... Collection of articles that describe the physical parts of buildings: See also. When three steps “wind” to turn a 90° corner, the one in the middle is a quadrilateral, a.k.a a kite shape—hence the term.

It generally included a bench, where the person tending or cooking at the fire could rest. So let’s review the names of some of the major parts of the outside of house.

And those bars in the middle of the window, what you probably call grids (that’s ok, by the way), those are also called muntins. There are hybrids and combinations of these two basic types, but they’re less common so I’m not going to bother you with them here. Fire disasters involving barricaded escape routes, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Category:Architectural_elements&oldid=956611217, Template Category TOC via CatAutoTOC on category with 301–600 pages, CatAutoTOC generates standard Category TOC, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

15 100-Year-Old Houses That Haven't Aged a Day, 15 Iconic American Homes Torn Down Before Their Time, 18 Castles You Can Buy (for Less Than You Think), Take a Peek Inside 11 Charming Carriage Houses. When the edge is the end of a gable, it’s called a rake. Related: The Window, Reinvented: 6 Features That Changed Everything. It makes it much easier to make sure the architect understands exactly what you are looking for, meaning you'll get what you want.

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This page was last edited on 14 May 2020, at 08:56. Refreshing, stimulating, and understandable. Even so, we sometimes lapse into saying silly things like: “Communicative inheritance, remembered as the true conveyance of cultural integrity, fosters an exchange of the sacred geometrical building blocks.” Curbed Is Moving to New York Magazine For almost 16 years, Curbed NY has documented the ever-evolving shape of New York City. Before its successor, which was the Colonial Revival of the 1930s to 50s, the Cape Cod … Architecture created from mostly local materials, by and for the use of local people.

If you have any idea what that means, please let me know. House structure includes framing, and mechanics, as wells as the divisions of a house. Corbels are used on exteriors (to hold ledges, balconies, parapets, etc.) It's so important to understand the terminology when you're building a house. The movable part of any window is called the sash; this is separate from the frame, which is attached to the house. The same word may also refer to a dormer or gable set into the slope of a spire.

The pieces and parts of a building have names (a house parts vocabulary), and we’ll all communicate better if we use the same terms to refer to them. The inglenook enjoyed a renaissance in the Shingle-style houses built as country estates in late-19th century America.

This list may not reflect recent changes (learn more). Weekend Projects: 5 Sunny DIY Window Seats, The Window, Reinvented: 6 Features That Changed Everything, 21 Stunning Mother-in-Law Suites You’ll Want to See, 8 of the Great Independent American Hardware Stores.

[Click any image t… That’s the horizontal strip, often made of marble or tile, located on the inside of the fireplace surround. Because we have found the the page top sketch (US Commerce Department Phelan 1931 cited at REFERENCES) published in several forms with and without a consistent key to the numbered house parts or even consistent numbers, we have made up our own glossary list keyed to that sketch - below.Phelan's 1931 drawing is shown here.

Got it? Casement windows are hinged on one side like a door, and are usually operated by a hand crank. Muntins are often confused with mullions, which are pieces that join two separate window units together.

Traditionally, it would have functioned as a belfry (bell tower), belvedere (viewing station), roof lantern, or ventilation element, but in today’s residential architecture a cupola comes into play to add interest and a bit of extra room—the perfect spot for a window seat.

Related: House Tour: A French Castle Rises from Its Ruins. It’s possible to repair a window by replacing the sash and leaving the frame intact. Related: The 6 Best Reasons to Install New Windows.

You can’t fly it, but you can step on it!

Building materials or construction methods (e.g.

You know what the peak of a roof is – it’s the very top.

It also means you'll understand what the architect is trying to explain, which speeds up the process. Related: 7 Ways to Make Your New House Look Old.

Supposedly, that’s about “the future of residential architecture”.

A gablet may also refer to the triangular top set over a dormer window. That’s a simple truth from Sarah Susanka, author of “The Not So Big House” books. Related: 5 Ways to Give a New House Architectural Charm. Related: Weekend Projects: 5 Sunny DIY Window Seats. Contact me to learn more about the services I offer and how I can help make your new home or remodeling project exciting, valuable and unique.

Non–flat roofs are called pitched roofs. Want to step inside old, new, bold, beautiful, weird and wonderful homes around the world?

Quoins may be used for fortification or purely to lend a look of power, prestige, and permanence. The purpose of bargeboard is to strengthen and protect the gable while hiding the ends of horizontal timbers that otherwise would be exposed. Architectural elements are the unique details and component parts that, together, form the architectural style of houses, buildings and structures. Most American homes have one of two basic windows styles – “double-hung”, or “casement”. Historically, a corbel was a solid piece of the wall as opposed to something attached to it, but these days corbels have come to mean any chunky, decorative bracket made of a host of materials including wood, stone, metal, and plaster. Also known as an oculus, bull’s eye, or the French term oeil-de-boeuf, an oxeye is a small round or oval window set in an upper story or dormer. Also called vergeboard or gableboard.

In which we discuss all those things that make up a house – roofs, windows, porches, siding – you get the idea. Today, any cozy sitting area near a fireplace may be called an inglenook.

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Fanlights allow natural illumination into a room and add a graceful, elegant touch to traditional décor. Typically thicker than muntins, mullions are vertical elements that divide sections of windows (as well as doors and screens).

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Related: Open Sesame: 12 Ways to Dress Up a Drab Door, Got casement windows? No Baroque palace was complete without such a suite, but today the term may apply to any succession of rooms with one uninterrupted sight line—so a shotgun shack could possibly be considered an enfilade! I don’t relate well to that kind of “archi-speak” and I bet you don’t either.

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Learn to identify a gable roof, a hip roof, and a few roof parts, and your Architect will be impressed. Related: Stone Veneers: 10 Rock-Solid Looks for Your Walls.

Mullions arrived on the scene before the 10th century in Armenian, Saxon, and Islamic architecture and really caught on in the Romanesque period. Just a few, really, and they’re pretty easy (plus, there are pictures).

Get Started Related: 10 Ways to Reinvent Any Room with Crown Molding. In use since Neolithic times, a corbel is load-bearing projection built into a wall as a support structure. Some are a little arcane to be sure but at the other end of the scale, you and I are both confused when you say you don’t like that “thingy” on …

In military-speak, enfilade refers to a linear position of troops or weapons, but in architecture it means an interconnected group of rooms all in a row, with doors along a single axis. The names of styles of buildings or architectural movements (e.g. The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 438 total. One of the smartest things Residential Architects have done in recent years is to stop talking to their clients like Architects. Roofs are either flat, or not flat. The exterior corner of a building may be dressed up with a row of masonry blocks called quoins. Related: Better Your Builder-Grade Home with 12 Old-House Details. Describing pitched roofs gets a little more complicated, but there are two basic kinds: gable, and hip. The top of the frame is called the head; the bottom, the sill; and the sides are called jambs.

Collection of articles that describe the physical parts of buildings: This category has the following 41 subcategories, out of 41 total.

Would You Recognize These 9 Iconic Streets Way Back When? Those “angled ridges” are called hips. This bargeboard, while often intricately carved, isn’t just gingerbread. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Though largely a decorative accent, an oxeye does bring a bit more light into that area of the house and offers a somewhat whimsical perspective on the outside world.

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