The one filming the 7th birthday, and the one from the future which holds all the footage of the film/experiments. In ``Ernest Goes To Camp'' when Ernest and the kids launched smoke bombs they exploded. The third was obviously created during some future time travel and is the one that David and his sister started playing back in the loft; in essence it is the product of the camera placed on the side in the attic at that moment by the sister, recording them discovering the two other cameras. Name a film the has really beautiful scenery? Girl, that car went back in time and fused itself with a wall. @JMFB I'll edit my answer to have more details.

It's an infinite loop. Why two cameras? |

A good book for regression analysis for pure mathematicians, Movie identification: twins (aliens) with telekinetic lockpicking powers fleeing to meet their people. Mr. Green takes Macha’s money to get his niece back. If David asks his dad to destroy the core of the past, then it does not exist in the future, so David cannot travel back to ask his dad to destroy the core, so it does exist, so he can travel back, ... Remy lebeau your right.

The camera that is capturing David's disappearance somehow doesn't disappear. The ending should have been David finding the blue prints of the time machine and that is the end of the movie. But the more confusing part is that if that timeline just gets destroyed and David ends up zapping ahead to 2015, why are there two video cameras there?

Being the morons that they are, the first thing they do is go to Quinn’s house, find the sleeping Quinn from that timeline and draw a smiley on the sleeping Quinn’s neck.

They also start seeing news about a bunch of other accidents and calamities that they don’t remember from their original timeline.
If I had a time machine I would probably stop myself from seeing this terrible movie. This is the only time we've seen paradoxes occur between an person (David) and an inanimate object (the Core/plans), so it's possible that only the fire was deleted, or all motions starting from uncovering the Core's hiding place in the past (since leaving it uncovered would prevent him from discovering it in 2015). My theory is this: The time machine had been used by DARPA successfully in the past, and David's dad stole it before it could be used to change world history.

David admits that he has been jumping alone and that he also jumped back to Lollapalooza another time to kiss Jessie. Jessie can’t have gone back with the group to Lollapalooza and therefore never became David’s girlfriend. Given many don’t attend the finals, that gives rise to certain catastrophes. That's what I was thinking too (just watched it), but wouldn't DARPA tear his house apart to see if he hid a time machine in his basement? They are now aware of the various inventions and travels through time. This would give the audience a thought of David inevitably recreating the time machine for his experiment.

Remember how he kept trying to go back and change things and then he lost his girlfriend, then his best friend was in an accident. What is the grandchild of a parents's siblings called? Now that we've seen how the movie handles paradoxes, we come to the ending-- David destroys the plans for the Core, then vanishes. If the files have instructions on how to make it, it could possibly be remade, right? What high-end fantasy fabrics and textiles exist in the Forgotten Realms?

If he only burned the core and not the files, the core could theoretically be rebuilt. If the linear timeline theory is in play in the movie, which I believe it is, then there is no way it could actually be destroyed. @Richard - why would somebody downvote this question, is it inappropriate in some way?

There he runs and leaps at the star basketball player getting him away from the car that would have otherwise hit him. A group of teens discover secret plans of a time machine, and construct one. Synopsis But instead the time travel machine appears to begin working.

Just so you know the more quotes, authors/writers notes, in-canon references, etc.

However it has it … So now they put him for some reason back in the attic at the beginning of the movie, however there's two video camera's. Thank you for the answer, but it didn't really clear things up for me. no matter what David does there is absoloutley no way for him to destroy the core and stop himself from time traveling back in time. As to downvotes, it's a bit broad, maybe?

Both of these cameras eventually reach the attic and sit there for 10 years till the David and Christina from the new timeline find the 2 cameras. The group breaks the Quinn’s eye contact and leave.

Still have questions? Recollect that Christina has been shooting the MIT prep footage right from the beginning. The original one that filmed the birthday party and the one (actually the same camera, just older) that David brought with him to the past. This is a place for fans of various creative works to share theories, interpretations and speculation related to that particular creative work. The scene at the end of the film was that same time frame, David was searching for something in the attic to use on his scholarship application. This part makes sense. His love for movies and production has led him to write his well-received film explanation and analysis articles to help everyone appreciate the films better. I kind of understood everything, I guess as much as a person can understand a time travel movie...until the end.

The plot is centered on three guys and two girls who stumble upon a time machine. As it burns he disappears because he never built the time machine since he destroyed his dads cube. Without further rambling, here’s the plot analysis and the ending of the film Project Almanac explained, spoilers ahead. This is somwhat supported by the explanation in the movie, but I'm not sure why the temporal timeloop is able to stop someone from existing the moment the past version of that person becomes aware of the future versions presence. Ofcourse, this is because he went back in time and took the videocamera with him, causing 2 to exist. The ending makes sense because when David went back in time to destroy the core, he also destroyed the timeline that he traveled back in time from. Showing him at any prior point in his life would be irrelevent. After all he brought them back with him though time. David and Christina are siblings. What did David's words mean at the end of Project Almanac? To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. So why would this change be any different.

I really don't understand the two camera's part. no matter what David does there is absoloutley no way for … However, half the fun of this site is finding in-universe explanations for out-of-universe complications. After his dad leaves, he collects all the blueprints, the time device and burns it. Even Star Trek is more consistent than that and comes up with a temporal distortion, subspace field, or something to explain a situation like this. You're not looking for a definitive answer to a question, you're looking for a synopsis. David, who has run out of fuel for a time travel back, breaks into the school and fuels up and jumps all the way back to his 7th birthday. He and his friends use it to their benefit but soon he realises that their actions have caused several irreversible changes in their timelines and he has to make things right. Is there a way in LaTeX to separate the endnote text from the place where it should be placed/invoked?

One from the original timeline and the other the time traveller. The toy car is found fused with the wall, when they play back the camera on the car they see the events of two hours prior recorded on it. It's possible that he vanished because he caused a paradox, and he was simply deleted. Welcome to the site. Seriously? The ending makes sense because when David went back in time to destroy the core, he also destroyed the timeline that he traveled back in time from.

| There were two cameras. The call he receives in 2004 was a fellow engineer, or someone else aiding his disappearance from the agency that is now actively hunting down their time traveling engineer. They end up being caught by Jessie and recruit her to their experiment.. Taglines Which means that a completed time machine would have been left in the past. It all had already happened, the only thing that changed was the extra camera being left behind, which is the only part I can't make sense of. The 106 minutes between the opening scene and the end credits still feels like an eternity.

They note a winning number and go back in time to buy the ticket. The teenager David Raskin is a genius that dreams on joining the MIT. But as their future falls apart with disasters, and they come to realize the irreversible ripple effects caused by their time travels, they must decide to fix this once and for all. It only takes a minute to sign up. There s three cameras. I still think it's a bit broad. He finds the camera, except due to the time travel, there's now 2 cameras.

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