You\'ll receive the next newsletter in your inbox. The plan requires Ian to disguise himself as Alexander Malcolm, so he dons Western clothing and gets some makeup to cover his facial markings. She discusses her love of reading and learning what drives characters. Dr. Fraser wins her over by fixing her chronic hip pain (Eppie has uneven legs, you see!) (Photo: Starz. Stephen Bonnet is back in this week's episode of Outlander! This prompts the girl to give her information on Bonnet. Bree appeals to the whore, but the whore isn't stupid. Once Bree is alone with Eppie, she pleads for the woman to help her, but Eppie is too scared to betray Bonnet. To get Bonnet away from her, she offers to read to him. Wylie says he doesn’t know and that Bonnet made his life a misery, blackmailing him. ‘Outlander’ Review: A Female Character Stays Afloat in a Sea of Masculine Energy in Episode 10 In “Mercy Shall Follow Me,” Stephen Bonnet returns and Bree finds herself in a … Claire watches as Eppie walks away and notices she’s in pain. Claire and Jamie visit the whorehouse together. For some more news on Outlander in video form, be sure to watch our take on this past episode at the bottom of this article! Bonnet seems completely convinced Jemmy is legitimately his son. He explains he saw them in town and knew they looked familiar. We have no time now! He takes offense and says she doesn’t know his story and yet she judges him. Brianna puts a bullet into his head, killing him before the sea can do the job. Roger delivers multiple blows and knocks Bonnet out. Well, it is. It’s her and his son that he wants. What a glorious stealth burn. Brianna offers Eppie her wedding ring if she gets word to Roger MacKenzie about her whereabouts. Already a subscriber? He hoped Bree was being truthful, but let his feelings cloud his judgment. He then grabs the prostitute who set their breakfast table, Eppie (Leah Shine), and they have sex while Brianna turns away in disgust from the sight. Then they race on the beach like they used to do when Bree was little. At one point, I could recite the entire first chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone, but that’s like it. And why do you think Bree ultimately decided to spare him the death he’d always feared? She wants to leave a ton of money for a bunch of family members including, Fergus, Marsali, and their kids, Young Ian, and even some additional money for Bree and Roger. Roger and Jamie get ready as Ian introduces himself to the three men. Related News – Be sure to get some other insight regarding Outlander, including more teases as to where the show goes into season 6, Be sure to share right now in the comments below! Bonnet has Bree up for sale but stops the man from striking Bree. Visit our, Outlander season 5 episode 10 spoilers: A Stephen Bonnet showdown, Be sure to get some other insight regarding Outlander, including more teases as to where the show goes into season 6, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: The World Health Organization. Ian (John Bell) is concerned about the markings on his face and Claire says she’ll find a way to cover them up. She tells him that while she’s gone he should go to Wilmington and find them a place to live. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy When Bonnet asks Bree if she thinks less of him now that he’s told her about his fears and she responds, “I could never think less of you,” I cheered. He’s laying on the gentleman act pretty thick, pouring her tea. He wants to do right by them and be a real dad. Bonnet: When we're at River Run, we'll have better servants to do this for us.Bree: You mean slaves.Bonnet: Is it the master of the house that's supposed to do it? When he asks about his son, Claire becomes furious and declares he doesn’t have a son. But the Captain is excited by the prospect of breaking a wild mare. But with a little more pointy persuasion, Wylie tells them to look for information at Mistress Sylvie’s. But when Claire sees the woman is in pain, Claire offers to help. She wants to see him tried for his crimes. Brianna says fate will bring her back to him, assuring him it’s what they both want. Roger has decided that he wants to be the one to kill Bonnet now. The situation goes amuck. Brianna runs toward her family and Bonnet manages to tackle her before retreating. He needs to know how he should comfort his son and Brianna says she takes Jemmy into her arms and holds him until he feels safe. Forgot your password? However, Bonnet is fully aware there wasn’t any passion involved. Howard sniffs her and feels her up, as he’s there to make a purchase. That takes him by surprise. Isn’t life funny that way? Brianna picks up the gun from their nearby basket and demands Bonnet let her mother go. She kicks over her bell and Ulysses arrives to save her. About Us | Copyright Inquiry | Privacy Policy | Contact Us, Watch Outlander Season 5 Episode 10 Online. Instead, they got him drunk and left him for dead. Lackies were sent to inspect the whiskey instead. But Roger makes an impassioned speech about how Brianna is his wife and Bonnet is his to take down. Jamie, Roger, and Ian prepare to meet Bonnet and his men at Wylie’s Landing in the woods. It's his son and Bree that he wants, not Claire. Literally. She even tells him fate would bring her back to him. Claire and Jamie hurry to Brianna as Roger follows Bonnet. Ulysseus rules and Forbes drools. Gerald assures Bonnet that wealthy people are still backing him but cautions him to be discreet with his actions.

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