Are mothers loving people who would never hurt their children, or are mothers monsters who kill their children out of frustration? Fitness studios moved outside to stay afloat. Given each of their stories, she left it up to the actors to decide how they would interpret the events of that horrible evening. What are your thoughts on Casting JonBenet? Welcome to The Rumpus! Beloved Names and Incantatory Powers: heidi andrea restrepo rhodes’s, Wanted/Needed/Loved: Thurston Moore’s 12-String Guitar, Rumpus Original Poetry: Three Poems by Joumana Altallal, Rumpus Original Fiction: The Bad Kind of Puppy, Conversations with Literary Ex-Cons: Gustavo Alvarez. The bulk of Casting JonBenét focuses on locals who believe they are auditioning for the roles of John and Patsy. Are we curious, bored, entitled, or hopelessly perturbed? Her Death Remains a Mystery. How do you deal with ambiguity, uncertainty, and doubt? Casting JonBenet is released on Netflix on April 28, 2017. The results are quite remarkable. “There's so many JonBenét Ramsey TV specials, with actors playing her mother and father,” Green told me. It's authentic and honest, but uncomfortable. The Rumpus is a place where people come to be themselves through their writing, to tell their stories or speak their minds in the most artful and authentic way they know how. Pelosi is still negotiating with the White House while Senate Republicans push their own stimulus bill. There’s freedom in recognition. 7 – 2000-Present: Life After the Handover, The History of Hong Kong Action Cinema Pt. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. One hopeful Patsy Ramsey qualifies the statement she’s about to make with “from what I heard and sort of put together…”, which can be accurately applied to pretty much any statement made by anyone in Casting JonBenet. We arrive, we witness, we project our own ideas and experiences upon the screen, seeking truth and understanding in our own ways. But this argument, so often levied by world-weary cynics, misses the deeper truth of how media operates. 2017 TV-14 1h 20m Documentary Films. But that doesn’t bother Green. The kind of salacious, biting gossip that crops up in any tight-knit community. The glee with which some place themselves about those of whose child-rearing they disapprove is, while somewhat understandable, a bad look at best and moderately disgusting at worst. But, if you're interested in a nuanced (albeit, at times invasive) look into how a crime affects the people on the periphery, then it's a worthy addition to your Netflix queue. Directed by Kitty Green, and produced by Scott Macaulay and James Schamus, Casting JonBenet was acquired by Netflix two weeks before its world premiere at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. Cornyn is among the lawmakers campaigning for reelection who have signaled distance from the president. Casting JonBenét subtly poses these questions to a crowd of unsuspecting amateur actors. newsletter. In Casting JonBenét, that community is Boulder, Colorado, where the Ramseys lived — “It's nestled in the mountains; It's picture perfect, an American, idyllic sort of beautiful suburban area. “It's an experiment, basically,” she told them. Between delivering lines, the actors share anecdotes about their connections to the case and speculate with their own theories. More definitively, it underscores the film’s poly-perspective and themes of uncertainty and truth, which is the only true certainty. And they are not alone. It’s possible. “I'm always thinking, how do you play Patsy Ramsey if you don't know if she's guilty or innocent? Gothic novels are obsessed with borders. The film toyed with what it’s like to audition to play an iconic figure (Baiul, who won the gold medal for figure skating at the Lillehammer Olympics in 1994, was the first Olympic champion for an independent Ukraine) and told the story of a divided country through the girls who came out for the part. Follow Marie Claire on Facebook for the latest celeb news, beauty tips, fascinating reads, livestream video, and more. That idea was the seed for what became Casting JonBenét. Released just over a year following the killing of Osama Bin Laden, the process of conceiving the film must have begun in the days after the event itself, lest the narrative be solidified in the collective consciousness in some other fashion that might call into question the story that torture led the successful mission. Boulder itself makes an appearance in the film, in shots flying over snow-covered trees and winding roads. But like Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks, JonBenét is omnipresent in every scene in the film, defined primarily by her absence. Parade disaster at an arm’s length where we can see it clearly while retaining complete control of our lives. Show us the drama but remove from us any of the responsibility. Lily Collins Revealed Emily in Paris' Age—and It's Confusing. And according to director Kitty Green, that’s exactly the point. The Ramseys essentially become a litmus test for understanding. Or do we use stories like JonBenét’s and Christine Chubbuck’s to make sense of the brokenness of our own lives? It made sense to give her a kind of a swan song.” JonBenét’s ghost haunts the film — and she still haunts Boulder, too. “There was so much speculation,” one actress, a woman who speaks at length about the murder of her own brother, admits. From sexuality to economics, gender roles to histories of abuse, we bear witness to a  multitude of perpectives from which folks form their ideas about an event held in the public consciousness. How do they move forward? Does watching a reenactment of a depressed newscaster violently commit suicide remind us of our own mortality? And she wanted the audience to come away with more questions than answers. It is a liberty not to be taken lightly. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. After someone says a boy of that size wouldn’t be capable of the crime, we watch a bunch of them try to bash a baby watermelon to pieces with a large blunt rod. “I think a lot of them found it quite cathartic to talk about their own connection to [the case], or their experience with it, or their own impressions or presumptions.”. Two themes kept reappearing. They may not be true, but people arrived at their various conclusions because those conclusions seem honest — they’re linked to their own experiences, so they seem totally plausible. In compiling their impressions and recollections of the case, an overall picture begins to form not only of the processing of this specific tragedy, but of the processing of the processing itself. Most of Casting JonBenét comes from these audition tapes, with people who auditioned to play JonBenét’s mother Patsy and her father John talking on camera about their connection to the characters. And Casting JonBenét surfaces them all at once. And there never will be. 5 – 1980: New Wave, Cinema City, Jackie Chan & John Woo, The History of Hong Kong Action Cinema Pt. My Campy Slumber Party: Xanadu, Muses, and Disco, Oh My! Netflix's Casting JonBenét doesn't try to solve the 20-year-old crime, but that okay because it isn't a documentary. Another revealed that she had lost three of her own children, a tragedy that would allow her to better access the role of Patsy. Various Colorado-area actors are interviewed and tested for the roles of real people involved in the case, including John and Patsy Ramsey, Burke Ramsey, John Mark Karr and Boulder police officials. But ubiquity is not the same as relevance. In the end, we may balk at JonBenét’s beauty pageants, but we can’t look away from the pageantry of her death. True crime dramas create the illusion of involvement, be it for the audience, or in the case of Casting JonBenét, the auditioning actors. True crime satiates this particular appetite. Perdue’s actions framed Harris as someone who’s different. It comes as a bit of a surprise that Kitty Green’s latest documentary Casting JonBenét has very little to do with JonBenét Ramsey. Millions rely on Vox’s explainers to understand an increasingly chaotic world. Shows like Making a Murderer, alongside podcasts like Serial and its multiple investigative spin-offs, have become mainstream sources of entertainment.

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