Fitness studios moved outside to stay afloat. With Tom out of the way on sexual harassment charges, she promises to permanently outlaw gay marriage in order to land Buddy Calhoun’s (Matt Oberg) support. Mandel smartly underlines this catastrophic offer through Kent (Gary Cole), the definition of a calm and logical strategist who nevertheless screams “Fuck the numbers!” when presented with the mathematical favorability of Selina’s proposition. The HBO comedy tries to stay ahead of the times with Selina Meyer running for president. It also gives the ace supporting cast plenty of opportunities to have some eleventh hour fun as their characters scramble for the kind of glory that seemed impossible in season 6. premieres Sunday, March 31 at 10:30 pm EST on HBO. It also gives the ace supporting cast plenty of opportunities to have some eleventh hour fun as their characters scramble for the kind of glory that seemed impossible in season 6. premieres Sunday, March 31 at 10:30 pm EST on HBO. It’s damning and not unearned commentary on the actual state of our nation, as Veep has always been so adept at making. Oft-utilized as the living embodiment of all things wrong with American politics — nay, America in its entirety — Jonah fittingly continues to prosper because of his selfish, immature, and caustic behavior. Particularly sharp this year are Anna Chlumsky as Selina’s right-hand woman Amy and Reid Scott as ex-morning show host Dan, both more ruthless than ever even as they’re reluctantly feeling their age.

It is, and continues to be, the story of one bumbling politician, Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and her team of doofuses who are all desperate for power and respect, but deserve none of it. Perhaps the lesson Veep has for us is that — in case you’ve somehow forgotten in a wave of patriotism or misplaced hope or pageantry — politics is just full of common, selfish dickheads. Louis-Dreyfus now wears Selina’s calculating desperation like a second skin, making moments like her ripping apart the new, warm and fuzzier vanguard of her party both familiar and startling in the best ways. At a time when America needs to take a hard look in the mirror, “Veep” offers the bulletproof glass. You can kind of understand why; Selina is hell-bent on not being seen as a capital-W Woman, except when she has something to gain from it. Mistakes and gaffes and missteps blend with miscalculations of the kind you might make when you’re supposed to be leading a country but are too caught up in cementing your own legacy.

All rights reserved. Selina Meyer is back on the road, trying to rally support in Iowa and New Hampshire and pushing the slogan “New. There’s nothing gained from watching Selina and her cohorts breathe a sigh of relief when a mass shooting happens to overshadow their latest disaster, except perhaps further confirming that they’d stoop to anything to win. “The country is getting more and more disgusting every day,” she says, with Kent (Gary Cole) immediately interjecting, “and that’s the audience we’re targeting right now on Facebook.”.

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