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A function is uniquely represented by its graph which is nothing but a set of all pairs of x and f(x) as coordinates.

The following are some examples of the equivalence relation: Let, R be a relation in a set A then, R is called partial order Relation if, A relation R on a set a is called on antisymmetric relation if for x, y if for x, y =>. Relation of living in the same town on the set of persons living in Canada. » DOS PLEASE READ MY DISCLOSURE FOR MORE INFO.  The Pendulum  --Problem: What is the relationship between the period of a pendulum and the length of the string of  the pendulum?Â, Lab 3:   Mass, Volume and Density--   Problem: What is the relationship between the mass of a ball and its volume assuming a constant density?Â, Lab 4:   Light Intensity--  Problem: What is the relationship between the intensity of a beam of light and the distance from a light source?     Â, Lab 5:   Acceleration--  Problem: What is a the relationship between how the distance travels and the time in travel for an accelerating object?Â, Lab 6:   Polarization --  Problem:  What is the relationship between how much light passes through a Polaroid filter and the angle the filter is rotated?Â, Lab  7:   Ohms Law--  Problem:  What is the relationship between current, voltage when there is a constant resistance in an electric circuit.Â, Lab 8:   Radioactive Decay-- Problem: What is the relationship between the decay of radioactive material and the time allowed for the decay?  Â, Lab 9: Water Pressure-- Problem: What is the relationship between water pressure and depth of water?          Â. The relation R is called equivalence relation when it satisfies three properties if it is reflexive, symmetric, and transitive in a set x.

For example, a test score could be a dependent variable because it could change depending on several factors such as how much you studied, how much sleep you got the night before you took the test, or even how hungry you were when you took it. Note that as X increases Y decreases in a non-linear fashion. The Spring Constant  -- Problem:  What is the relationship between how much a spring stretches and the force pulling on the spring? More on Brightness and the inverse square law.

If X = 4, then Y = 0.25. A mathematical relation is, a relationship between sets of numbers or sets of elements. If R is an equivalence relation in a set X then D(R) the domain of R is X itself.

The inverse of R denoted by R^-1 is the relation from B to A defined by: Let A, B, and C be any three sets. A quadratic formula is sometimes called a second degree formula.

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It is something that depends on other factors. Let R be the set of real numbers. » Web programming/HTML When y increases as x increases, the two sets of data have a positive correlation. Lab 2:   » Machine learning » CS Basics A quadratic relationship between x and y means y is related to x^2 , x and a constant (C) by a function, which generally represented as:

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