In addition to these steps, make sure to connect, build or optimize relevant websites and social medias on your Properties page. More importantly, if you notice any trends when reviewing your online presence (like you only post about your sword collection, have to delete 50 pictures of you drinking straight bottles of whiskey, or apparently post a lot of bigoted content) take some time to reflect on this. Check out our Managed Services, and give us a call at 646.863.8226 or schedule a consultation to discuss your options.’s executive team is comprised of experienced, forward-thinking industry leaders who are passionate about helping businesses take control of their online reputation. Pinpoint and address emerging issues and weaknesses, before they impact your reputation. Please watch this short video explainer below in order to get a better understanding of how operates. Now that you understand what will get you hired (or accepted) and what will get you rejected, let’s talk about when you need to worry about your Reputation Score. During this building phase you need to cultivate a brand that demonstrates “positive reinforcing factors”. Online Reputation Score assists you to recognize whether your digital presence is helping your business to flourish or harming it. There are very concrete ways to show the caliber of your professionalism, but there are also more subtle ways that your personal brand can demonstrate this too. The software looks at your Google Reputation Score, social Reputation Score and other factors to come up with the all-encompassing Reputation Score. No matter where you are, start by following the prompts. This shows that you’re keeping up to date with industry trends and that if they hire you, you will make them look good! Reputation Score is a real-time calculation that measures how customers perceive your brand on a scale of zero to 1,000. Discriminatory remarks toward race, gender, religion, country of origin, sexual orientation, or any other indication of intolerance toward groups of people will not serve you. Our software will scan both of these accounts to identify more potentially damaging content. Actively building your personal brand is a must if you want a better Reputation Score and to land that next professional opportunity. Such variables may include your Google results, Facebook photos, or posts you have shared. One review can have measurable impact. Your brand receives multiple sources of feedback across a broad and ever-expanding ecosystem of data sources. And remember that this can impact your Reputation Score. Use your reviews to make your website, Google My Business listings, and Google Ads convert more and stand out. Our newest features give you even more insight into how you look online, the impact that it’s having on your career and steps you can take to improve how you look online.And it’s not hard to do, we built our software to walk you through the process. Adhering to negative posts and reacting in a proactive manner may make the difference between you obtaining your dream job or having a tough time gaining employment. This makes the review process that much easier for the hiring manager. And if you’re a CEO, executive or business owner, positive factors in your online presence still matter. Enlist customer advocates to help improve rankings and ratings for your locations, and easily track and respond to reviews. These data aggregate sites exploit public information such as your criminal records, open court cases, divorce suits, bankruptcies, and of course your dreaded mugshot. This kind of appropriate engagement online not only ups your chances with your future employer, but this kind of engagement will also improve your overall Reputation Score. We’d love to hear from you. What this does is over time your new content will begin to show up in the search results. Nearly half say that a strong online reputation influences their decisions to a great extent. Consider working extra hard to improve your Reputation Score before: Whether you’re applying to college, a training program or graduate school, you will get screened online during the application process. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this blog post, enjoy the rest of your day. Amelia Keiser is a content creator and brand consultant based in New York.

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