[LADY KIX]What sayst, Jugg?MAIDThe sweetest news.II.[i.

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Faith, I must to my learned counsel with this gear, 'twill ne'er be discernedelse.MAUDLINGo to my cousin then, at Inns of Court.YELLOWHAMMERFie, they are all for French, they speak no Latin.MAUDLINThe parson then will do it.Enter a Gentleman with a chain.YELLOWHAMMERNay, he disclaims it, calls Latin Papistry, he will not deal with it. [Exit Second Man.]II.[i.

( Log Out /  Had not such a piece of flesh been ordained, what had us wives been good for? A church.] [Aside to Second Promoter] Come hither, Dick, a bird, a bird.SECOND PROMOTERWhat is't that you would have?ALLWITFaith, any flesh,But I long especially for veal and green sauce.FIRST PROMOTER[Aside] Green goose, you shall be sauced.ALLWITI have half a scornful stomach,No fish will be admitted.FIRST PROMOTERNot this Lent, sir?ALLWITLent, what cares colon here for Lent?FIRST PROMOTERYou say well, sir;Good reason that the colon of a gentleman,As you were lately pleased to term your worship, sir,Should be fulfilled with answerable food,To sharpen blood, delight health, and tickle nature.Were you directed hither to this street, sir?ALLWITThat I was, ay, marry.II.[i. [LADY KIX]Give me but those good deeds, and I'll find children.SIR OLIVERHang thee, thou hast had too many. [Exeunt Wat and Nick. A Chaste Maid in Cheapside was composed in early 1613; it represents the culmination of Middleton's achievements in the genre of city comedy.

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47, A Chaste Maid in CheapsideTIMHoist, I beseech thee!THIRD GOSSIPO, bless the woman−−Mistress Underman!FIRST PURITAN'Tis but the common affliction of the faithful,We must embrace our falls.TIMI'm glad I 'scaped it,It was some rotten kiss sure,It dropped down before it came at me.Enter Allwit and Davy.ALLWITHere's a noise, not parted yet? A church.

wccbright asked in Arts & … I bring thee up to turn thee into gold, wench, and make thy fortune shine like your bright trade. A church.]

Agoldsmith's shop sets out a city maid.

These women have no consciences at sweetmeats, where'er they come; see and they have notculled out all the long plums, too−−they have left nothing here but short riggle−tail comfits, not worth mouthing;no mar'l I heard a citizen complain once that his wife's belly only broke his back: mine had been all in fittersseven years since, but for this worthy knight that with a prop upholds my wife and me, and all my estate buried inBucklersbury.MISTRESS ALLWITHere, Mistress Yellowhammer, and neighbours,To you all that have taken pains with me,All the good wives at once.FIRST PURITANI'll answer for them;They wish all health and strength,And that you may courageously go forward,To perform the like and many such,Like a true sister with motherly bearing.ALLWITNow the cups troll about to wet the gossips' whistles;It pours down, i'faith: they never think of payment.FIRST PURITANFill again, Nurse.ALLWITNow bless thee, two at once; I'll stay no longer;It would kill me and if I paid for't.III.[i. At two and a half hours, Chaste Maid isn’t short, but it is also never boring.

Renaissance Drama ]What, do you gull us? [Exit Gentleman. [LADY KIX]'Tis a great spoil of youth indeed.Enter [Dry] Nurse and Tim.NURSEYour mother will have it so.MAUDLINWhy son, why Tim,What, must I rise and fetch you? Come, swear−−FIRST SERVANTYou will not hear me out, sir−−SIR WALTERYes, I'll hear't out, sir.FIRST SERVANTSir, he can tell himself.SIR WALTERHeart, he can tell!Do you think I'll trust him? A church.] [LADY KIX]Thou deservest worse.Think but upon the goodly lands and livingsThat's kept back through want on't.II.[i. You get used to it, but Moll’s initial interactions with the sexually assertive Sir Walter Whorehound (Zachary Morgan) are uncomfortable to watch unless you remind yourself that actress Nissa Nordland is, in fact, a grown woman.

