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Arabic is a Semitic language of the Afro-Asiatic language family.

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The language uses a variant of the Arabic alphabet, but as you’ll soon learn, another form of Persian uses a different writing system entirely. There you go, that’s all the colloquial language you need to know. Does anybody know how tall that Army Sergeant, uh, King of Kings, Lion of Judah, Shah in an unbroken chain leading back to a week before last Thursday, was? Aside from Tehrani, the other major accents inside Iran are Isfahani, Shirazi, Yazdi, and Mashhadi. But in spoken Persian, you can use subject-verb-object just as we do in English. ( Log Out / 

However, people use colloquial spoken Persian in everyday conversation. But if you put a deh in front of it, it emphasises the shock you’re seeing that prompted the question. I’ve known speakers of foreign languages who very gently tweaked my knowledge of what to call a language (Tagalog vs. Filipino vs. Pilipino) or how to say a language (Khmer rhymes with “buy” not “bear”). Many Hindi words are directly borrowed from Farsi over the last millennium due to influx of Farsi, and it being the court language of the subcontinent for centuries. Or to “huff and puff” rather than just “huffing”. But otherwise, you have to get used to modern Persian’s sentence structure. There are Iranians who say “Farsi”, and if they say “Farsi” first, I’m going to too.
Arabic is a Semitic language of the Afro-Asiatic language family. The similarity is a bit like that between English and French.

In fact, Persian was the official language of the Muslim rulers in Indian subcontinent before the arrival of the British. Share this: If you’re learning to speak Persian, you need to know the difference between written Persian and spoken Persian.

For example. This is really great!!! Cantonese must be the world’s easiest language to learn because it’s the world’s fastest changing language. If the same were true of Iranians, I’d expect those who fled the Iranian Revolution of 1979 to prefer “Persian” because the word evokes pre-Revolution Iran. And if another city produces a TV show, it’s likely to produce it using a Tehrani accent. Before one or two of those came along “countries” consisted of capital cities plus a few regions; the language of the capital was passed off by writers (a literate bunch, them) as the country’s language. Swahili is inching towards Kiswahili. It is pronounced as an ‘e’ at the end, or ‘he’ after a vowel ending. For example, in standard Persian the sentence “I went to the movies” becomes “من به سینما رفتم” (man beh sinamâ raftam), which is literally “I to the movies went“. It is also spoken natively in th… A second word, magar (مگر), often pronounced mageh, indicates a questioning feeling of slight confusion. I wouldn’t say there is a correct way to speak Persian (both farsi and Dari-farsi). But a few common examples I hear in Persian are: Lastly, colloquial Persian has a lot of slang, just like any other modern language. A quick hack is to imagine you’re speaking like Yoda. A speaker of one with no knowledge of the other could pick up a newspaper and see major words and roughly know what topic was about, but not know in detail, nor be able to understand the details. People in other Iranian cities may use Tehrani in daily life. The Tehrani form of Persian is the most common, and most dominant. There are also ethnic accents in Iran, those of the Azeris, Arabs, Kurds, Mazandaranis, Gilaks and Balluchs.

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