On 12 June, Auchinleck flew up from Cairo to assume direct command from Ritchie, but he was too late to save the situation. Attacks the next day left 250 Axis dead in front one defending battalion’s position alone. Rommel led his Army in flanking the Allied from the south and used the British minefields to protect his Axis lines. Battle of Gazala Order of Battle Comando Superiore Forze Armate Africa Settentrionale.

133rd motorized artillery regiment (two battalions of 75/27mm). XX Italian Corps contained the Ariete armoured and Trieste motorised divisions. By June 10 their defenses had been shattered and Ritchie ordered them to evacuate. 2nd Battalion of King Royal Rifle Corps. The Battle. is applied for criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching and research. The defeat of Operation Brevity and Operation Battleaxe had been defensive victories.

One column from 15 Panzer, operating on the German right, reached Bir Lefa, on the track running east from Knightsbridge, and 90th Light Division continued to push towards El Adem, but elsewhere the Ariete attack on Bir Hakeim failed, and the precious supply convoys were missing. 15th light AA regiment. They retreated to the final defensive position before Alexandria, at El Alamein. Brigadier Haydon was amongst the dead. While the left side of the offensive paused at Bir Hakeim, the right side reached El Adem by mid-morning, capturing the headquarters element of the British 7th Armored Division, including the commanding officer General Frank Messervy. Although the figures are uncertain, it seems that on the morning of 12 June there were some 250 cruiser tanks and 80 infantry tanks available to the British; by the next day these had been reduced to 50 and 30 respectively, with 4th Armoured Brigade having only 15 tanks, and 2nd and 22nd Armoured Brigades only 50 tanks between them.

British General Auchinleck authorized the abandonment of the Gazala Line in Libya. All available Axis tanks were assigned to the main offensive, and Crüwell's men mounted unused aircraft engines on trucks to create dust clouds similar to those caused by tank movements. By 0800 hours on 11 Jun, the evacuation was complete. Although the French had suffered 1,084 casualties, 2,619 men (about 200 of whom were wounded) with some equipment were successfully evacuated to fight another day, while incurring 3,330 casualties on the Axis side. In the spring of 1942 both sides were preparing to attack, although with different levels of enthusiasm. This was largely due to the British need to consolidate their gains and build a logistical network after an advance of over 500 miles. The failure was so severe that Rommel decided to launch his own counterattack later on the same day. one battery of 12 20mm AA guns. Norrie), contained the 1st and 7th Armoured Divisions. The 8th Army Order of Battle we suspect has some missing units. First, it is aiming to offer interesting The Battle of Gazala, named for a village located about 35 miles west of Tobruk along the northeastern coast of Libya, was part of the Western Desert Campaign and was fought from 26 May to 21 June, 1942. Ariete was then sent to attack the Bir Hakeim box. This attack would prove to be a feint, however. ( Log Out /  605th Pz Jag Abt. General Ettore Bastico In contrast the battle of Gazala was fought nearer to the British bases than the Axis bases, against a strong enemy with plentiful supplies and fighting from a strong defensive position. The Axis consisted of the Germans and the Italians and the Allied consisted of British, South African, Indian and Free French.

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