With the help of Victorian Opera, and some frankly astounding design, the story of Albert, the talking pudding, and his companions has come alive on stage. The first edition of The Magic Pudding was produced as a ‘guinea book’, a limited edition high-quality art book sold for 1 guinea (21 shillings). The others are distinguished by a blue spine and cream endpapers. No matter how many slices of Albert are served and eaten, he always reforms into a whole pudding. Taken with their new koala friend, Bill and Sam welcome Bunyip into their group – The Noble Society of Pudding Owners. The thieves don’t let up, and continually attempt to grab the Magic Pudding. Proudly established in 360895432062 During the Great Depression, the story also experienced much popularity; the concept of a self-replenishing pudding had particular resonance in those hungry times. Best of all, they appear to be enjoying a lunch of steak and kidney pudding. He then produced 102 drawings for the book, which was ingeniously divided into ‘slices’ rather than chapters. ‘The truth is,’ Lindsay confided to his publisher in October 1918, ‘I’m not at all proud at having produced this little bundle of piffle.’ Thankfully Lindsay’s opinion of his book did not resonate with generations of Australian readers, who continue to enjoy it 100 years on. Be the first to know about new product releases, news and inspiration – Southern Wild-style. The prospectus for the first edition advised that ‘Only one edition will be published’; of course, this was a marketing ploy rather than an estimate of the book’s success, and this children’s literary classic has never been out of print. Luckily, he comes across a penguin named Sam Sawnoff, and an old sailor named Bill Barnacle.

Stevens was of the opinion that fairies formed the most fascinating subject matter; but Lindsay, based on his theory ‘that infantile concepts of happiness are based on the belly’, felt that children would prefer food. Even better that I was able to download it for free. For its initial audience, it was a wonderfully silly piece of escapism that momentarily diverted from the tragedy and loss of the War. He thus devised, along with 130 illustrations, a rollicking story of a magic pudding that, no matter how often it is eaten, reconstitutes itself in order to be eaten again. If you can persuade him to write a story for children, you’re on for a fiver. He wrote the prose and verse in an unmistakable style, featuring the Australian vernacular of the time. Its author, Norman Lindsay, a budding artist, writer and illustrator, had no idea it would be a success. Released a month before the end of the First World War, just in time for Christmas, The Magic Pudding was the first of only two children’s books written and illustrated by artist, Norman Lindsay. The two were debating the merits of fairies and other motifs for children’s books.

Here’s a recap: The hero of the story is a koala named Bunyip Bluegum. We know parents are always on-the-go, so our range of digital platforms provides you with support, ideas and information wherever you are, when you need it most. (Ida Outhwaite’s fairy books had enjoyed much success at the time.) A forum for collectors of fine editions of Australian Literature. Pudding has been adapted into a film (2000) an opera (2013) as well as various theatrical adaptions. In October, 1918, just before the end of the War, Sydney publishers Angus & Robertson published what would become one of Australia’s favourite children’s stories.

By using this website, you agree to our use of cookies. With the help of Victorian Opera, and some frankly astounding design, the story of Albert, the talking pudding, and his companions has come alive on stage.

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