There are many sights related to Romeo and Juliet in Verona. The Capulet and Montague families in Shakespeare’s version were genuine Veronese aristocrats mentioned in Dante’s Divine Comedy. It seems all that mess of paper scraps, chewing gum and human emotion might be a little too much reality for a fantasy house. I had no idea all the connections between the city and Romeo & Juliet – I would absolutely love to visit! He wrote about ancient Rome, a distant land called Illyria, an unnamed island haunted with spirits, European courts like Navarre and Aquitaine and the Italian city-states of Verona, Padua and Venice. In fair Verona, where we lay our scene… I haven’t visited but would love to. In association with Classic Collection HolidaysThis post contains affiliate links, Thanks for taking me back to Verona! What is impressive about Verona is how they are keeping their medieval legacy intact. Like these Romeo and Juliet in Verona attractions? Instead, they’ve provided removable panels for anyone who wishes to partake in the custom. Verona is most definitely high up there on the bucket list! We actually didn’t spot the statue, definitely a reason to return! The building dates back to the 13. Shakespeare is seated next to another famous quotation from his play: ‘Eyes, look your last! One of the most important Italian cities in Roman times, Verona has many well preserved monuments from medieval and Renaissance times. Verona is famous for its links to Shakespeare’s tale of star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet. And, lips, oh you the doors of breath, seal with a righteous kiss a dateless bargain to engrossing death!’. It’s also why Verona is called “the city of love.”. Volunteers reply to all missives addressed to Juliet, whether delivered by email, letter or by hand. Located outside the city’s medieval walls on Via del Pontiere, Juliet’s Tomb, known in Italian as the Tomba di Giulietta, also houses a museum of frescoes. Visitors can also pose with the statue of Juliet, and those looking for love might wish to rub her right breast for luck! It looks incredibly photogenic and would be fascinating to walk the piazzas and lanes imagining scenes from the play taking place here (whether they did or not!) The notes tell the stories of the visitors’ pasts, their problems and their hopes for the future. Stunning photos as usual! Thank you Becky, Verona is very photogenic! …whilst you might recognize this statue! Let’s go on the trail of Romeo and Juliet in Verona to find out more about the myths surrounding the iconic lovers. If you’re lucky to be staying at Palazzo Victoria, this beautiful townhouse has its own replica Love Wall, so getting a photo was a lot easier. Verona looks gorgeous! I had no idea that the story of Romeo and Juliet was based on a Veronese legend. Pin for later or share with friends. The architecture looks beautiful. Verona is situated in the region of Veneto, Italy. I love the amphitheatre too. Really interesting to know all the little facts and details. Did you see the imposing statue of Dante in the main piazza? I agree that it doesn’t matter that its fiction, in fact that sort of adds to its charm! I’m glad you enjoyed it – I hesitated to write it as sometimes it’s better to leave legends entirely intact but I find the mix of fact and fiction there fascinating! I have lost myself; I am not here.’. The city is fairly compact and has a high concentration of interesting sights. He often drew from popular oral traditions for the shape of his plots. Verona was the setting and the main characters were named as Romeo and Juliet. This is a lovely post. Most surprising of all, there’s not even a balcony scene in Shakespeare’s play! I want to go when the opera is running! I’d love to stand in that veranda and call out for my Romeo. Even though William Shakespeare had already set a play here, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, it is for the wonderful and tragic love story between Romeo and Juliet that the city is best known. I love Verona and just came back from taking my goddaughter there. I loved Verona when i visited few years back. Reading this has made me want to see the play again , I actually live opposite the Globe theatre and I’m long overdue a revisit! Really interesting getting to know more about the story of the famous Romeo and Juliet – made me want to visit Verona! Even though William Shakespeare had already set a play here, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, it is for the wonderful and tragic love story between Romeo and Juliet that the city is best known. So charming and romantic. Brooke’s version was inspired by older works by Italian writers, including Luigi de Porto and Matteo Bandello, who told the story of Romeo and Giuletta and the deadly feud between the families Montecchi and Capelletti. So interesting to learn how the story/legend is being kept alive in Verona. Verona as a city looks promising and indeed beautiful. How interesting that Shakespeare never visited Verona! It feels like you have time travelled back to the age of Romeo and Juliet in Verona. These names are also mentioned in a verse of Dante’s Purgatory, published the mid-1300s, though his poem includes nothing about star-crossed lovers. Thank you! So pleased that you found it interesting, it really is a timeless story! Located on the banks of the Adige River, Verona is 1 hour by train from Venice. However, the Verona city council set new regulations to prevent the practice, as the gum was damaging the walls. Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. Hope you get to see Verona one day. We were lucky to visit right when Juliet’s House opened but within an hour it was swarming with people so I can imagine it’s even busier at the height of Summer! I haven’t heard of the Juliet Club either – what an innovative idea! Ahh fair Verona. Brooke’s version was inspired by older works by Italian writers, including Luigi de Porto and Matteo Bandello, who told the story of Romeo and Giuletta and the deadly feud between the families Montecchi and Capelletti. Here are some more fun suggestions for things to do in Italy. I would love to visit Juliet’s house and tomb, and Romeo’s house too, even if they aren’t “real” , Sadly you can only see Romeo’s house from the outside but it’s certainly a charming medieval residence. 48 Hours in Verona: Get the Best from Your Trip, Research, photography and videography by Suze and Paul, the London based team behind To us, not at all, as we willingly visit film studios and other attractions that are based entirely on fiction. However the iconic balcony was actually added in the 1930s, created from parts of a 17th century sarcophagus. One of the best ways to see Verona is to take a guided tour. If you’re fortunate, you might also chance on a medieval parade as we did. The first thing to bear in mind is that William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is based on a legend, and Shakespeare himself never visited Verona despite setting several of his plays here. The balcony is not everything . However, it is a genuine medieval building and bears a plaque on the wall with this unforgettable quote: ‘Oh Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?’ ‘Tut! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow. I definitely want to visit it looks beautiful but definetly not keen on the graffiti which is ironic as I love modern art Lucy x, I can see what you mean about the graffiti, luckily they have kept it just on some removable panels so it doesn’t deface the old walls. Your post makes me want to explore this city right away! One of the most charming Verona attractions,  The Juliet Club is a legacy of the Romeo and Juliet story. Entering the crypt where Juliet is allegedly buried in a simple grave, you feel a sense of awe and sadness. I have to admit, the whole Romeo and Juliet thing is just a bit too frenetic for me. I was there 20 years ago and fell in love with this beautiful city. We recommend travelling with Classic Collection Holidays, the luxury tailor-made holiday specialist. This prosperous town in Italy is a very picturesque setting. Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter, Verona still feels like its Shakespearean legacy, and it is possible to recall the main moments of the timeless love story of Romeo and Juliet strolling around the streets of this Italian city. I never knew that it was based on a Veronese legend. The dreamy custom of leaving letters for Juliet actually inspired the equally dreamy Hollywood movie Letters to Juliet [2010], which tells the story of an American tourist who finds a long unanswered love letter shoved among the bricks.

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