With a gold two-fingered ring engraved with his name, a perpetually furrowed brow and a buzzcut reminiscent of a working-class British skinhead circa 1960, Vinz is cast as the film’s (ultimately, wannabe) tough guy. The camera’s framing gives viewers a clue as to how cramped Vinz’s family of four must feel having to live in a small apartment due to their lack of money.

Half an hour past midnight, Saïd and Hubert, released from jail, run through the train station and miss the last train heading back home by mere seconds. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Donning leather jackets and tough expressions admist a sea of people wearing expensive suits and trendy outfits, the boys stick out like a sore thumb. Both—within their own cultural contexts—denounce discrimination and police brutality. M’Bowole’s shooting death was later ruled as an accident. Some time passes then we see Abdel’s older brother sitting in the backseat of a vehicle with two other men as he fires two shotgun rounds at an officer on the sidewalk in broad daylight, who just so happens to be the same cop that helped get Saïd out of jail. ( Log Out /  The camera begins to slowly zoom in on Saïd, who’s watching them from behind the car in terror. Paris in La Haine Mathieu Kassovitz ... As they leave Hubert and Saïd are arrested and taken to a police station, shown only as an interior. They arrive at a nightclub but aren’t allowed inside by the bouncer. ( Log Out /  Enraged, one of the older guys pulls out a pistol and shoots the bouncer twice in cold blood while Vinz looks on, frozen in fear.
Once they arrive at the projects, Vinz hands Hubert the gun and the three bid each other farewell, with Hubert walking alone and Vinz accompanying Saïd. The most recent film Kassovitz has gone on to direct is Rebellion in 2011 which is about dissidents in a French colony who attack a police station and take hostages. Kassovitz’s film still resonates today, twenty-five years later, echoing even beyond French borders. We then see the kids sitting on a rooftop and sharing a joint. No follow-up. He paces around for a bit and finally chases after his friends.

Opening scene Mise en scene TV news report (about the riots) conflict is represented from the outset of the film Saiid pictured in sport type casual clothing Vinz is introduced through wearing his ring (wants to be superior/powerful) Empty banlieues urban estate area Sound Voiceover of the TV news report (outsider perspective, contrasts with Rockets… Shots of the photographers stood opposite to the boys, with the police intervening in the middle, shows the power of the police. It featured big names from the French hip-hop scene, such as IAM, Assassin, Sens Unik, to name just three. La haine is the equivalent to Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing in France.

registered in England (Company No 02017289) with its registered office at 26 Red Lion

I specialize in European cinema, in. ( Log Out /  working-class British skinhead circa 1960, So You Want to Learn about Feminist Film Theory, Jordan Peele’s Us — A Social Commentary about the Youth, It Never Goes Away: From ‘Vertigo’ to ‘Chinatown’ — The Private Detective Haunted by their Past, ‘No Escape’ puts a bunch of better movies in a blender and comes out surprisingly well, considering, Dissecting the Casual Racism of “Airplane!”, From Failed Parenting to Reunion: Analyzing the Values and Impact of Family in Wes Anderson Films. This is in clear contrast to Vinz being the hot-head and Saïd acting as the youthful, tagalong little brother of the two. After the film begins with an opening montage of various real-life riots raging throughout the streets of Paris set to Bob Marley’s “Burnin’ and Lootin’”, we see footage of a teenager (Saïd) sneaking past a line of menacing-looking officers standing outside of a police station as he approaches one of their vehicles and writes “F*** THE POLICE!” on it in French with a permanent marker before scurrying away to the apartment of his friend Vinz.

As a member of the youth, Vinz sees his only escape from poverty through crime, where he can challenge the police further. Hubert smiles at Vinz’s macho facade, issues a word of warning and leaves with Saïd.

