( Log Out /  Barria, Carlos . I would love to finish the rest of the series, as I am intrigued to discover the end result and to unfold more details of the case. Williams, Zoe. I imagine your life hasn’t really been the same since. I think it was intentionally done to bury the case in the appeals case. Six weeks later detectives arrest her classmate and ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, for her murder. It was an experience we never expected to have and we didn’t know how to deal with it. Serial is an investigative journalism podcast hosted by Sarah Koenig. I won’t speak for all podcasts but Serial included voices of not only the narrator but also voice recordings of people involved in the case. I love stories that involve mystery, conspiracies and crime and this podcast reminded me of television shows that I enjoy, such as Criminal Minds. Digital image. Instead of several acts surrounding a theme or even a single hour of This American Life, it's the first chapter of Serial, the new spin-off show from This American Life, hosted by Sarah Koenig. The last thing they want is to get attention. This shapes the text into being more dimensional and realistic. I’m not the type of person to involve myself in that kind of behavior, not even for a friend, let alone for a friend of a friend… I have to pick my battles. The case revolved on testimonies by mutual’s like Jay and Asia. But she does remember how her death affected everyone at their school. I know people make snap decisions, but based on relationships I had in our social circle, it’s not something I saw him being capable of. The Maryland Court of Special Appeals decided that Syed would be allowed to appeal his conviction on grounds of ineffective assistance of counsel. Digital image. We coordinated to get together. I enjoyed listening to the podcast thanks to its enthralling story. For a couple years, I would say “no, no thank you,” but after two years, word started getting out about the types of questions they were asking people I went to high school with, and they started reaching out to me asking if I had done an interview with Amy. … Going into graduation, Adnan wasn’t allowed to graduate with us, and Hae wasn’t there, and it was just really crappy. Serial is justified in its international popularity. I don’t think every case of this nature is a murder mystery in that way. Syed’s defense attorney two decades ago, Cristina Gutierrez, never interviewed McClain. I’ve always been a thorn in their side, and anything they can do to discredit me, they will do, and that includes having any communication with Adnan.”, Also Read: 'Serial' Subject Adnan Syed Denied New Trial. What has happened so far in his case… that’s definitely not what we expect from our legal team. What did you think of the recent news regarding Adnan’s case that he was denied a new trial? But I think it was a cowardly move, and I think it’s a move they are going to regret. Other than that, it was just a general conversation between two people who had shared relationships with other people. As Sarah and those interviewed stated, I would only be able to recall what took place at a certain day if something significant or a large event occurred. “When she went missing, everyone thought she ran away,” McClain said. I didn’t walk away thinking that he was murderous or suicidal. This case was reopened after fifteen years and would probably be difficult for the family to revive this tragedy, especially since it is public and has exploded in popularity over the internet. I don’t recall her ever using the word “podcast” with me — back then, podcasts weren’t that big. The interesting thing is that there is not much to tell. I tried out for field hockey, I played lacrosse, Hae was on those teams, and a lot of our friends intermingled, even my best friends to this day were friends with Hae and Adnan. We thought she took off with her new boyfriend, we heard a rumor about her dad or one of her relatives living in California… I can sympathize wanting to live with your dad — any kid going through divorce wanted to live with the other parent at some point. ‘Not convicted any more’ … Adnan Syed leaves the Baltimore City Circuit Courthouse. McClain said she hasn’t spoken to Syed since their conversation in the library. “Adnan Syed retrial: Serial finally gets the ending it deserves.” The Guardian. They said Syed had killed Lee because she had begun dating someone else, and he was angry and jealous. Every good murder mystery leaves the audience craving for answers. After 20 years, a blow like this can disenfranchise people. Let’s talk about your story. There was nothing strange about his demeanor — nothing notable, nothing that showed any signs that I should be concerned about. At the time, they were trying to think about what he was doing that day, and trying to place that 20-minute conversation in the grand scheme of his entire day. You don’t ever think a conversation so brief could be of extreme value. I know it’s physically impossible for people to be in two places at one time. Then I started speaking with Amy and her team. Guardian News and Media, 01 July 2016. (Koenig) I first approached… Acast. Web. Sarah opens up the podcast discussing the challenges of memory. Basically highlighting a lot of good experiences in terms of our shared memories and just speaking  to old friends and really expanding the view of the people involved in the case. I first approached the Serial podcast without any knowledge of its popularity. Podcasts weren’t that big. She said she feels like prosecutors consider her “an enemy.”, “I don’t think I’ve ever been seen as a good person to them,” she said. With it being our senior year, we were gearing up for the end of our high school days, prom, finals, and getting ready for college. Therefore, when investigative journalism is presented in a podcast, the host narration and informal tone aids the audience to engage in the story. This aspect makes it different from audio books as audio books usually only involve one voice. In the first episode, she reveals a potential alibi regarding Syed's innocence. Personally, I feel like they want to bury him in appeals and paperwork. 'The Case Against Adnan Syed': Here's What His Public Advocate Thinks Really Happened to Hae, 'Serial' Subject Adnan Syed Denied New Trial, Latest Trailer for 'The Case Against Adnan Syed' Gives a Longer Look at New Evidence (Video), ‘Serial’ Subject Adnan Syed Granted New Trial, ‘Serial’ Convicted Murderer Adnan Syed Getting a Second Podcast. I never had close contact with death before, so Hae was the first person I knew to pass away and to be murdered? “There was nothing strange about his demeanor — nothing notable, nothing that showed any signs that I should be concerned about. It would consume too much time to analyze the text given that the journal is too difficult for the readers to interpret. Change ). Serial is an investigative journalism podcast hosted by Sarah Koenig. Consequently, I assumed that Serial would be like any other typical podcast. The Guardian. “Not only was she found dead, it was the nature in which she was found dead that was equally disturbing. Ever since, I’ve been in between the two families. It encompassed more. ( Log Out /  The Alibi: Episode 1 of the “Serial” Podcast October 5, 2016 October 5, 2016 / boshcall I have never actually listened to a podcast before so this was a new experience for me and after listening to the first episode of “Serial” I found that I really liked it. She interviews teenagers asking them if they recall what they did several days ago. I don’t understand what’s going on with the state of Maryland, why they are fighting so hard not to have a retrial. ( Log Out /  I had a lot of friends that didn’t follow the case. Adnan could possibly be tell the truth but because his memory of the day is blurry and his alibi is not certain, his statement came off as false. Although Serial possesses no ill-motive towards the victim’s family, by publicizing Hae’s murder, her parents may be forced to recall the painful memory of her child’s death.

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