John Hersey is probably most well known for his nonfiction account of survivors in his work Hiroshima but The Wall deserves its own place as one of the best WW2 fiction books of all time. ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’ movie review: A stunning portrayal of a judicial abomination, ‘Love and Monsters’ movie review: Dylan O’Brien’s physical comedy at its best, Kate Hudson joining Octavia Spencer for ‘Truth Be Told’ season 2 at Apple, ‘Doctor Strange 2’ adds ‘Baby-Sitters Club’ star Xochitl Gomez, ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ is coming back for season 4 on CBS All Access, ‘His Dark Materials’ season 2 trailer teases danger up ahead for Lyra and Will, ‘This Is Us’ season 5 trailer teases more tear-jerking moments to come, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira no longer teaming for ‘Americanah’ adaptation, ‘LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special’ at Disney+ reveals voice cast, Disney drops exciting new trailer for Pixar’s ‘Soul’.
Why not join our Hypable Books Facebook group! Sign up for the Early Bird Books newsletter and get the best daily ebook deals delivered straight to your inbox. Known primarily for its graphic description of the firebombing of Dresden, protagonist Billy Pilgrim moves back and forth in time in a non-linear look at major events in life and beyond. It is certainly appropriate that Heller uses the insanity of the bombardier in his work – before 1944 a completed tour of duty was 25 missions. The brilliance of Das Boot is its ability to put you in the shoes of the enemy and see the war from their perspective in its horrible reality. Like other novels on this list, it focuses on the brave women who gave their lives to become spies for their country during the war (and don’t nearly get the credit they’re due). 9. Nadya’s War by C.S. It makes former neighbors into informants & dangerous enemies forever despised by history and it serves as a chilling reminder of the hopelessness of resistance once brutality and evil have conquered a society.

Taylor gives us a really interesting glimpse into a life we couldn’t otherwise imagine. Here, after all, are the Germans that we always wondered about. As much as we’d like to think that justice was served after World War II, Kate Quinn’s The Huntress shows us that that wasn’t always the case. Very little, probably. Roth takes the turmoil of 1940s Europe and brings it home. As with other books on the list disorientation and unreality are features of this novel. Winds of War & War and Remembrance by Herman Wouk. Allies in World War Two: Destined to Win? Finding The Right WWII Book. 10.

Noelle Salazar’s The Flight Girls is a wonderful novel that depicts just what life was like for these civilian pilots, both in the air and in their interpersonal relationships.

The pure truth that pours forth from every page is a testament to the triumph of the human spirit under incredible odds and its absolute destruction under totalitarianism, bureaucracy and sycophancy of whatever stripe.

At WW2 Reads we focus primarily on nonfiction which has more than enough drama and excitement to keep any student of the period occupied. We want to hear your thoughts on this topic! I also want to receive newsletters and special offers from your history partner, The Archive. (Also, take a close look at that cover… You may see an extra endorsement from us on there…).
We’ve all encountered the experience of World War II from Americans’ and Brits’ perspectives, but what did the war look like for Russians, who originally had a non-aggression agreement with Germany? NOW! We present our Top Ten WW2 Fiction Books …

Despite the emptiness one feels upon reading the thoughts of these minds so readily extinguished in this great conflict, there is a sense of great lessons for humanity’s future tied up in their stories. 36 Heartfelt WW2 Historical Fiction Books To Love This post may contain affiliate links for products and services I recommend. One of the only recent WW2 fiction books on the list, Doerr’s Pulitzer Prize winning work more than deserves its place in among the best. It may be hard to read at times because of its vivid imagery, but its violence and gore are not without purpose. What follows is a fascinating dive into how the war affected individuals and the consequences of trying to move on from and forget the events of the second world war. Is ‘Superman and Lois’ already erasing ‘Supergirl’? The Catch-22 of the title is the idea that only an insane person would continue to participate in bombing runs where chance of survival was increasingly thin. Roth is right to zero in on a period that was the weakest point in FDR’s years as president. Who lived in a culture of fear even *before* the war? From the beginning of the novel, it’s clear that the narrator is an unreliable one (as she’s a female spy), but the tale she weaves for her captors about her experience, relationships, and secrets that she knows will keep you glued to the page until the very end. The anonymous messages of the heroes designed to encourage resistance are ignored.

