Research proves that women score higher than men when it comes to most leadership skills. Women are seen, by their managers in particular, as being more effective than men at every hierarchical level in their companies – including in male-dominated jobs like IT and law. Women were generally rated as excellent when it came to resilience, taking initiative, self-improvement, and displaying honesty and integrity. So, it’s about time that men need to catch up. We’ll be taking a look at 5 powerful leadership lessons men can learn from women. 

Leadership lesson 1: Know your limitations 

Women are constantly told to know their place, and that follows them into the work world. By contrast, being self-assured is seen as an asset in men. When that falls over into arrogance is where the problem begins. Being humble, rather than “getting humbled”, is by far better practice. Admit your limitations, and work from there. 

Leadership lesson 2: Lead compassionately

It’s not by nature that women are seen as more compassionate, but by socialization. This compassion makes women (generally) more empathetic leaders. Displaying empathy towards your co-workers and employees creates a more positive work environment, ultimately boosting morale. Let your employees feel safe with you, that’s not a crime. 

Leadership lesson 3: Elevate others

Research has shown that women leaders are more likely to elevate and coach their employees than their male counterparts. Rather than competing with those around you, focus on lifting them rather than breaking them down. Who doesn’t want a workforce functioning at its full capacity, and striving to improve? 

Leadership lesson 4: Motivate and transform

Motivate your workers by striving to transform yourself and the workplace. Let it be known that you also have short-falls, and allow your employees to see where you, and they, can improve. Showing a little vulnerability isn’t a bad thing. 

Leadership lesson 5: Give credit where credit is due

Finally, in these 5 powerful leadership lessons men can learn from women, is to give credit where credit is due. Don’t take ownership or credit for great things done by your employees, encourage and motivate them by acknowledging when good work has been done. This is super important when it comes to having a productive, inspired, and happy workforce who respects you. 

What Men Can Learn From Women

Despite women only occupying 29% of leadership positions, the fact is that they can teach men a lot. When it comes to these 5 powerful leadership lessons men can learn from women the one thing that features most is being humble and ultimately respecting your employees. Respect lays the foundation for a happy and productive workforce and sets a precedent for those in leadership positions around you. 

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