During the train ride, Vinz embellishes details of the event to Saïd, loudly bragging how he was just about to blow the officer away before Hubert intervened. Riots soon followed in protest, just as the film shows in the opening documentary footage. On the DVD’s special features, Kassovitz discusses this grisly scene in a 2005 interview where he compares Vinz’s death to the famous moment from John Singleton’s Boyz n the Hood in which the character Ricky gets shot and dies. Hubert cocks the pistol back and in this moment we hear of voice-over of him saying a modulation of the same story he told Vinz earlier on the rooftop, summing up the film’s central theme: “It’s about a society on its way down and as it falls, it keeps telling itself ‘So far, so good. La haine is a realistic and dramatic film which is composed of a variety of important scenes. This wound up being one decision that I certainly don’t regret. In a curious inverse to many of the housing projects located in the United States, France’s poor are left to rot on the literal margins of a city, whereas America’s poor and disenfranchised dwell within urban areas while those who can afford to do so populate the suburbs. La représentation de la police dans la Haine / Representation of the police (AS/A Level French) 2 1 customer reviews. Ces émeutes sont consécutives à la grave blessure d'Abdel Ichaha, un habitant, par un inspecteur de police. After a drug deal turns sour between the boys and a coke dealer named Snoopy who lives in a swanky condo, the loud commotion leads to the cops arresting Saïd and Hubert for marijuana possession as they try to leave the premises. The film has ended. La Haine is a French, black and white film directed and written by Mathieu Kassovitz. On their way out, the teenagers mock the group of rich art snobs, knocking over a statue and smashing a champagne glass on the floor in the process.

Once Saïd and Hubert are about to be taken to the holding cell, the rookie’s nervous gaze falls to the floor.

A gunshot goes off and one of the cops goes flying through a glass window. We then see the three teenagers standing in an abandoned building as Vinz reaches into his jacket and pulls out a revolver — the same gun that news reports say a police officer dropped during last night’s riots. This PowerPoint is designed to help understand and discuss the role of the police in the film ‘La Haine’ by M. Kassovitz. Hubert is the level-headed boxer who keeps on calming Vinz, the hothead of the trio, while Saïd mediates between the two. The news that La haine could be turned into a musical may surprise some. After Vinz and Saïd cause a disturbance by trying to talk to a couple of girls, the owner of the gallery tells them to leave. At one point, keying in on Vinz’s hesitance, Hubert even cocks the gun and holds it steady for Vinz, who eventually pulls it away and allows the man to live. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. i'm sick of it, i have to leave here (hubert) Dans ton pays, on ramasse avec les pieds. (Photo by ... [+] Pool ARNAL/GARCIA/PICOT/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images). Seconds pass until the officer, still in shock at what just happened, notices Hubert standing right behind him, silently staring at the body of his deceased friend.

Hubert then joins Vinz and Saïd as they wander around the suburb talking with acquaintances, selling marijuana and ribbing each other as the hours tick by. Vinz’s impersonation ends with him forming his fingers into the shape of a gun and aiming it at his reflection, an omen of things to come.

LA HAINE {Part 2} - Etude des scènes clés du film New A-level A study of 9 key scenes with a student booklet and a teacher booklet with detailed answers. Filled with photographers standing opposite the three boys, which shows how the media are open to create negtaive images of the youth. It was produced by Christophe Rossingnon in 1995 with Canel plus. Angry at the police for killing one of theirs, the trio roam the suburb, then head to central Paris, where they meet more trouble.

I am a film historian, interested in the history and theory of cinema, as well as the technology behind the making of films.

25 years after its release, La Haine stands as a riveting testament to France’s neglected underclass. La haine est un film réaliste et dramatique qui se compose d'une variété des scènes marquantes.

It’s shocking.”. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Both—within their own cultural contexts—denounce discrimination and police brutality. Square

Vinz always pictures himself with the gun to create danger, but we never actually see him use it. The screen cuts to black and the credits roll. £2.00. The news of a La haine musical is not so surprising when considering that in 1995 an album of hip-hop music was released to accompany the film, called La haine, musique inspirée du film (La haine, music inspired by the film). The 1995 film was written, he says, like a hip-hop musical, with successive rap pieces, that have a specific rhythm. Filmed in color but published entirely in black and white due to budget restrictions, the drab palette serves as a star in its own right, complimenting the film’s bleak themes with bleak visuals.

Binary is created.

What follows next is a series of events that finds the trio wandering around Paris for the evening. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. With Saïd’s face now solely in the frame, he shuts his tear-filled eyes and we hear the sound of a gunshot. Saïd takes a look at it and awes in admiration. The gang jumps Hubert and Saïd until Vinz arrives seconds later and pulls his gun on one of the skinheads (played by Kassovitz in a Hitchcock-esque cameo). Vinz envisions himself with a gun, and trying to intimidate others. Hubert runs up behind Vinz and smacks the back of his head in anger, leading to yet another argument between the three friends. This PowerPoint is designed to help understand and discuss the role of the police in the film ‘La Haine’ by M. Kassovitz.
On the wall is a map of Paris, one of two maps in the film: In the meantime Vinz goes to a boxing match in a hall shown only from inside. Author: Created by madarun.

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