Link alters events so that Ganondorf's claiming of the Triforce never comes to pass. Hyrule Historia explains this by saying that Zelda is a traditional name in the Hylian royal family, while Link is a common name among Hyrule's citizens. [129] Instead, the Sages use the Mirror of Twilight to banish Ganondorf to the Twilight Realm,[130] which had become inhabited by the Twili, descendants of the Interlopers. While Link and Zelda are exploring underground tunnels decorated with cave paintings, they find an ancient corpse dressed in Gerudo jewelry.

Hundreds of years pass, but Ganondorf eventually resurfaces. Here Tingle again stars in this spin-off arcade style platformer, released in April 2007 only in Japan and available solely to Platinum Club Nintendo members. This unleashes evil onto the Hyrule.

Released in November 2007 as a bundle with the Wii Zapper, this game allows players to assume the identity of Link as he progresses through a series of tests to perfect his crossbow marksmanship. [59] He brought terror to the land by kidnapping young maidens. [159][note 7] With the help of Tetra and her pirate crew, Link rescues his sister. Link and Tetra set sail in search of a new continent. [118] Despite this, he is recognized for bearing the traits of a hero in Hytopia: namely pointy ears and sideburns. An attack by Demise's forces sends Zelda to the surface, where she learns her true nature. The earliest was Moblin's Magic Spear, published in 1989 by Western Publishing under their Golden Books Family Entertainment division and written by Jack C. Harris. However, the kingdom still has a Triforce problem. It had the ability to reflect the evil heart of its bearer, giving birth to demonic creatures. The Legend of Zelda is one of Nintendo's most prominent and successful franchises; several of its entries are considered to be among the greatest video games of all time. [157] The Helmaroc King kidnaps Aryll, Link's sister.

[92] In the UK, 1000 copies were made available through the Club Nintendo Stars Catalogue program. Breath of the Wild is the final destination.

Just like any other legend, The Legend of Zelda changes as it is retold through the years. However, this is the earliest story involving Vaati, and contains his origin and transformation into his most familiar form; therefore, if Eiji Aonjuma's comment about Four Swords' placement in the timeline is taken as fact, The Minish Cap would be the first game in the Vaati saga. Koume and Kotake are alive in the game, though it is unclear if they are the same individuals from Ocarina of Time, or a separate incarnation of them (like the many Links and Zeldas in the series).

[75] Ocarina of Time is part of the Collector's Edition for the GameCube in 2003. He turns the Knights of Hyrule into demons and uses Hyrule's Royal Jewels to raise a supernatural army. Vaati returns to Hyrule and goes on a kidnapping spree, then conquers the Wind Shrine and declares himself the Wind Sage. After the defeat of Ganon, his surrogate mothers, the witches Twinrova, plotted to revive him. Full heart containers are usually received at the end of dungeons and dropped by dungeon bosses.

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