Essentially the Gwent Board is divided into three sections for each player in which they can play Infantry (Front), Ranged (Middle) and Siege (Back) unit cards. You can first play Gwent upon arriving in the town of White Orchard.

Play and with the Gwent Tournament at the masquerade ball during Triss's, Win the Gwent Tournament at the Passiflora during the ‘, Several characters disappear during the game so you should complete the, Although it appears that beating the Bloody Baron in Gwent is missable if you complete the. They include: Some general thoughts, tips and interesting stuff about playing with a Monsters deck: The Nilfgaardian Empire plays in a similar fashion to the Northern Realms deck and can utilise similar strategies revolving around the use of Decoys and Spy cards.

List of Gwent Cards and their Locations Northern Realms. 18. As such, card and resource management is very important! Gwent Skellige Style Walkthrough.

Geralt will start the game with this Gwent Card in his deck. There are a couple of missable cards in this deck and they include: The Nilfgaardian Empire deck has four leader card variants including: There are a total of 41 Gwent Cards in the Scoia'tael deck in the base version of the game. In addition to their Strength values, many unit cards also have their own unique abilities which can be used to your advantage. There are 150 cards in total in the game that can be acquired through numerous means including beating other players and purchasing them from merchants who have cards in stock.

Some key elements to take into account when running with a Northern Realms deck: Foltest is the Leader card of the Northern Realms deck and he has a number of useful abilities depending on the variant that you play with. Gwent features a range of different card types, each with their own unique uses and abilities. Cerys an Craite Gwent Card Location: Earned by defeating the innkeep of the Barrel and Bung Inn in Flovive, the village across the river east of Beauclair.

The scores are then tallied and the winner of the round determined. There are a couple of missable cards in this deck and they include: The Scoia'tael deck has four leader card variants including: There are a total of 31 Neutral Gwent Cards in the base version of the game.

Gnomes are rare in Gwent and that makes it a Thrive trigger unit.

Purchase from the Innkeeper at the Inn at the Crossroads, western Velen.

And helps play cards from your deck, thinning your deck. Purchase from the Trader at the Tavern in Harviken, Skellige Isles (Faroe). The deck has three Spy ability cards which will allow you to draw a large number of cards if you get them all together. All locations including shopkeepers, gwent players, merchants, places of power Discard two cards and pull one of your choice from your deck. Try to get your opponent to waste cards!

When one player has withdrawn, the other can still play as many cards as they like until they too decide to withdraw.

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