Bombardier Yossarian is one of the best known characters in modern literature. Buchheim does an amazing job of describing the claustrophobic, smelly, death traps that were German U-Boats during the Battle of the Atlantic. Your email address will not be published. Is transcendence the only way to save humanity on ‘The 100’? Some books I put on hold because of great reviews.

The story is so compelling that after finishing the nearly 2,000 pages that make up this masterpiece you will be sad that it’s over. As we said in our review of the book at the time: “Doerr navigates the grey edges of human frailty with prose that causes the reader to stop time and again to reflect on a perfectly worded turn of phrase, metaphor or simile… His gift for description paints the brightest hues even in the mind of the blind Marie Laure and makes the story come alive in a way that few fiction works can, especially ones covering the bleakest period in recent human history. Like The Alice Network, this is another historical fiction novel told not only from two different perspectives, but also from two different time periods. Others we discovered via the librarian or through our own searches up and down the aisles.

A home that no longer existed and was being systematically obliterated by Allied bombs and Nazi collapse.

From alternative histories that add in interesting “What If?”s that highlight certain aspects of life at that time to novels that focus on the amazing (and, many times, untold) contributions and accomplishments of women in wartime, these novels run the gamut of the human experience during one of the most fascinating yet harrowing periods of history. Written in 1959, having not been printed in English until 1980 due to suppression by the Soviet regime, this work, like the beautiful human spirit that so eagerly presents itself in the pages of this tome, has an irrepressible nature that will continue to inspire those who take the time to learn to its historical lessons.

7. Otsuka, whose mother was an internee, cleverly uses of a lack of identifying information to help the reader feel the events in a matter of fact way. How Churchill and the British Refused to Let Hitler Win, How about “The Kingdom of the Air” by C.T. 2. Multi-award winning WW2 aviation/espionage thriller….

This historical fiction book tells the story of a Nazi murderess that disappeared after the war and the group of disparate individuals working to bring her to justice for her horrendous crimes. Okay, so this series doesn’t technically take place during or around World War II as we know it but, like the Front Lines series, its alternate history take on events give us much to think about. All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. Many types of fiction have involved events in the World War II time period.

Read the full review here. Kate Hudson will soon be joining Octavia Spencer in Apple’s Truth Be Told. The Worldwar series, by Harry Turtledove Turtledove’s classic alt-history saga interrupts a World War II already in progress with the arrival of an alien armada.

There is a huge array of books focusing on the conflict, the struggles of the military and ordinary people, the key moments, and many more subjects. This is one of those books that will grab you from the very beginning and won’t let you go until you’ve finished it.

Historical fiction books are more important now than ever. Even in the midst of the cruel chaos of the ghetto, Hersey’s storytelling reminds readers of the potential for great acts of kindness, bravery and determination by those facing incredible odds. However there are depths that can be explored by fiction in a way that cannot be paralleled by true storytelling. The best historical fiction books about World War II you haven’t read (yet). Let us know in the comments!

Once I got past the first 50 pages or so I could not put this book down. So anyone who refuses to do so is “sane” and therefore cannot be relieved from duty. Yes! Combining intrigue and heart-wrenching scenes of love and loss, this enthralling story puts the reader right in the middle of the chaos surrounding World War II. Many of these works are key examples of the war novel genre. Star Trek: Discovery season 4 is officially a go over at CBS All Access! Thankfully, it was not. Write a comment below or submit an article to Hypable. Younger Japanese-Americans found that their elderly relatives simply would not talk about what had happened in the wake of Executive Order 9066. Isolationism was an incredibly popular position before Pearl Harbor. It both affirms the strength of ordinary women in the face of adversity and exposes the rampant sexism that led to many of their downfall.

The Second World War has provided the historical setting for plays, literature and films over the years.

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