R6 Siege, created by Ubisoft Montreal, debuted in 2015. The game immediately attracted a passionate and involved fan base. Its distinctive fusion of tactical gameplay and destructible surroundings is responsible for this success. The game is still going strong as it approaches its eighth year.

Ubisoft Montreal has constantly added new material to the game over the past eight years.
To keep the R6 experience interesting and engaging, they have released upgrades that
include new operators, maps, and game styles.

Additionally, they have demonstrated a dedication to enhancing the game’s balance and responding to concerns expressed by their community at large. Brava, the game’s newest
operator, as well as a host of significant gameplay improvements and a new immersive
mode are all introduced in Year 8 season 1.

The first season of Year 8 features an immersive reload upgrade, a multitude of significant gameplay enhancements, and the game’s newest operator, Brava. It is also a great
inclusion to have the Mousetrap feature and additional anti-toxicity safeguards.


Let’s begin with Brava, the newest operator in the game. Her load-out includes the potent PARA-308 or CAMRS as her primary weaponry and a USP40 or Super Shorty as a secondary weapon option. She is a 3 speed, 1 health operator.

A Brazilian operator named Brava is extraordinarily versatile and can succeed in practically any situation. She is a brand-new Attacker operator whose prominent Kludge Drone device will scare
up defence teams with lots of gadgets. She gains a significant edge by using her Kludge drone to access enemy devices and interfere with hostile monitoring. She also offers countermeasures,
such as giving her team control of gadgets, which is an added bonus.


Year 8 Season 1 introduces new adjustments to the game’s console versions, including Mousetrap. This new modification tries to address the issue of console users who utilise a keyboard and mouse (KB&M). Mousetrap works by enforcing a penalty that causes input lag.

This appears to be an effort to eliminate the unfair advantage KB&M users have over controller users. Over multiple games, this lag will get worse, making it harder and harder to aim and shoot.
It is known that using a controller to finish a match will return the lag to normal.

This season, significant anti-toxicity measures are also being applied. A new reputation penalty system for hateful and disruptive chat use is an example of one of these. Repeat offenders are automatically muted while the penalty is in effect. Players who have been muted by teammates
can still be unmuted while still in the game.


R6 Siege wants to establish itself as the go-to high-intensity tactical shooter in which deliberate action, accuracy, and inventive strategies are the keys to victory. This is demonstrated by a significant difference in the way reloading operates.

The updated reload system will debut in Commanding Force. Players are no longer permitted to pause the reload animation in the system, which is different from the present reload. As a result, if a player tries to stop their reload motion, they will be left without a magazine. Closed bolt weapons are an exception to this rule; they still have a single round chambered that the player may fire at any time while they are reloading.


New players will benefit from the introduction of fresh difficulties as they learn the fundamentals of R6 Siege. Introductory tasks provide novice players the chance to discover an operator playstyle they might like. Specialty challenges are designed to teach newcomers about the many operator specialties and how they affect a match.

Players will receive a number of incentives for completing these tasks, including the ability to unlock an operator once they have completed all the tasks required for their speciality. The worth of the operator will be earned in fame if the players already hold it. 


From 20 February to 20 March, a limited-edition Year 8 pass may be purchased for $30. The four seasonal Battle Passes for the year are unlocked via the Year 8 pass. Other advantages of the Year 8 ticket include a 14-day pass for early access to new operators when they premiere, unique exotic weapon skins, and a 10% VIP discount in the shop. For an additional $60, players may purchase the Premium year pass, which includes everything mentioned above as well as 20 extra combat tokens that allow them to unlock rewards more quickly