Westside campus – and mingled with students and faculty, filling or nearly filling the Mayer Theatre. LMU professor Alicia Partnoy spoke and sang, in English and Spanish, about her experience being imprisoned by the Argentine dictatorship in the 1970s, only able to touch her daughter through glass for three years. But we’ll do something, I think. Kari Krome is one of my heroes. fan and co-founder of punkgirldiaries.com. View all posts by Lene Cortina. Jackie Fuchs herself has just said unequivocally the latter.”.

As a female musician and actress who once tried to “make it” in Hollywood, I discovered that because I wasn’t willing to be a bimbo, I just couldn’t succeed. Emotions ran high. Kari Krome's interview came about quite by chance. They have inspired me to work harder and to accomplish my lifelong goals of being in the industry as a writer and an actor. At a time that I had been told/sold would be one of the best of my life, when I was supposed to be coming into my own as an adult, I was lost. All-girl roller derby teams skated around Alumni Mall. I admire and respect Kari greatly. And when you’re young, you’re impressionable so it’s easier for abusers to convince you that you’re to blame. The article by Huff Post writer Jason Cherkis, has sent shock waves through the music industry as decades later people try to come to terms with how and why this painful story took decades to be told by Jackie Fuchs. Given Kari's role in creating the all-female rock band, The Runaways, we were very impressed and intrigued. We’re sure that there are plenty of other “less visible” but integral women out there, but to us Kari Krome comes pretty high up on that list. The minute I entered the club, I heard this strange music I never experienced before, and saw the fabulous creatures gliding about, my life was forever changed. At that age, teenagers are embarrassed about being alive. And, it’s all free!

All scheduled guests showed up in a timely manner, and we stayed within our budget. For many people – including myself – when it debuted, Decline immersed us in a punk subculture that provoked and inspired. Kim gets to go down in the annuls of rock as the man with the foresight, patience, talent and imagination to create and manage a band like The Runaways.

The Runaways themselves have always acknowledged her input, and she provides an insightful and grounded narration about those early days in the Runaways documentary “Edgeplay – A Film about The Runaways” by Victory Tischler-Blue.

She stands by her man in a statement that reveals the ways in which the controversial figure actually empowered some: “I did not know Kim Fowley in the 70s. The last films of the festival aired Sunday at noon. Where is everybody???!!8. For even more, visit our Family Entertainment Guide. … He is not a journalist, or a musician, just a fan of a woman whose music changed his life, now looking for answers and healing. Looking for a movie the entire family can enjoy? There will also be a concert outdoors featuring Kim and the Created, Colleen Green, Peach Kelli Pop, KXLU DJs, spoken word, and more.

That happened to you, not me, so why should I care?”. What was the role of women in the early punk scene?Women in punk didn’t have a role, they ran the ship. That would be laughable if the allegation didn’t so closely resemble a testerone-fueled journalist riding a high horse of sexual morality on behalf of all women. Kari Krome was that 14-year-old girl.

Perhaps I shouldn’t even dare leave this comment, but, as a female guitarist myself, I used to be a fan of Joan Jett and Lita Ford, and I’m sorry to say that this is no longer the case. I don't believe it! Listen to Alice Bag’s 2020 album, Sister Dynamite on Spotify. I would also like to say (ahem): that I am clean and sober for almost 10 years. I searched high and low for the music in my boring suburban town. kari krome < > Most recent. It was an auspicious start: Film students rubbed elbows with veteran directors, as talk of mentoring and hustling filled the air. Tagged as Kari Krome, LMU, Loyola Marymount, Queens of Noise, Scout Finch, The Runaways, All that’s left of the Sugar Shack is the writing on the wall.

Ruben Martinez, a longtime LA musician and journalist, and my colleague at Loyola Marymount University, compared the HP story to coverage of violence in Central and South America in this Facebook post: Some thoughts on the Jackie Fox story that’s shaken the rock world, which has long been a place of testerone and homophobia, that is, of rape culture and repressed homosexuality (the latter offered an intriguing corrective by Todd Haynes in Velvet Goldmine). !”Kari: “Yes, you did!”7. But I wasn’t immune to sexual assault.

But I do know that in the big story of sexism in the world of rock, she is one of the heroes, not one of the villains. I don’t know where she was that particular night, or what she saw, or what drugs she may have been on, or how she thinks about her own path through Fowley’s tricks and snares. I think your best bet would be a private message through her Facebook page. I want to be like the women on the panel who campaigned and raised money for their films, who took on a mostly female crew, who fought tooth and nail to get their projects made and who have a career in something they are passionate about and love doing.

Photo by Emma Spiekerman. Interview with: Kari Krome conducted May 2005, Kari Krome's interview came about quite by chance. The shame was so deep that we didn’t have a name for it. But more importantly, I feel like we succeeded on a profound level, in terms of stimulating important discussions about gender, art, and activism; connecting creators to each other; and impacting the lives of young women at a particularly crucial crossroads in their life.

It was an epic night. She is now ready to answer any questions that have been stirred by the article. I stole Rock Scene, Star, and Creem magazines from the liquor stores and mag racks. This, I hope, was just the beginning. And the unnamed blogger at Pure And Simple wrote a deep and personal post that offers a possible explanation for the very different takes on one long-ago, drug-filled, sordid evening. Following are several I have seen that are worth sharing. Krome who has been journaling since she was 10 years old wrote an account of this harrowing experience entitled All My Teeth, which Jason Cherkis labels as both “heartbreaking and funny.” He also called her work “genius.”. It started with the future, via the past: the cyberpunk animation of Golden Chain, followed by lost/reclaimed classic Born in Flames. She became known as the brainchild behind the Runaways by pitching the idea of an 'all-girl New York Dolls' which gave birth to the band. My undergraduate years were one of the most difficult periods of my life, as I struggled to find myself far from a home that was disintegrating, in a class milieu in which I did not fit, stumbling through relationships that made me how little feminism had accomplished in terms of the dynamics of love. Loyola Marymount University presents GRRRLS ON FILM, a free festival featuring films and music from groundbreaking female artists, on the LMU campus March 18, 19 and 20, 2016, Confirmed participants include Penelope Spheeris (The Decline of Western Civilization, Wayne’s World), Floria Sigismondi (The Runaways), Karyn Kusama (Girlfight), Alice Bag (the Bags), Kim and the Created, Nao Bustamante, Phranc, Allison Wolfe (Bratmobile), Colleen Green, Kari Krome, Peach Kelli Pop, Nicole Panter, Raquel Gutiérrez, Jill Reiter (In Search of Margo-go) and Lizzie Borden (Born in Flames), For Immediate Release — Grrrls on Film is a weekend-long celebration of the feminist acts of making sound and vision. Where are they now? In another LA Weekly story, Sloppy Jane singer Haley Dahl might have committed media suicide. Several of my students are there, and I recognize the light in their eyes: the spark of transformation, the recognition of great talent and also the reflection of themselves in this soul who expunges pain then leaps back on stage, ready to sling a bass over her neck and bang out deep, propulsive vibrations.

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