Your email address will not be published. On the contrary, Poles stormed churches and chapels, praying for God and Mary to deliver them from the red assault. Zinoviev, Bukharin, and I, too, think that the revolution should be immediately exacerbated in Italy. In Northern Europe, much of the mainstream Left aligned itself with Moscow. Pursuant to this treaty, Poland regained some of its historical territories in Belarus and Ukraine. Yes, it might be harsh. Another priest on whose moral support the Poles could count on was Monsignor Achille Ratti, who two years later would become Pope Pius XI. The Soviet propaganda of the time was confident that once the Red Army would reach Poland, it would be welcomed by the working class and peasants, supposedly oppressed by the “Polish lords.”. Around the country, shadow soviets were established, ready to take over from local councils. While Piłsudski was not very pious, he understood the inspiring role of religion in many Poles’ lives. Sign up to receive a weekly email with news, analysis, and commentary from a voice you can trust! It was the Miracle of the Vistula that spared millions from the horrors of Marxism-Leninism. But, in doing so, it was supposedly eliminating the needless duplications of capitalism and the sapping mumbo-jumbo of organised religion. In Poland, the Battle of Warsaw is commonly known as “the Miracle on the Vistula.” This term was originally coined by Piłsudski’s political opponents, who were skeptical of his military skills and sarcastically maintained that the Poles won the battle only because of a miracle. “The war of the giants is over,” said Winston Churchill on Armistice Day. On July 23, 1920, Lenin cabled Stalin, then Commissar of Nationalities: “The situation in the Comintern is superb. In the vision, she held a shield, which made all bullets aimed Polish troops bounce back and hit the Bolsheviks instead. The Soviets’ aim was not only to push back the Poles’ gains but to overrun Poland, which would be a springboard for a general communist conquest of Europe. Yes, alas, it is. At that time, Ratti was the papal nuncio to Warsaw. Polish history is replete with priests throughout the ages who defended their nation’s liberty and independence at times of foreign oppression; familiar to every Pole, Fr. In 1571, Catholics prayed the rosary and succeeded in averting a Muslim invasion of Europe at Lepanto<. That tribute to Polish legendary heroism was later realized during the Warsaw Polish uprising 1945 [Zhukov and the Russian Army under Stalin’s order betrayed Poland once again reneging on promise to assist the rebellion] when the SS commander of German forces said, “They fought better than we did”. Kołakowski noticed a wall painting depicting Fr. Leon Trotsky slavered in anticipation. French socialists railed against “reactionary and capitalist Poland”. The convergence of the Polish victory and the feast marking Mary’s ascent into heaven is not a Trivial Pursuit sort of coincidence, such as the fact that Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin were born on the same day. Likewise, in 1986, Cardinal Jaime Sin, the heroic late archbishop of Manila, appealed to Catholics to pray for an end to the corrupt rule of the fraudulently elected President Ferdinand Marcos rather than rise up in arms. Its chairman was Julian Marchlewski, while the Polrevkom’s de facto leader was one of the most notoriously bloodthirsty communist criminals in history, Feliks Dzierżyński, a Polish aristocrat-turned-Bolshevik who founded the Cheka, the Soviet secret police that was a precursor to the NKVD and KGB. But, in those early years, plenty of people believed that revolutionary socialism was more efficient and more scientific than its rivals. But the Polish Legion, numbering barely 20,000 men, was merely a pest in the path of the 200,000-man “Army of the West” that the Communists were readying to unleash. Viewed from the Kremlin, the Weimar Republic looked ripe for revolution, beset as it was by strikes, mutinies and civil unrest. My own view is that to this end one should Sovietize Hungary and perhaps also Czechoslovakia and Romania.”, The proletariat chooses Mary over Marx and Lenin, The Bolsheviks lacked the military strength necessary to overrun Europe.

Among them was Fr.

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