1.552 recensioni. The economy is based on fishing, terraced farming based on potato cultivation, and tourist-generated income from the roughly 40,000 tourists who visit each year. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). This drop is caused by shortened rainy seasons and the melting of glaciers feeding the tributaries of the lake. [22] According to the Global Nature Fund (GNF), Titicaca's biodiversity is threatened by water pollution and the introduction of new species by humans. Late Quaternary Climate and Hydrology of Tropical South America Inferred from an Isotopic and Chemical Model of Lake Titicaca, Bolivia and Peru. 405–448 in: Dejoux, C., eds. In. I tour e le attività più richiesti. Esplora la più grande raccolta di esperienze. Vila, Morales, Scott, Poulin, Veliz, Harrod and Mendez (2013). Ever since tourism started coming to Taquile in the 1970s, the Taquileños have slowly lost control over the mass day-tourism operated by non-Taquileans. The hillsides that rise up from the lake are terraced and planted with wheat, potatoes, and vegetables. [62], For the archaeological site in the Cusco Region, Peru, see. Da andarci per lasciarsi prendere dalla natura, bellissimo da navigare e' immenso e le sue isole stupende ricche di storia e di fascino ,poi con 3 euro viaggiate per due ore verso l'isola del sol ,racomandazioni portate sempre una giacca a vento con voi, Copacabana è una ridente cittadina sulle sponde dell’immenso Lago Titicaca. pp. Five major river systems feed into Lake Titicaca. This ancient system of reclamation has been revived in some areas in both Peru and Bolivia.

Talbi, A., A. Coudrain, P. Ribstein and B. Pouyaud (1999). Inhabitants of floating totora islands are shown crushing grain with a saddle quern, embroidering wool cloth and other items for purchase by tourists, and finishing a small totora reed boat. The main economic activity of the approximately 800 families on the island is farming, with fishing and tourism augmenting the subsistence economy. Ruins on the lake’s bottom (where the remains of a temple were discovered in 2000), on its shore, and on the islands attest to the previous existence of one of the oldest civilizations known in the Americas. Geographically, the terrain is harsh; it is a rocky, hilly island. Lake Titicaca’s fish life consists principally of two species of killifish (Orestias)—a small fish, usually striped or barred with black—and a catfish (Trichomycterus).

[26], Stanish argues that the logical explanation for the origin of the name Titicaca is a corruption of the term thakhsi cala, which is the 15th- to 16th-century name of the sacred rock on the Isla del Sol. Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree.... An Aymara Indian poling a reed boat on Lake Titicaca, near the Bolivian shore. Grove, M. J., P. A. Baker, S. L. Cross, C. A. Rigsby and G. O. Seltzer 2003 Application of Strontium Isotopes to Understanding the Hydrology and Paleohydrology of the Altiplano, Bolivia-Peru. The lake averages between 460 and 600 feet (140 and 180 metres) in depth, but the bottom tilts sharply toward the Bolivian shore, reaching its greatest recorded depth of 920 feet (280 metres) off Isla Soto in the lake’s northeast corner. Fai clic qui per saperne di più o per gestire le impostazioni. [26] According to Weston La Barre, the Aymara considered in 1948 that the proper name of the lake is titiq’aq’a, which means gray, discolored, lead-colored puma. Ruins of a supposed Inca nunnery (Mamakuna) occupy the oriental shore.[52]. Two mountain peaks, called Pachatata (Father Earth) and Pachamama (Mother Earth) and ancient ruins are on the top of both peaks.

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