If you opt not to use the Rage set, the Destruction set is a fine alternative and will still provide good damage. Without it, Karin is severely hampered. We have sent you an email with a password reset link. 1. Epic Seven Walkthrough Team. That’s the kind of person I’m getting from her. – Can be baited by dark characters on defense/auto Stats Though aggressive and cold-hearted while possessed by the sword, she sometimes escapes from the control of it and shows an unexpected side. She provides many benefits for your team, but there are comparable specialist that provides the same. Pros: For PvP, you have the option of taking Wind Rider instead of R&L; Karin is guaranteed her followup on anyone who isn’t Earth or buffed by Diene, and Wind Rider will help her to ensure that she gets the kill on a priority target. Horoscope – S2 remove 1 buff from all enemies She must be protected to ensure that she can continue to do damage.

To this end, Taranor Guard is a good teammate, as he can push her turn into coming around faster multiple times in a row, and can serve as an extra DEF breaker (though his is still only one turn). – ML Lidica is equipped with a team-wide CR boost with a base speed of 114. 1 +10% damage dealt 9,000. She does require molagora investment to shine though.

Skill Enhance +5% damage dealt 4,000. Epic Seven Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Attacks all enemies, sacrificing 20% of the caster's Health. Karin’s damage potential is incredible. A critical hit will decrease skill cooldown by 1 turn.

Due to taking so many turns, Karin can generate a fantastic amount of souls. For some bosses, some type of AoE attack is absolutely essential to help with clearing adds. Mind you, this does not make her weak at all due to her wide coverage as an opener. The more this artifact is leveled, the more consistent her damage becomes. Grants the caster an extra turn when an enemy is defeated. Grants the caster 50% Combat Readiness when an enemy is defeated. – S2 grants 20% CR to all allies and 100% CR to herself in arena In any case, Lieutenant Karin has arrived! Karin is one of those rare cases where the recommended artifact, Rhianna & Luciella - is absolutely essential.

Karin appreciates anyone who can give her extra turns or attacks, as she can multiply those extra turns with R&L better than any other thief.

– S2 will remove ML Cecelia’s barrier before removing enemy’s immunity buff. A fast speed cleave that can clean challenger teams in 30 seconds or less. – Can be shut down by an agile Assassin Cidd or Assassin Coli.

Enter in a new password below. A critical hit will decrease cooldown for 1 turn.

Aside from her quirky personality, she’s pretty damn good, considering I use crappy gears for her. The righteous prosecutor of the Public Security Club. Caster's. If you choose to use the Rage set, Karin will definitely need another debuffer to maximize her damage.

Since Karin does not carry her own ATK buff, she will need another teammate to provide it for her. Works really well up to challenger and can annihilate teams quickly as long as you outspeed. – 2nd fastest CR booster in the game with a base speed of 114 (tied with Roozid) – Requires very high speed/effectiveness investment Class Type She is extremely good at this, with every portion of her kit doing something extra when she crits. One would not fall behind if they pass on her banner. After Awakening: Karin slashes the enemy. She becomes dangerous at low health, improving her attack, defense and speed at intervals of 75%, 50% and 25%. Nothing beats screwing the rules and taking a bunch of turns in one turn! Disclaimer: We are NOT affiliated with this game, this is a fan site dedicated to the game. 2. The righteous prosecutor of the Public Security Club. Judith is equipped with a team-wide CR boost with a base speed of 117. The righteous prosecutor of the Public Security Club. She’s someone that would put you straight in jail for throwing your trash into one bin. Copyright (C) GamePress All Rights Reserved. When the stars align just right, her damage output is horrendous.

– She’s able to completely cripple a single enemy on offense (if immunity is removed) Karin is embroiled in an endless battle against the will of a cursed magical sword, compelled by its power to cause trouble. Check out the. Cuts the enemy with lightning speed. Karin - Rating and Stats | Epic Seven. *Red tiles mark the effective area of a Devotion Skill. Karin Character Review | Epic Seven Wiki for Beginners Karin is a character that has the attribute. Damage dealt increases with a critical hit.
Sequential Cutter Acquire 1 Soul Strikes the enemy with a sword. The buffed Blood Blade Karin is now scary as the damage multipliers are even better now. Only recommended to enhance once you are late game doing Guild Wars and Arena. This time, we will be looking at covering how to build Karin, the uptight prosecutor of the public security club. In PvP, she can be used as a cleave unit to either clean up or start the battle to weaken enemies. As Health decreases, Attack, Defense, and Speed increase. Since PvP ends so quickly, she doesn’t get much value out of R&L there. – ML Lidica is essentially a jack-of-all-trades type of character. Enter in your username or email and you will recieve an email with a link to change your password. Her basic attack has lifesteal and she can sustain herself at low health. A critical hit will decrease Defense for 1 turn and grant Karin and extra turn. Karin’s skillset rewards Critical hits by debuffing enemies, giving extra turns, reducing the cooldowns of other skills, and doing extra damage. Buffed BB Karin in the Arena vs Arbiter Vildred: Keep in mind the examples below, BBK is extremely decked out with good gear. S3 first, then S1 if you are cleaving. Blood Blade Karin is a Dark Thief with the Horoscope Scorpio – ML Lidica can AOE dispell 1 buff with a base speed of 114. Karin cannot do this, as all of her damage is single-target. Many call her the conscience and the real big boss of the Public Security Club. You can check out all his character individual stats here: https://imgur.com/a/NTevETu.
More information can be found on our Skill Multipliers page. If you can get her to 100% critical chance, you will enjoy consistently above-average DPS, with a good chance to luck into some truly incredible damage. An ideal rotation with lucky procs on Rhianna and Luciella (R&L) can double or triple her damage output. You can now log in and start using the Team Builder.

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