Once On This Island showing now at The Ordway…. Enter Touchwood Junior and Moll.TOUCHWOOD JUNIORThe happiest meeting that our souls could wish for.Here's the ring ready; I am beholdingUnto your father's haste, h'as kept his hour.MOLLHe never kept it better.Enter Sir Walter Whorehound.TOUCHWOOD JUNIORBack, be silent.SIR WALTERMistress and partner, I will put you bothInto one cup.DAVY[Aside] Into one cup, most proper,A fitting compliment for a goldsmith's daughter.ALLWITYes, sir, that's he must be your worship's partnerIn this day's business, Mr. Touchwood's brother.SIR WALTERI embrace your acquaintance, sir.TOUCHWOOD JUNIORIt vows your service, sir.II.[i.

Pox, the worse luck; I promised faithfully to send this morning a fat quarter of lamb to a kindgentlewoman in Turnbull Street that longs, and how I'm crossed.FIRST PROMOTERLet's share this, and see what hap comes next then.Enter another with a basket.SECOND PROMOTERAgreed, stand close again; another booty.What's he?FIRST PROMOTERSir, by your favour. A man's happyWhen he's at poorest that has matched his soulAs rightly as his body.

23Enter Allwit.ALLWITI'll go bid gossips presently myself,That's all the work I'll do, nor need I stir,But that it is my pleasure to walk forthAnd air myself a little; I am tied to nothingIn this business, what I do is merely recreation,Not constraint.Here's running to and fro, nurse upon nurse,Three charwomen, besides maids and neighbours' children.Fie, what a trouble I have rid my hands on;It makes me sweat to think on't.Enter Sir Walter Whorehound.SIR WALTERHow now, Jack?ALLWITI am going to bid gossips for your worship's child, sir,A goodly girl, i'faith, give you joy on her,She looks as if she had two thousand poundTo her portion, and run away with a tailor;A fine, plump, black−eyed slut, under correction, sir,I take delight to see her: Nurse! Great wonder sure!

I have nothing.FIRST PROMOTERNo, do you tell us that?What makes this lump stick out then; we must see, sir.MANWhat will you see, sir−−a pair of sheets, and twoOf my wife's foul smocks, going to the washers?II.[i.

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One could fault the interpretation for being more ridiculous than satirical, but its absurdity is perfectly well-placed as a comic foil to Romeo and Juliet. option. [John] ALLWIT, and his wife [MISTRESS ALLWIT], whom Sir Walter keepsA WELSH GENTLEWOMAN, Sir Walter's whoreWAT and NICK, his bastards [by Mistress Allwit]DAVY Dahumma, his manTOUCHWOOD SENIOR, and his wife [MISTRESS TOUCHWOOD], a decayed gentlemanTOUCHWOOD JUNIOR, another suitor to MollTWO PROMOTERSSERVANTS [three of Allwit's, three of Sir Oliver's][Three or four] WATERMEN[Sims, a PORTER][A GENTLEMAN][A WENCH with Touchwood Senior's bastard][Jugg, Lady Kix's MAID][A DRY NURSE][A WET NURSE][A MAN with a basket][A SECOND MAN with a basket][TWO PURITANS, the first named Mistress Underman][FIVE GOSSIPS][A MIDWIFE][A PARSON][A third NURSE][SUSAN, Moll's maid]I.[i.

[LADY KIX]O, that e'er I was begot, or bred, or born.SIR OLIVERBe content, sweet wife.TOUCHWOOD SENIORWhat's here to do now?I hold my life she's in deep passionFor the imprisonment of veal and muttonNow kept in garrets, weeps for some calf's head now;Methinks her husband's head might serve with bacon.Enter Touchwood Junior.

Published By: The University of Chicago Press, Read Online (Free) relies on page scans, which are not currently available to screen readers. A street.

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