A Bed and a Chair- (Bernadette Peters, Jeremy Jordan) A Chorus Line- (2006 revival opening night) A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder- OBC . Sooo I’ve been sitting on this for like a month mostly because I was too lazy to transfer the files to my computer but while I was in London I recorded an audio bootleg of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie (a SUPER underrated musical about a gay teenager who wants to be a drag queen, his plans to wear a dress to prom, and his relationship with his family and classmates). Hi, I recently became obsessed with the Young Frankenstein musical, so does anybody have a bootleg of A.J.

Check out my site here for a larger list of shows to choose from. Soo, i was wondering if someone has a bootleg of Clueless with Dove Cameron, or if it even exists.

Now’s a great time to grab those newly off-NFT videos and other rarities, such as: Head Over Heels | August, 2018 | Broadway, Once On This Island | July, 2018 and March-May, 2018 | Broadway (both videos of the show!!). Due to this and because I reached a major milestone when it comes to the b**tlegs I have and the time I’ve been trading.

Either way, do you know any traders who have it?

2020 has been an extremely rough year for theatre fans & theatre alike. FEATURING THE ACADEMY AWARD®-WINNING SONG ‘WHEN YOU BELIEVE’ View Sights + Sounds. I know I’ve seen it floating around on collector sites/Encora, but am not having a lot of luck with other collectors…hopefully someone here knows where I can find it or maybe can share it. :). Please read rules beforehand! Thank you all for the work you do!! 1.

Is there a boot of this production?

(not sure if it’s popular enough to be recorded) I am very willing to buy from the Master :). this is from the saturday of grace’s last weekend - happy trails love!! I am desperately trying to find one, If there is anyone out there who could help me find a bootleg of Murder Ballad with Ramin Karimloo, I’d be extremely grateful…. Hyperfixating at the moment and wanna see more, So my best friend is really into the Fly By Night musical right now and I would LOVE to get him a bootleg of it because there’s no live theatre happening anywhere.

4 notes Reblog. (I’m now obsessed with Manaia as Lafayette/Jefferson w o w ok), Here is my list of masters, but I’ve got a ton of audios/videos for Anastasia that are untracked. does anyone know if an audio/video boot exists for the time that Alex Brightman said “fuck the music man” during beetlejuice?

I haven’t been able to find one anywhere. I’ve already seen the one on youtube. If anyone has any audios of this afternoon’s School of Rock please send them my way!! I am the newest member of the Broadway bootleg scene and I hope to trade some good bootlegs :). THERE CAN BE MIRACLES WHEN YOU BELIEVE. I need it for science. Don’t do it. Obviously I am telling you not to go watch them while you can, so whatever you do, do not search Wicked on YouTube. Contact me through weebly page in my bio for more information. Does anyone know of an Into The Woods bootleg? ONE HAS TO EXIST SOMEWHERE I KNOW IT EXISTS. A Boot of Ramin?

He wasn't involved in the broadway production. inquiring gays want to know, So I’m on holiday fromuni after a few crazy hectic days and fully back into trading /selling, To answer one question I got , there are two Anastasia Broadway September bootlegs this one and another one that is NFT until January, both are brilliant quality, I also have Prince of Broadway,Dear Evan Hansen, Sunset Boulevard and all the other bootlegs that recently passed NFT and some that will soon do, I’m having a discount in everyone of my bootlegs , the more you buy the more discount you get, In.the new releases if you buy one is £6 ,two is £10 three is £12, Also have a discount in all my other bootlegs and a especial 3 cast recordings for £1 offer. yayaya alternate massive!!! list here. The prince of Egypt bootleg? advice for trading & HOW to trade. Not as good as going trick or treating, but hey!

Since we can’t really go oustide this year I thought I’d gift an audio from last year! Any gifts would be appreciated. Press J to jump to the feed. Audio. I’d prefer to to trade (I’ll take basically anything, this is the first bootleg I’ve recorded myself) but I’m also alright with gifting it to people, I just REALLY want more people to listen to this show. OKAY BUT I’M READY TO SELL MY LEFT TIT IF IT MEANS I CAN GET MY HANDS ON A BOOT OF THE LORD OF THE RINGS MUSICAL. ok who has been recording the April broadcasts because I’ve missed them and I really want to watch Treasure Island. In honor of that I'd love to give back to this amazing community, gifting 3 bootlegs per person, to the first 36 comments..

I wasn’t even going to bother trying to record it cause my mic just can’t cope with the bass in rock music. ?i will draw you your fave cat and love you forever if you do.

Trading and gifting of broadway musical bootlegs. Is anyone willing to send me a Dear Evan Hansen Toronto boot? I have boots to tradee, what if one of you made a compilation of every “presto” we have footage of?

Let me know. Broadway Bootleg Trading December 22, 2013 • 3 notes So about four or five months ago my computer went and kicked it in the bucket, meaning I lost all my bootlegs (as well as every other thing I had on it). New Beetlejuice (finally in amazing quality) , Dear Evan Hansen, Six (finally in amazing quality), Waitress and many more…. Looking for a bootleg of the spongebob musical, either Chicago or Broadway or anything. Some of you haven’t felt the joy of finding that one specific bootleg with that cast from that very specific broadway revival and it really shows. and more!

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