Virtual Reality (VR) games are increasing in popularity. They are the kind of games that make use of sensory devices to influence a player’s environment. This is done in one of two ways that include the modification of the player’s environment or the immersion of the player into a simulated atmosphere. The most anticipated VR games for 2020 retain these same conditions, but bring a different kind of excitement to those who play the game.

The introduction of new games and influx of more players are two major factors that are responsible for the growing size of the VR gaming industry, especially in terms of revenue. In 2019, the market size of VR games grew to around $16.9 billion. In the coming years, this value is expected to jump significantly. The current forecast suggests that by 2023, the VR games market will be worth over $160 billion.

This growth, as already mentioned will be characterised by the influx of new games, more players, improved gaming infrastructure and other associated features. On that note, let’s take a look at the most anticipated VR games for 2020.

3. Low-Fi

Low-Fi is a community game where the player is assigned the role of a police officer. Execution of operation is left to the player whose responsibility is to secure his community. To achieve this, the police officer will have to patrol the streets, both on the ground and by aerial surveillance.

How to carry out the task of securing the community depends totally on the player who will either solve mysteries, fight crime or give in to corruption. You can also combine some or all of the systems to ensure the security of the area.

Low-Fi is set in Toronto, in the far future. It mimics a city that is dominated by VR simulation, and almost everyone lives in that reality, after an AI singularity. However, in the same society is a community that still lives in the real world of today’s standards. This group is comprised of the poor, deprived and destitute. They are the actual “low-fi” whose dark reality is that the rest of the world that they live in is oblivious to their existence.

Low-Fi is a product of the same developer who created Technolust in 2016, Blair Renaud. Many people in the industry consider it as the successor to Technolust. Based on the preview, many people expect the upcoming game, Low-Fi, to be an intriguing game that will capture the mood of its players, like its predecessor, Technolust.

2.  Lone Echo 2

The release date for Lone Echo 2 has been set for Q1 2020. The characteristics of the game, based on the available information, makes it one of the most anticipated VR games for 2020. This particular game is an Oculus exclusive, a sequel to the original Lone Echo that was released in 2017. 

The series is a production of the gaming company Ready at Dawn, whose CEO, Ru Weerasuriya, announced the upcoming game’s new release date a few months ago. According to Weerasuriya, the new date is to enable his company to give all their attention to the title once Echo Arena on Quest is out.

The original Lone Echo was centred around VR locomotion, interaction and storytelling and it left an impressive mark in the VR gaming industry. Lone Echo 2 is anticipated to ride on this achievement and even offer more dynamism. It is expected to arrive with more threats and gameplay, and also continue with the story of Jack and Liv.

1. After the fall

While most VR games adopt a futuristic setting, After the fall takes a contrasting narrative. This upcoming game takes us back to the past and is set in the collapsed 80s themed apocalypse.

In the game, up to four players can play together, pitting against a hostile environment. The aim is to take over control of the ice-covered ruins of the city of Los Angeles, after the apocalypse.

Multiple players are optional though as you can also decide to go solo in the adventure. It is a raging encounter with all kinds of opposition in the fight to take over the remains of the city.

The most anticipated feature of this game is the enablement of multiple players. This is something that is particularly new in the VR gaming ecosystem. Enthusiasm is high as gamers look forward to the release of After the Fall in 2020.


Compared to other areas of emerging technology like blockchain, AI and IoT, VR seems to be relatively slow in terms of adoption. This does not take anything away from the potential values that reside in this industry. As a matter of fact, top electronic companies are already taking steps to explore this industry and encourage more developments within it.

Microsoft in particular is already well invested in AR/VR infrastructure. So too are Intel and Sony. All of these companies stand tall when it comes to technological advancements.

The role of consumers also cannot be underestimated. With the kind of experience that VR offers to game lovers, more traffic is expected to be directed towards the industry within the coming years. The attention paid to the most anticipated VR games for 2020 is a pointer towards this development, and gamers are not slowing down with their passion.

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