A massive congratulations to all the winners of Greenspin‘s first-ever lottery. The first-place winner was lucky enough to bag the exceptional prize of an Audi e-Tron valued at €100 000. However, that wasn’t all, other winners earned prizes including two engraved watches worth €1 000, a Bulgari ring worth €1 600, an iPhone 11 worth €1 200 as well as some fantastic vouchers! So perhaps you’ve competed in round one, perhaps you haven’t, either way you have the chance to win. Round one of the Greenspin lottery is over, stay tuned for round two!

Round one of the Greenspin lottery

The first round has garnered so much attention and success that its clear players want more. The players want more, so Greenspin Casino will happily deliver. The lottery will now become a recurring offer! To learn when the next draw will take place, just keep an eye on Greenspin.bet and be sure to give their Twitter page a follow. Here they will promptly post when you can expect the next round. Don’t fret that round one of the Greenspin Lottery is over, stay tuned for round two. 

Want to get involved in Greenspin’s Lottery?

Simply sign up at Greenspin.bet, once registered you can go ahead and make your first deposit. Then, for every €15 deposited, players will get 1 ticket to enter the extraordinarily innovative Bitcoin Lottery. 

Each time gamblers earn a ticket, it will bring them one step closer to taking home the grand prize, or one of the many additional prizes available. At Greenspin Casino, there is so much up for grabs that there will always be a chance to win big. Greenspin is spreading the love, and it’s certainly not being spread thinly. 

What Can Players Win?

You can rest assured there will be something on offer that would pique any player’s interest. Given the last lottery draw was such an unmitigated success, players can expect a range of prizes that are equally as amazing, if not better than those in round one. 

Greenspin Casino provides such an incredibly convenient platform, that it gives player’s the opportunity to find their groove. This makes it all the more easy for players to win as big as their wildest dreams will let them! What are you waiting for? It’s time to get involved and go for gold with Greenspin Casino. Round one of the Greenspin lottery is over, stay tuned for round two!